JayDaYoungan Bio, Age, Height, Repo, Endless Pain and Net Worth

Who is JayDaYoungan?

JayDaYoung real name Javorius Scott is an American rapper known for songs like”thot thot”,”Elevate” and “Elimination, JayDa Drew inspiration from other rappers like Kevin gates and the likes of Chief Keef.

Detailed JayDaYoungan Biography

JayDa grew up in the city of Bogalusa. He dropped out of high school in his senior year to give his full attention and commitment to music and the rap scene. Without an initial plan or strategy, he decided to pursue music.

One reason he dropped out of High school is on the grounds that he believed he had enough certainty to take on the rap scene. Each time he recorded he would go into an increased imaginative move behind the mic. Following two years of putting a great deal of effort into his rapping and music, he began to rack up millions of streams across multiple major social media platforms due to his intoxicating free-spirited approach to rap.

The Louisiana native comes from a place of telling his life stories and experiences in his raps. He usually entrenches himself in inside the studio booth and allows for the real-life stories to spill out into potential songs. He does not like to hear anything or anybody talking. The main preference in his mode of working out songs is by allowing his thoughts from the past to take shape into his lyrics. As he says, “I just think about the past. That’s what people want to hear; they want to hear what they couldn’t see.

What is JayDaYoungan Age?

Born in Bogalusa, Louisiana, the United States in 1998

Who’re JayDaYoungan Family Members?

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Who’re JayDaYoungan Children?

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Who’s JayDaYoungan Wife?

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What is JayDaYoungan Net Worth 2020?

His Net-worth is Valued at around $1 million dollars.

JayDaYoungan Social Media Accounts

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JayDa Youngan Height

JayDa is 5 Feet 10 Inches.

JayDa Youngan Endless Pain

Endless Pain is an Album by JayDa Youngan Released in 17 May 2019. The album Has 14 songs including Repo.

JayDa Youngan Forever 23

Forever 23 is an Album by JayDa Youngan Released in 7 December 2018. Forever 23 includes the track ” thot thot”.

JayDa Youngan Songs

  1. Thot Thot
  2.  Elimination
  3.  Purge
  4.  Interstate
  5. Catch Me In Traffic
  6. Early Morning
  7. Repo
  8. Muddy Situation
  9.  Every Chain On
  10.  Dum
  11. Speak Facts
  12.  War Ready
  13. Elevate
  14. Best Friend
  15. All to Myself
  16. Cut Throat
  17. Dead Man Walking
  18. Case Closed
  19. No Play Zone
  20. Made The List
  21. Betrayed
  22.  New Spot
  23. What I Be On
  24. Facts
  25. Ain’t Want To
  26. Same ****
  27. Rockstar
  28. Take Off
  29. Different Emotions
  30.  Opps
  31. Sliding Freestyle
  32. Cupid
  33. Creep Behind
  34.  No Tint
  35. Law
  36. Better Days
  37.  Run It Up
  38. Clutchin
  39. Wake Up
  40.  No Hook
  41. So Long
  42. Evil
  43.  Leave Me Alone
  44.  Bang
  45.  Had Enough
  46. No Pen No Pad
  47. Finesse
  48.  Hop Out
  49. Elimination (No Love)
  50.  Motivation

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