Ángel García Toraño Biography and Career Life

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Ángel, a seasoned expert in the world of sports broadcasting, made his debut on ESPN in 2007, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge. His presence has become synonymous with some of the network’s most prominent programs, including “Fútbol Picante,” “Los Capitanes,” “ESPN Radio Fórmula,” and his role as a game analyst for soccer matches.

Ángel’s journey in the media industry commenced 18 years ago at Radio Sportiva, where he laid the foundation for his remarkable career. His ascent through the ranks led him to MVS Multivisión, where he assumed the role of Content Manager, a testament to his multifaceted talents. Alongside his managerial duties, he hosted the popular program “Score Final” on Stereo Rey radio station and served as both commentator and host on various soccer-related shows.

In 1999, Ángel found a new home at TV Azteca, where his insightful commentary and deep knowledge of the beautiful game endeared him to audiences nationwide. Beyond television, his influence extended to the airwaves, where he held the position of Sports Director at Radio Red and served as a sports commentator on all three editions of “Monitor.”

Ángel’s academic foundation in the field of Communication Sciences was laid at the University Intercontinental (UIC), where he honed the skills and expertise that have since become his hallmark. His journey through the world of sports broadcasting stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for the game, and his contributions to ESPN continue to enrich the experience of sports enthusiasts and viewers alike.

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