Andy Weingarten Biography and Career Life

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Andy Weingarten is a distinguished member of the WAVE 3 Storm Tracking Team, having joined their ranks in August 2003. His role primarily involves serving as the meteorologist for Saturday evenings, and he readily fills in during the week as needed.

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Andy’s interest in meteorology was ignited by a pivotal event—the April 3, 1974, super outbreak of tornadoes. This significant weather event played a pivotal role in shaping his career path.

To further his meteorological knowledge and expertise, Andy pursued a degree in meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, a renowned institution in the field.

His broadcasting career began in the heart of Tornado Alley, with two years spent in St. Joseph, Missouri, followed by 11 years in Topeka, Kansas. In 1997, Andy returned to his hometown of Louisville, joining WHAS as the weekend meteorologist.

In 2002, Andy briefly ventured outside of the broadcast industry to explore a role as a meteorologist in the energy sector. This experience inspired him to establish his own weather consulting firm, which has served numerous Fortune 500 companies. In recent years, Andy has also ventured into the realm of tax preparation, diversifying his professional portfolio.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Andy is a dedicated college sports fan, supporting both the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. His interests extend to golfing, traveling, and tending to his 12-acre farm in Henry County, reflecting his love for both the outdoors and adventure.

Andy’s personal life is enriched by his enduring marriage to his wife, Lee Ann, spanning 34 years. Together, they have raised two daughters, Jennifer and Katie, and now cherish the role of grandparents to four grandchildren.

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