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Title: Andy Olson: A Digital Storyteller’s Journey from Lindenhurst to WCIA 3

In June 2019, Andy Olson embarked on a new chapter in his career when he joined the WCIA 3 Team as a Digital Multimedia Journalist. Specializing in crafting captivating stories for the web, Andy’s passion for journalism and storytelling has taken him on an exciting journey. In this blog, we will explore Andy Olson’s background, his love for media, and his adventures as a storyteller at WCIA 3.

Andy Olson
Andy Olson

Early Life and Passion for Media:
Andy Olson’s roots trace back to Lindenhurst, just north of Chicago, where he discovered his fascination with the world of media during his formative years. His journey into the world of journalism began at Lakes Community High School, setting the stage for a career filled with storytelling.

Education and Awards:
Upon graduating from high school, Andy pursued a degree in Journalism at Illinois State University. During his time at ISU, he honed his skills at WZND, the student radio station, and TV-10, the student television station. His dedication and talent were recognized when he received the Most Outstanding Sports Radio Play-by-Play and Most Outstanding Soft Radio Program awards from the Student Illinois News Broadcasters Association. These accolades marked his potential as a rising media professional.

Notable Internship Experience:
One pivotal moment in Andy’s journey was his internship with the Kenosha Kingfish of the Northwoods League in 2018, where he served as their Radio Broadcaster. It was during this time that he had the privilege of sharing the booth with Baseball Hall of Famer Lee Smith, creating a cherished memory that showcased his dedication to sports broadcasting.

Passion for Sports and Media:
Andy’s love for sports has been a constant thread throughout his life. Baseball, football, soccer, and motorsports all hold a special place in his heart. This passion for sports aligns perfectly with his career in sports journalism. His expertise in both media and sports allows him to tell compelling stories that resonate with sports enthusiasts.

Media Buff and Culinary Enthusiast:
Beyond his work, Andy considers himself a media buff, enjoying his downtime by watching movies and playing video games. He also has a culinary side, even though he admits he may not be a master chef. Nevertheless, his enthusiasm for cooking reflects his willingness to explore diverse interests and embrace new challenges.

Andy Olson’s journey from Lindenhurst to WCIA 3 is a testament to his dedication and passion for journalism, sports, and storytelling. His accolades in the field of media and his love for exploring new places and meeting people make him a valuable asset to WCIA 3. As a Digital Multimedia Journalist, Andy continues to create engaging content that informs and entertains, leaving an indelible mark in the world of digital journalism. His commitment to his craft and his community shines brightly, making him a rising star in the realm of digital storytelling.

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