Angela Buchman Biography and Career Life

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Meteorologist Angela Buchman is a prominent member of the SkyTrak 13 Weather Team, having joined their ranks in September 2013. Her journey in meteorology is marked by a strong passion for weather and a series of significant accomplishments.

Angela’s educational path began at Hamilton Southeastern High School, where she graduated in 1990. Afterward, she ventured to Indiana University with the intention of pursuing a degree in Business. However, her true passion lay in meteorology. Encouraged by her parents, Angela sought guidance from Chuck Lofton, who advised her to change her major. Following his advice, she transitioned to Purdue University, where she graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Science, fueled by her love for weather.

During her college years, Angela gained valuable experience working at the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, further nurturing her meteorological expertise. Her introduction to television meteorology came at WLFI-TV 18 in West Lafayette, Indiana, marking the beginning of her career in front of the camera.

Subsequently, Angela spent four years forecasting the weather in Sacramento, California, broadening her horizons and honing her skills in the field. However, her heart remained in central Indiana, and she returned home in 2001, continuing her career in meteorology.

Angela’s dedication and talent in forecasting have garnered her numerous accolades, including five Emmy awards, a testament to her excellence in delivering weather information to viewers.

Beyond her professional achievements, Angela finds joy in her personal life. She shares her life with her husband Mark and their two children, Luke and Grace, whom she holds dear. Her love for central Indiana and her enduring passion for weather shine through in her work, making her a beloved and trusted meteorologist in the community she serves.

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