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Your journey in journalism, flavored by your Russian descent, has not only been a source of humor but also a unique asset in breaking the ice during challenging interviews. Over the course of 12 years at KUSA/9NEWS in Denver, you honed your skills in handling tough-to-start and difficult-to-get interviews, setting the stage for your distinctive career.

Your experience, reminiscent of the classic tales of walking uphill to school in the snow both ways, served as the ideal training ground for a journalist. During your tenure at 9NEWS, you were entrusted with the role of “Crime and Justice Reporter.” Despite initial reservations, you took on this role with dedication and compassion. It was about more than just reporting on the sadness of crime; it was about giving victims a voice and helping them reclaim their power. Your approach to covering crime resonated with the community, sparking empathy and engagement. You also delved into investigative journalism, uncovering wrongdoing and contributing to the reform of laws protecting crime victims’ rights.

Denver presented both its rewards and challenges. You covered the aftermath of the Aurora Theater shooting, capturing the perspectives of survivors, victims, and law enforcement. Your journalistic journey took you to Sutherland Springs, Texas, where you shared the stories of a community devastated by a mass shooting. Your commitment to storytelling extended to your native Russia, where you explored pre-Olympic narratives and even ventured to the Sochi Olympics.

Your time at 9NEWS in Denver was marked by collaboration with brilliant journalists, resulting in numerous accolades, including Regional and National Murrow Awards, Regional Emmys, recognition from the National Association of Black Journalists, and honors from the Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards.

In 2018, your path led you to Houston, where you continued your journalistic endeavors with TEGNA, the parent company of both 9NEWS and KHOU11. You oversaw, produced, and reported for the digital-first series “An Imperfect Union” on Facebook Watch. This initiative fostered conversations, bridging different points of view, and mobilized communities through volunteer work.

Your journalism odyssey began after graduating from SMU, taking you through various cities such as Amarillo, Tyler, Birmingham, Denver, and now Houston. Each step along the way has contributed to your growth as a journalist and your ability to connect with audiences through powerful storytelling. Your unique background and unwavering dedication have left an indelible mark on the field of journalism.

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