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At the helm of the city’s premier morning show, “The Calgary Eyeopener,” on CBC Radio One, you’ll find the indomitable Angela Knight, a force to be reckoned with in the world of broadcasting.

With a career spanning over two decades, Angela has left her mark on the airwaves in various locales, from Dawson Creek, B.C. to North Battleford, SK, and finally finding her home in the vibrant city of Calgary. Along the way, she has had the privilege of engaging in insightful interviews with some of Western Canada’s most influential business and community leaders, cementing her reputation as a formidable journalist.

For the past eight years, Angela has graced the “Eyeopener” with her presence, endearing herself to a loyal audience. Her role is not merely about delivering the latest traffic and weather updates; it’s about setting the tone for the day ahead. With a warm and humorous on-air persona, she has the remarkable ability to bring smiles to the faces of her listeners, ensuring they start their mornings on a positive note.

Beyond her radio duties, Angela is a driving force behind the CBC Do Crew, a platform that harnesses the volunteer spirit of Calgarians. Through this initiative, she encourages listeners to invest their time and energy in various community organizations and projects throughout the city. Since its inception in 2009, the Do Crew has rallied over 1,000 individuals, who have collectively contributed more than 3,000 hours of volunteer service to commendable causes.

For those eager to catch Angela Knight in action, her voice graces the airwaves every weekday, commencing at the early hour of 6 a.m. Tune in to CBC Radio One, 1010 AM, or 99.1 FM, and let her guide you through the start of your day with her infectious energy and unwavering commitment to both journalism and community engagement. Angela Knight truly stands as the heart of Calgary’s mornings, a testament to the power of radio in connecting and uplifting a city.

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