Andy Sheehan Biography and Career Life

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Andy Sheehan, an esteemed investigative journalist at KDKA-TV, embarked on his broadcast journalism career in September 1992. Prior to joining KDKA-TV, he was an integral part of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette team, where he reported for nine years. His journalistic journey began even earlier at the Daily Register in Red Bank, New Jersey.

As a member of the KD Investigators, Andy specializes in in-depth investigative reporting, uncovering corruption and government waste. He has a knack for delving deep into stories, shedding light on issues that may have otherwise remained hidden. His dedication to delivering the inside scoop on breaking events is evident through exclusive reports and interviews, making sure viewers are well-informed.

Andy’s ability to stay ahead of the curve on major stories is a testament to his commitment to journalism. Whether it’s unraveling the complexities of the city’s fiscal challenges, dissecting grand jury investigations involving prominent political figures, or peeling back the layers of intrigue surrounding slots legislation, Andy Sheehan is a trusted source for comprehensive and insightful reporting.

Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Andy is a graduate of Columbia University, a prestigious institution known for nurturing top-tier journalists. Alongside his professional pursuits, he shares his life with his wife, Abigail, and their two sons, making Pittsburgh their home.

Andy Sheehan’s relentless pursuit of truth and dedication to investigative journalism has left an indelible mark on the field, ensuring that important stories are brought to light and holding those in power accountable.

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