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Cash Warren is an American film producer, actor and a business man. He is famously known for his work in several films including Taxi, Fantastic Four, and Crips and Bloods: Made in America among others. He doesn’t like being called a producer. He believes that his job is to produce, package, and connect with clients in Hollywood.

He co-founded the film and television production company Verso Entertainment and serves as its president. The company produced the highly acclaimed historical documentary film ‘Crips and Bloods: Made in America,’ which was released in 2008.

He also co-produced the action film, ‘In the Blood’, which was released in 2014. Directed by John Stockwell, the film starred Gina Carano in the lead role. It was about a 26-year-old newlywed woman’s search for her husband, who was kidnapped during their honeymoon at the Caribbean.

The film earned nominations for an NAACP Image Award and a News & Documentary Emmy Award. He also co-founded the digital management company Apoko, which helps celebrities and fans to connect and engage with each other directly through Social Media.

Cash Warren Age

Warren was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, on 10th January, 1979. He is 40 years old.

Cash Warren with his Wife Alba

Cash Warren Ethnicity | Cash Warren Nationality

Cash Warren is an American. He was born Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Cash Warren Net Worth

Warren has a net worth of $10 Million. This is a drop in the ocean comparing it to his wife’s $1.7 Billion.

Cash Warren Parents | Cash Warren Father | Cash Warren Mother | Michael Warren And Cash Warren

Warren is the son of Michael Warren and Sue Narramore. His father Michael is a famous actor known for his role in Hill Street Blues. He is African-American and her mother is Caucasian. He has a sibling named Kekoa Warren. He also has two half-siblings named Grayson Andres and Makayla from his father’s marriage to Jenny Palacios.

Jessica Alba And Cash Warren | Cash Warren Wife

Warren got Married to Jessica Alba in April 2008, just a few months after their engagement. The couple applied for a marriage license and got married that same day in a super low-key ceremony at a Beverly Hills, Calif. courthouse. They did not invite their friends and loved ones to the occasion.

Asked why they decided not to invite even their family members, Alba said “Everyone I know hates weddings. I’ve been to very big, beautiful and romantic weddings but I would rather just throw a big party,”

The couple has got three children.

Before and after the marriage however, their relationship has not always been rosy and steamy. In 2017, Alba broke up with Warren over the phone. This was because she considered him too jealous for her. He was always following her and despite warnings from his freinds, he could just not let her ‘flirt’ with other men. They however fell back together.

Alba has thrown Warren out of their matrimonial house twice while she was pregnant. She got absolutely emotional and her pregnancy hormones had her going absolutely bonkers, which led to a bunch of tension in her and Warren’s once-happy home. However Warren admits that he completely understood the situation.

The couple, in what seems like not ending drama, has had various cheating accusations. Warren was accused of cheating with Lindsay Lohan. Though the two were spotted kissing in a club, Lohan came out to deny the accusations and it seemed that Alba bought into the story because she regarded the incidence as ‘absurd’.

Cash Warren Movies

  • 2017 The Insider
  • 2015 Keswanis: A Most Modern Family (TV Mini-Series)
  • 2015 Meet the Keswanis (TV Series)
  • 2015 30 for 30 (TV Series documentary)
  • 2015 Sole Man
  • 2015 Access Hollywood Live
  • 2015 Holly Robinson Peete/Cash Warren
  • 2014/I In the Blood
  • 2010 Being Terry Kennedy
  • 2010To League or Not to League
  • 2010 Good and Bad in Bama
  • 2010 Road to Alabama
  • 2010 Spotlight on TK
  • 2010 It’s Hard Out Here for a Mogul
  • 2009 Independent Lens
  • 2009 Crips and Bloods: Made in America
  • 2008 Crips and Bloods: Made in America
  • 2008 E! Live from the Red Carpet2006 Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi
  • 2008 The 2008 Academy Awards
  • 2006 The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • 2006 Oprah’s After-Oscar Party 2006
  • 2005/I Fantastic Four
  • 2004/I Taxi

Cash Warren Interview

Q: Tell me a little bit about your production company, Verso Entertainment.

Cash Warren: Verso creates, develops, producers, packages, and finances content for all platforms, whether that’s film, TV or digital. We tell stories that appeal to young demographics while still having enough substance and credibility to entertain adults.

We’re in the process of merging with a New York-based production company that will expand our in-house services. We want to be able to offer young talent a suite of services that range from pre-production through post production. Over the next few years we hope Verso is able to own more IP, expand our library, and increase the amount of content we produce.

Q: Describe your fantasy movie ensemble?

Cash Warren:A romantic comedy set in the world of starring Parker Posey, Piper Perabo, Alan Alda, Azis Ansari, Danny DeVito, David Duchovny, Chevy Chase, Charo, Joe Jonas, and January Jones.

Q: As a biracial child, were you ever teased?

Cash Warren:Growing up in L.A. and France, it wasn’t much of an issue. I’ve always felt very comfortable in who I am — being part black and part white.

Q: The enthusiasm of the young generation for President Barack Obama seemed organic and unparalleled, prompting many to say that we’re a “post-racial” generation. Do you think your daughter — who is African-American, white and Mexican — will be growing up in a time where her race won’t matter?

Cash Warren:I don’t know about “post-racial”; race and culture is a part of who we are and it’s good to have it in the forefront. I always chose my friends based on interests not race or looks, and I hope Honor does too.

Q: Does anything make you worried for the future that your children will be inheriting?

Cash Warren:I’m optimistic because I think our young generation is so full of promise and creativity. Our education system does worry me, it feels like it’s hit rock bottom so maybe people will start paying attention. We need to pay teachers more, and we need to have parents reinforcing that education at home.

Q: What’s the most important thing your parents taught you growing up?

Cash Warren:To always give 100 percent in everything I do.

Q: In the era of the Blackberry and 24/7 work culture, how do you create balance between work and family?

Cash Warren:I’ve had good role models and learned to compartmentalize. When I’m with my daughter, I’m with my daughter. When I’m with my wife, I’m with my wife. I’m not thinking about work.

Q: What’s the most difficult thing about being a father?

Cash Warren:The best kept secret is how hard it is; especially the first four months when you’re waking up every 30 minutes to crying and don’t know how to stop it. When this person is born you feel such extreme love, feelings that just the day before you didn’t know existed. Then all of a sudden they become independent and don’t reciprocate that same level of affection, they just want to do their own thing. If that happened in any other relationship you’d break it off, but with your child no matter how much they push you away, you still keep giving and giving.

Q: Are you ready for number two?

Cash Warren:Honor’s turning three soon so there’ll be a good amount of time between them. We’re ready and excited.

Q: As celebrities, a lot of your family time is made public. How do you cope with that intrusion?

Cash Warren:Jessica [Alba] is a public figure, but I’m not and Honor is not. I can go to work and no one follows me. Unfortunately the laws pertaining to photographing children in this country are so undefined, that’s something I wish would change.

Q: Does Honor wonder about the paparazzi?

Cash Warren:Fortunately, she doesn’t really pay much attention to the photographers.

Q: Favorite TV show?

Cash Warren:The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Q: Favorite movie of all time?



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