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Curran Walters is an American model and actor known for being the first live action actor of Jason Todd, a character from DC Comics, in the television series Titans.

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Curran Walters Biography

Curran Walters is an American model and actor known for being the first live action actor of Jason Todd, a character from DC Comics, in the television series Titans.

Curran Walters Age

Walters was born on January 16, 1998, Oak Park, California. He is 21 years old as of January 2019.

Curran Walters Family

Walters was born and raised by his parents alongside her sister in Oak Park, California. The identities of his parents and sister is not yet disclosed.

Curran Walters Dating

Walters has always kept his personal life private. He is possibly single since there’s no information about his love life.

Curran Walters Height

Walters is 1.73 meters tall.

Curran Walters Nationality

Walters is an American.

Curran Walters Actor

Curran Walters started modeling for fashion brands including Tilly’s, Lee Jeans, and Brothers. He started his acting career in commercials for Samsung Galaxy and the sports video game NBA 2K15.
He made his television opening in the comedy film Growing Up and Down in 2014. He got more roles on television, including his recurring role as “Young Jackson” in the series Game of Silence in 2016. He also appeared in the first two-part episode of “Girl Meets High School: Part 1” in 2016 during the second season of Girl Meets World. Other television credits include Too Close to Home in 2016, Alexa & Katie in 2018, and the 2016 sitcom Speechless.Curran Walters Photo He made his second film appearance in the comedy-drama 20th Century Women in 2016, starring Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, and Greta Gerwig. His third film appearance was in the science fiction film for television Playing Dead in 2018. He appeared as Jason Todd in episode six of Titans and had a recurring role in the series throughout the rest of the first season. He was the first live-action portrayal of Jason Todd in the character’s history.
He is going to star in a horror film to be released in 2019 called Do Not Reply.

Curran Walters Movies and Tv Shows

Growing Up and Down
New Girl
Young Jake Apex
Game of Silence
Young Jackson
Girl Meets World
20th Century Women
Too Close to Home
Alexa & Katie
Playing Dead
Jason Todd
Do Not Reply

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Curran Walters Interview Did you know what you were auditioning for when you went in for the role?
Curran Walters: I was familiar with the show, but I wasn’t all that familiar with the character. I grew up watching Teen Titans, which was pretty cool, so I was pretty ecstatic to go in for that, but [was unfamiliar] with the character, but I did a little research before I auditioned so.
What storylines popped out at you for your portrayal of Jason Todd?
Before any audition, I always do a little bit of research especially when you have that many resources on such a character. I think the hardest part for me with Jason Todd was just like transforming between the fun and the dark side that Jason has. Other than that it was pretty simple, it was pretty easy auditioning process too, which is awesome.
How physical was the role? There’s a lot of action in it; how much training did you have to do? What choreography did you have to learn?
We had a great [stunt team] in Toronto, but they worked me out as much as possible, and you know it really –it was awesome. ‘Cause I got to get my ass in shape too.
How long were you on the set for?
Like up there fully? I would say a couple months, but you know it varies on how many times a week you work or whatnot. So, yeah, it’s all just a part of production.
So we will see Robin again in the future?
Well next episode of course the title’s “Jason Todd”, but you know in the future who knows. Geoff Johns and Akiva Goldsman are great writers, and they know what they’re doing, but I really hope so, and Jason Todd has a lot more to show.
We kind of saw a hint to this with his violent tendencies. What do you want to see explored with this character? Like what would you want to see for the future of Jason Todd?
You know what man, I would just love to show the fans the full Jason Todd storyline, but yeah, like you said, you see a roughness [in] Jason… almost sort of a big chip on his shoulder. And you see him transform in the next episode between that fun cocky Jason Todd at the end and then you see him get pretty gnarly, and you know we’ll see where his character goes, but I would love to have the comic book fans have what they want.
So do you think we’ll see maybe like the Joker in this? Because Joker’s such a pivotal character in his past, so do you think that they would give you that storyline?
I don’t know anything on that yet man. I would love to know.
It’s interesting that they’re doing a Batman show without Batman, and showing the effects that he has on all these characters.
Oh absolutely… I think this is something that comic book fans have been waiting for for a really long time. And you know the shows gotten an [amazing] response. Especially with Jason Todd, I feel like he hasn’t been played in forever in what? 35 years since he was developed, and I think this is history in the making… I have some pressure, but I have a bit of freedom to bring the character to life. Be the first one to ever play it, so it’s a lot of fun to me.
What was the like for the Robin costume, because I’ve heard the costumes for Brenton Thwaites was a little intense. So how was your experience in that costume?
Yeah, Brenton and I actually chatted about that quite a bit. It’s funny. It’s fun. I think like he said in one of his interviews there’s a lot of tights, but I didn’t feel like Robin until I put on that chest plate. That was like the moment where I like looked in the mirror and I was like, “OK this is badass.” We had a great costume team. They put a lot of work into it and they look amazing, so props to them.
What were some of your favorite moments on set? Was there any moment where you were awestruck? Was it surreal in any way?
You saw at the end of last episode when I saved Dick, and after reading the comics, it was pretty cool. I felt that when I was doing that scene, that it was history in the making and it is. So I think that was one of my favorites right there that’s all. But you know you have a tiny bit of glimpse of next episode and that scene with me, Rachel, and Gar, and that is a really really fun scene right there.
So what were some of your favorite Jason Todd stories that you read in your research?
You know I read up, my two favorites have to be [Batman] #408 and #409 when [Jason tries to steal] the Batmobile tires and the next one, Batman kind of takes Jason under his wing at at the end and the first time you see Batman call Jason, “Robin,” which is awesome. Everything in Jason’s story to me is unique. Everything from his relationship with Batman and Dick to, in the comics, becoming Red Hood, which is amazing. So it’s all fun. I love every aspect of Jason Todd.