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Angela Bohon, with an impressive tenure in television broadcasting spanning approximately 15 years, has returned with enthusiasm to bring you the captivating stories of Hampton Roads. Her journey in this realm began after she successfully acquired her Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting from Oklahoma City University. Commencing her career as a TV news producer at KCTV5 in Kansas City, in proximity to her hometown, Angela quickly made her mark in the industry.

Life took an intriguing turn as she entered into wedlock with a Navy officer, which led her to the vibrant shores of Yokosuka, Japan. It was here that she transitioned into a journalist at the largest overseas Naval base, gaining unique insights into international matters.

Following her sojourn in Japan, Angela ventured further along the Eastern Seaboard, first settling in Northern Virginia and later in Maryland. At NBC25, now known as WDVM-TV, she assumed the role of a reporter and occasionally stepped in as an anchor. During this period, her journalistic prowess garnered recognition in the form of two Edward R. Murrow award nominations, attesting to her dedication and talent in the field.

Norfolk, it seems, had already left an indelible mark on Angela during her earlier stint. As she returned to this vibrant community, she took on the role of a freelance reporter and web producer for WVEC13. This time around, Angela was on the frontlines when a missing elderly Virginia Beach woman was found safe after an extensive search, a moment etched in her memory. Another poignant experience unfolded as she secured an exclusive interview with the wife of a fallen off-duty Norfolk police officer, showcasing her ability to connect with people in the most trying circumstances.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Angela has been an active participant in the Hampton Roads community. Serving as the PTA president for a Virginia Beach elementary school for two years, she demonstrated her commitment to education and community building. Her involvement extends to her church, where she is an engaged member, and she proudly bears the title of a graduate of the Virginia Beach Citizens’ Police Academy, showcasing her dedication to understanding the intricacies of law enforcement.

In moments of respite from her bustling career, Angela finds solace in the company of her husband, son, daughter, and their beloved rescue dog, a charming Corgi. Her diverse interests encompass photography, traversing the globe, attending live concerts, engaging in spirited games of tennis, and seizing opportunities for SCUBA diving adventures. Notably, she is a certified group fitness instructor specializing in aqua fitness, a testament to her commitment to promoting health and wellness.

Intriguingly, Angela and her entire immediate family share a rare trait – they all write with their left hands, a quirk that adds a distinctive touch to her already remarkable story. Angela Bohon’s return to Hampton Roads promises to be a continuation of her impactful storytelling journey, connecting the community through the power of journalism.

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