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Jamie Hector Biography

Jamie Hector is an American actor best known for his appearance on the HBO drama series The Wire and in the drama series Bosch.

Jamie Hector Age

Hector was born on October 7, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. He is 43 years old as of 2018

Jamie Hector Family

He is the son of Haitian heritage parents. His siblings are not known

Jamie Hector Girlfriend | Jamie Hector Baby Shower | Jamie Hector Baby Shower

Despite his marital privacy, he is married and has a kid with his wife. He began dating his unknown wife before 2005 and secretly married between 2005 and 2006. on 12 July 2009, it was reported that a fatal gun battle broke out when he was throwing a party to celebrate his wife’s baby shower. The attacker hits around 50 shots to the guest and killed around 17 people he was injured and taken to the hospital. On 9 January 2015, he was seen pulling the sled out of a baby girl.

Jamie Hector Height

He stands at a height of 1.83 meters

Jamie Hector The Wire

Hector was cast as Marlo Stanfield, a leader of an upstart gang seeking to challenge Avon’s dominance in the American crime drama television series “The Wire”

Jamie Hector Paid In Full

Hector was cast as Ace’s rival Dunn in the 2002 American crime drama film “Paid in Full”

Jamie Hector Face Scar

Hector has never revealed how he got the scar on his cheek. He said in an interview that, he uses the scar to bring out emotions for his characters but doesn’t like to talk about where he got it.

Jamie Hector Photo

Jamie Hector Queen Of The South

Hector was cast as Devon Finch in 11 episodes of the American crime drama television series “Queen of the South”

Jamie Hector Bosch

Hector co-starred as Detective Jerry Edgar, Harry’s partner in the American police procedural web television series “Bosch”

Jamie Hector Movies





All Eyez on Me

Mutulu Shakur


Doubting Thomas



A Year and Change



Taking Chance


The Start-Up

Ken Blackstone

The Magic City


Real New York City Muggings



Blood Ties


Habeas Corpus


The Promise Keeper





A Feeling from Within


Life, Love, Soul

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The Gift

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Night Catches Us

‘DoRight’ Miller


Just Another Day

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Lincoln Deneuf





Brooklyn Bound


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Five Deep Breaths



Paid in Full


Central Park Jog

Jogger #2


Prison Song

Phone Kid


The Day the Ponies Come Back

Darryl Boyd


Ghost Dog

Gangsta in Red


He Got Game

‘I Love You’ Leech

Jamie Hector Net Worth

He has an estimated net of around $2 million

Jamie Hector Power

Hector was guest stirred as Drifty in the American crime drama television series “Power”

Jamie Hector All Eyez On Me

Hector was cast as Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather in the 2017 American biographical drama film “All Eyez on Me”

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Jamie Hector Interview

‘Bosch’: Interview with Jamie Hector on Everybody Counts Podcast

Jamie Hector was a recent guest on the Everybody Counts Podcast. The Bosch actor talked about his character, J. Edgar, who is Harry Bosch’s partner in the Amazon Prime original series.

Jamie Hector joined my co-host Jay and me on the podcast to give fans some clues about Bosch season 4, which comes out on April 13th. Fans can tune in to the podcast to learn more about both J. Edgar and Jamie himself.

Read on for highlights from our interview and then check out the full version here on iTunes.

A  detective’s battleground

Jerry Edgar is recovering from a gunshot wound suffered in season 3. Despite taking a bullet himself, Jamie believes it is even tougher for Jerry to deal with the fallout of killing suspect Woody Woodrow in the line of duty. He talked about how that experience must haunt Jerry, or any law enforcement officer, for that matter.

Thankfully, we know that J. Edgar did survive the attack from sniper Xavi Moreno and will be back in action in the new season of Bosch. With that said, the actor reminded fans that all is not resolved for Jerry Edgar.

He explained that the faithful detective is facing the pressures of how to best care for his boys and ex-wife. How can he balance family with his work as such a dedicated detective? Jamie also mentioned the question of whether Jerry might ever reunite with ex-wife Latonya romantically. Surely viewers can see in season 3 that the two still care for one another.

Jamie and J. Edgar

We learned that Jamie does not really use the Michael Connelly novels as an influence in his portrayal of J. Edgar. With the show switching up storylines and combining different books, he thinks it’s better to work directly from the script. This also allows him to make his interpretation of Jerry a unique portrayal of his own. There are obvious similarities but differences as well.

Jay and I also learned a little about Jamie himself during the interview. While J. Edgar is serious about nice shoes, Jamie has a passion for good sneakers and a fresh pair of socks. He shared what it was like as an actor running after a suspect in dress shoes. It was real. And it was painful. But Jamie revealed that he tends to be competitive with himself, so he had to go all in.

Jamie was also a good sport about a silly game we played after all of the serious questions. The actor had to choose between partner Harry Bosch, Harry’s daughter Maddie, and Police Chief Irving for a variety of crazy hypothetical scenarios.

For example, who would Jamie choose for the last open spot on his team for Family Feud? We also tasked Jamie with selecting one of those characters with buying his next pair of shoes. We all laughed a lot!

A partner’s betrayal

Of course, it’s not all fun and games for Jamie’s character as he returns for Boschseason 4. There is the matter of Jerry’s partnership with Harry. There is an obvious rift between the two partners despite a long and productive working relationship.

J. Edgar confronts Harry at the end of season three about some illegal behavior. Jerry puts up with a lot of Harry’s unconventional tactics, but he draws the line at obeying the law. Harry has betrayed Jerry’s trust and that cannot be mended as easily as Jerry’s shoulder.

Note: This biography is based on the available information as of 2023, and real-time updates or developments are being updated by our editorial team.