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John Ashton Biography

John Ashton, born John David Ashton is an American actor, known for his roles in the films Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills Cop II, and Midnight Run.

John Ashton Age

Ashton was born on February 22, 1948 in Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S. He is 71 years old as at 2019. He currently resides in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.

John Ashton Height

The American actor stands at a height of  5′ 11″ (1.8 m).John Ashton Photo

John Ashton Family

We have no records of  her parents and siblings. We will update you as soon as we get his news.

John Ashton Wife|Spouse

Ashton has been married three times; his first marriage was with Victoria Marie Runn in 1968 and divorced in 1970. They had a daughter together. He then married Bridget Ashton in 1976 to 2001. While he was with Bridget, he married Barbara Valentin in 1983 and they separated in 1986.

John Ashton Children

He has two children, a daughter from his first marriage and another child with his second wife Bridget Ashton.

John Ashton Career

He has made numerous appearances in both TV and feature films. He played Willie Joe Garr on several Dallas episodes. He appeared in Columbo’s episode “Negative Reaction,” and in Police Squad’s episode 5! “Rendezvous in Big Gulch (Neighborhood Terror).” His early credits included roles in An Eye for an Eye (1973), Breaking Away (1979), Borderline (1980), Honky Tonk Freeway (1981), Last Resort (1986) and King Kong Lives (1986).
Ashton also starred alongside Eddie Murphy and Judge Reinhold in the first two installments of the Beverly Hills Cop trilogy as Detective Sergeant John Taggart. In the 1987 John Hughes-penned comedy-drama Some Kind of Wonderful, he appeared as Eric Stoltz’s character’s father and worked with Hughes again the following year in She’s Having a Baby. In 1988, he co-starred as a rival bounty hunter to the character of Robert De Niro in the action comedy Midnight Run.
He also starred in the Little Big League (1994) with Luke Edwards, Trapped in Paradise (1994), The Shooter (1995), Meet the Deedles (1998), Instinct (1999), and appeared in a supporting role in Ben Affleck’s 2007 drama Gone Baby Gone. He also played the role of Cactus Jack Slater in an episode of the 80s TV show The A-Team called “Cup A Joe.” Ashton has stated that, given the proper arrangements, he would like to replace his roles in the rumored productions of Beverly Hills Cop IV and Midnight Run II. In an episode of Matthew Perry’s 2011 series, Mr Sunshine, he guest-starred opposite Beverly Hills Cop co-star Ronny Cox.

John Ashton Movies



1973 – 1991
• An Eye for an Eye (1973) as Sgt. Matthews
• So Evil, My Sister (1974) as Brock
• My Father’s House (TV – 1975) as Sergeant
• “M.A.S.H” (1977)”Last Laugh” as an MP tasked to arrest B.J.
• Cat Murkil and the Silks (1976) as Coach Larkin
• Oh, God! (1977) as Police Officer
• The Wilds of Ten Thousand Islands (TV – 1978) as Orville
• Lawman Without a Gun (1978) as 1st State Trooper
• Breaking Away (1980) as Mike’s Brother
• Borderline (1980) as Border Patrol Agent Charlie Monroe
• Elvis and the Beauty Queen (TV – 1981) as Jake
• Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) as Otto Kemper
• The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) as Highway Patrolman
• Beverly Hills Cop (1984) as Sgt. John Taggart
• The A-Team (TV – 1985) as Cactus Jack Slater
• Last Resort (1986) as Phil Cocorun
• The Deliberate Stranger (TV – 1986) as Det. Roger Dunn
• King Kong Lives (1986) as Lt. Col. R. T. Nevitt
• Some kind of Wonderful (1987) as Cliff Nelson
• Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) as Sgt. John Taggart
• She’s Having a Baby (1988) as Ken
• Midnight Run (1988) as Marvin Dorfler
• I Want to Go Home (1989) as Harry Dempsey
• Curly Sue (1991) as Frank Arnold
1991 – 2018
• Saturday’s (TV – 1991) as George
• Dirty Work (TV – 1992) as Eddie
• Little Big League (1994) as Mac Macnally
• Trapped in Paradise (1994) as Ed Dawson
• In the Living Years (1995) as Mike Donahue
• Hidden Assassin (1995) as Alex Reed
• For Which He Stands (1996) as District Attorney
• Fast Money (1996) as Lt. Diego
• Little Girls in Pretty Boxes (TV – 1997) as Peter Bryant
• Meet the Deedles (1998) as Capt. Douglas Pine
• The Day Lincoln Was Shot (TV – 1998) as Gen. Ulysses Simpson Grant
• Avalanche aka Escape from Alaska (1999) as Kemp
• Bill’s Gun Shop (2001) as Bill Voight
• Family (TV Mini Series – 2003) as Martin
• Jane Doe: Til Death Do Us Part (TV – 2005) as Richie Parsons
• Sweet Deadly Dreams (2006) as Harry
• Reign of the Gargoyles (TV – 2007) as Commander Latham
• Gone Baby Gone (2007) as Detective Nick Poole
• Middle Men (2009) as Morgan
• A Letter to Dad (2009) as Mike
• Uncle John (2015) as John
• The Neighborhood (2017) as Matt Kravinsky
• My Little Baby (2017) as Sheriff Johnson
• The Joke Thief (2018) as Joseph Rogers

John Ashton Net Worth

His net worth is under review.

John Ashton Beverly Hills Cop

He played the role of Sgt. John Taggart Beverly Hills Cop an American action comedy film.

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