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Erika Girardi Biography

Erika Jayne Full names Erika Nay Girardi known professionally as Erika Jayne is an American singer and actress. Her debut single “Roller Coaster” topped the US Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 2007, she has attained nine number-one songs on the Dance Club Songs chart. In 2016, Billboard ranked her number 42 on their list of greatest dance club artist of all time and number 3 on their list of the Next Big Sound.

In 2015, Girardi became a full-time cast member on the sixth season of the reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, followed by her role on the competition series Dancing with the Stars in 2017. She has played a recurring role as real estate agent Farrah Dubose on the American television soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Erika Girardi Age

Born On July 10, 1971, The actress is 47 years of age. She was born to a single mother, Renee Chahoy. Her mother, a fellow actress, and a classically trained pianist, was only 18 when she gave birth to Girardi. Her parents broke up before her first birthday.

Erika Girardi Height

She stands at a height of 5′ 7″.

Erika Girardi Career

Erika Girardi was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 10, 1971, to a single mother, Renee Chahoy. Her mother, a fellow actress and a classically trained pianist, was only 18 when she gave birth to Girardi. Her parents broke up before her first birthday. Describing her childhood in her book Pretty Mess, Girardi states that her mother was “short with me, hard on me, and irritable. She would snatch my ponytail, dig her nails into my arm, and step on my feet. And that was in public.” Girardi was later adopted by her mother’s new partner, and they were married and divorced twice. In the middle of the marriages, her stepfather legally adopted her, but cut off contact after the second divorce from her mother. Girardi met her biological father for the first time at the age of 25 and compared it to “meeting a stranger.” Girardi has revealed that she has seen her biological father only twice after their first meeting, saying “he had never, ever acknowledged my existence, to anyone, and obviously to himself, as well.” Girardi has said that her tough upbringing made her grow up quickly and taught her to be self-reliant. She had a close relationship with her grandparents, Hollis and Ann Peek. Girardi’s grandfather whom she called “the only father I’ve ever known,” died in July 2010 at the age of 81. Her grandmother died of Alzheimer’s disease in November 2014 at the age of 86. “My grandmother and I used to speak on the phone for an hour every day about nothing. When those phone calls stopped, that was the hardest. Because I knew she could no longer communicate. I had always gotten such strength and such love from those phone calls and when they stopped, it was a real marker of, ‘This is over, Erika. The woman that you know is no longer,” she said in an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“My mom and dad were married, but he left when I was about nine months old. He went on and lived his life, and I did not meet my dad until I was 25. He invited me up for Thanksgiving and it was awkward for sure. [I was] basically at a stranger’s house, by myself. There was this moment in my father’s house, and his daughter – she was a little toddler – she was playing around, and I said, ‘Well, how did you end up with a baby?’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, my wife, she never had any kids and I never had any kids.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah….’”
—Girardi, on her backgroun
Girardi graduated from North Atlanta High School. She enrolled in a magnet program for the performing arts in high school, saying, “That’s where you really learned to love the stage and really hone your early performing skills. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.” She joined musical theater in high school, playing roles such as Val from A Chorus Line and Frastrada in Pippin. She toured the world in the school revue show where she performed “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton and “Into The Groove” by Madonna.[ Her first jobs in the entertainment industry included doing modelling and local commercials as a child. At 18, she moved to New York City. She performed as a member of several girl groups while living in New York, including recording songs with The Flirts and performing with I-Dolls. During this time she met Italian Thomas Zizzo, when he was working as a DJ at a club in Manhattan. The couple got married in December 1991 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. She described the wedding as “big, obnoxious, and pink.” Soon after she gave birth to a son, Thomas Zizzo, Jr. After the couple divorced a few years later, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and performer.

Erika Girardi Husband

The Actress was fist married to Thomas Zizzo but the pair Separated in 1996.Together they had a son Tommy Zizzo. In 199 she was married to Thomas Vincent Girardi.T Girardi (born June 3, 1939) is an attorney and a founding partner of Girardi & Keese, a downtown Los Angeles law firm.

In 1999, Girardi married singer and actress Erika Girardi, who is also known for starring on the television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He has appeared in several episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alongside his wife.

Erika Girardi Image

Erika Girardi Son

a Girardi confirmed that her 26-year-old son, Tommy, still has no plans to ever appear alongside his pop star mama on RHOBH. And her reason is much like the one she’s given in the past.

“Probably not,” she shared on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday when asked if he could ever appear on camera, in the clip above. “I don’t think so, no. You know, he has a private life; he’s a police officer.”

Given that we’ll likely never see him, Erika did reveal what he looks like: “He looks just like me, but a boy.”

Tommy is her son from her first marriage. And you can bet she’s always been nothing but proud of his work as a police officer.

Erika Girardi Net Worth

Her exact Networth is unknown what is Known is her Husband Tom Girardi, a prominent attorney in the Los Angeles area, and she has an estimated net worth around $5 million.

Erika Girardi Wedding

Love has been in the air for Erika Girardi and Tom Girardi for nearly 20 years. The couple married in 1999 and haven’t looked back. And now we’re learning even more about the longtime pair in Erika’s new memoir, Pretty Mess.

In the book, out now, Erika breaks down just how Tom popped the question — or how he asked her to be his third Mrs. Girardi — and what happened after she said yes to his proposal. She writes:

After our engagement, Tom said, “Listen, I’ll buy you anything you want. I don’t care what it is. You name it. But I’m not wearing a wedding band. I never have, I never will. I don’t like it. It’s uncomfortable. Please don’t ask me to.”

Erika says she agreed to Tom’s request because “a wedding band does not have magical powers. It is not going to stop anyone from doing something.” Hear more about the early days of their relationship in this exclusive clip from her Pretty Mess audiobook, read by Erika herself.
The pair never got a prenuptial agreement and were married in a small civil ceremony that included some big wigs from the legal world: Judge Paul Flynn, who presided over Snoop Dogg’s 1995 murder trial, as well as Tom’s good friend, Robert Baker, who defended O.J. Simpson in his civil trial.

Erika Girardi Rhobh

n the land of wine and cheese, it’s all sunshine and rainbows for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars, right? Wrong.

Most of the RHOBH ladies—Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp and Erika Girardi—are in France for some R&R (rosé and rehashing) and the tension from the 90210 followed them overseas. In E! News’ exclusive preview below, the ladies cannot stop talking about Lisa Rinna playing Erika Jayne on Halloween. It’s a topic that everybody seems done with. Well, everybody except Kyle and Teddi.

“I don’t understand why you guys want me to feel a certain way about this,” Erika says. “I’m good.”

Yep, we’re on that topic again. And it seems like it’s being fueled by Kyle’s French-made margaritas.”The only thing is that, Kyle is so f—king drunk,” Dorit says. “We all are though.”

One by one, the ladies leave the table until it’s just Kyle and Lisa talking about what’s really going on.

“I feel like she’s in a bad mood with us…All the time,” Kyle says.”Well, maybe that’s what you have to talk to her about. Whatever you have going on, I think it’s deeper than this,” Lisa says.

In a confessional, Lisa says what viewers are thinking: “Didn’t we finish this at the restaurant the other night? Why did this come up again? Why are we still talking about it?”

“Kyle and Teddi are just out of order. I think they should be letting it go at this point,” Dorit says in a confessional. “Enough is enough!”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays, 9 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

Erika Girardi Songs


How Many Fucks?

One Hot Pleasure
Audacious 3 · 2011


Give You Everything
Pretty Mess · 2009

Get It Tonight


Roller Coaster
Pretty Mess · 2009

Pretty Mess · 2009

Pretty Mess
Pretty Mess · 2009

Party People


Time To Realize
Pretty Mess · 2009

Sex Shooter
Pretty Mess · 2009

Everybody Wants Some
Pretty Mess · 2009

Run Along
Pretty Mess · 2009

You Make Me Wanna Dance

Just A Phaze
Pretty Mess · 2009
I lose Myself
The Neighbor (Music From The Motion Picture) · 2009

Lose Myself
Pretty Mess · 2009

Pretty Mess · 2009

Rafe’s Provocative Mix

Moto Blanco Club Mix

M2 Dub
Eric Kupper’s Funked Up Dub
Roller Coaster – M2 Dub
Mark Knight’s Toolroom Dub

Roller Coaster – Eric Kupper’s Funked Up Dub
Eric Kupper’s Extended Mix

Roller Coaster – Mark Knight’s Toolroom Dub

One More Time
Pretty Mess · 2009

Without You
Pretty Mess · 2009

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