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Professional Experience:
For nine years, I had the privilege of reporting for the News & Observer, where my journalistic journey took me through various facets of Raleigh’s dynamic landscape. I started in 2010, covering the suburbs before transitioning to Raleigh City Hall in 2015. In 2017, I embarked on a new chapter, reporting on the General Assembly, where critical legislative decisions were made.

News Philosophy:
In the world of journalism, my guiding principle is straightforward yet powerful: “The truth hurts, but it’s good for you.” I believe in the essential role of journalism in uncovering and delivering the truth, even when it may be uncomfortable or challenging.

I laid the foundation for my career with a Bachelor of Communication Studies, which I earned from Campbell University in 2010.

Raleigh, North Carolina, is not just my place of work; it’s my hometown, where my journey in journalism and life began.

Outside the realm of reporting, I find joy in a range of activities. Playing basketball allows me to stay active, while traveling broadens my horizons and exposes me to diverse cultures. I also have a penchant for indulging in spicy cuisine, seeking out flavors that ignite the taste buds.

Favorite Books & Movies:
In the realm of literature and cinema, my favorites include “Pulp Fiction” and “The Rum Diary,” each offering a unique narrative and cinematic experience.

Likes Best About North Carolina:
North Carolina holds a special place in my heart because it encompasses a rare blend of natural beauty and geographical diversity. Few states can boast both stunning beaches and majestic mountains within their borders.

Most Memorable Assignments:
Throughout my career, some assignments have left a lasting impact. One of the most memorable involved documenting the remarkable story of a man who endured being struck by lightning and, years later, was involved in a peculiar incident of being run over by a bear. These unique and extraordinary tales are a testament to the unpredictability and depth of human experiences.

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