John Doman Biography,Age, Wife,Movies,Gotham and Die Hard

John Doman Biography

John Doman is an American actor best known for playing Deputy Police Commissioner as Major William Rawson on  HBO series “The Wire” from 2002 to 2008, Colonel Edward Galson on “Oz” in 2001, Rodrigo Borgia in the international television series Borgia from 2011 to 2014, and Don Carmine Falcone in Fox’s show Gotham in 2014.

John Doman Age

He was born on January 9, 1945, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.He is 74 years old.

John Doman Wife

He married his wife Linda Lee Rudloff in 1981 but she died in 2014.

John Doman Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of  $2 million.
John Doman

John Doman Height

He is approximately 1.91m tall.

John Doman The Wire

The American movie star acted in the historical drama series BORGIA as Rodrigo Borgia in 2011 aired by the french tv canal and German broadcaster ZDF.

John Doman Gotham

He currently plays the Mafia Don known as Carmine Falcone in the series Gotham.

John Doman Movies|Tv Shows

  • Gotham (TV Show)
  • Feed the Beast (TV Show)
  • Person of Interest (TV Show)
  • The Affair (TV Show)
  • Borgia (TV Show)
  • Unforgettable (TV Show)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (TV Show)
  • Damages (TV Show)
  • NYC 22 (TV Show)
  • A Gifted Man (TV Show)
  • The Good Wife (TV Show)
  • Blue Valentine (Movie)
  • The Wire (TV Show)
  • Law & Order (TV Show)
  • Without A Trace (TV Show)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Show)
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury (TV Show)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Show)
  • Oz (TV Show)
  • Queens Supreme (TV Show)
  • Mystic River (Movie)
  • City By The Sea (Movie)
  • A Glimpse Of Hell (Movie)   Besotted (Movie)
  •  Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV Show)
  • Judging Amy (TV Show)
  • The Practice (TV Show)
  • The Cedar Bar (Movie)
  • Wirey Spindell (Movie)
  • Loving Jezebel (Movie)
  • Mercury Rising (Movie)
  • Little Boy Blue (Movie)
  • Claire Dolan (Movie)
  • New York Undercover (TV Show)
  • Cop Land (Movie)
  • Beavis And Butt-Head Do America (Movie)  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (TV Show)
  • Die Hard With A Vengeance (Movie)
  • The Journey Of August King (Movie)
  • The Wire The Target (TV Show) 

John Doman Die Hard

He played a small role in the action film DIE HARD WITH VENGEANCE as a site manager for constructing a tunnel featured in the action film.

John Doman Mystic River

The movie star had cameos in the Mystic River film of 2003.

John Doman House Of Cards

He appeared in Season 3 of the Netflix show House of Cards as Bishop Charles Eddis.

John Doman Caesar

He provides the voice for the Caesar character in Fallout New Vegas.


  • Caesar: You’re the courier who’s caused so much trouble for my Legion, and yet you dare come before me. Vulpes Inculta, the best of my frumentarii, is dead. All the bribes I sent to the Omertas ended up buying me nothing. The Great Khans aren’t exactly clamoring to fight for my Legion *now*. The garrison I established at Nelson has been wiped out. Years of meticulous scheming to place a mole at Camp McCarran – wasted. The Kings of Freeside are cooperating with the NCR now, which frees up soldiers to defend the dam. You even disrupted promising weapons deal with the Van Graffs. So tell me this, because I *really* want to know: I am feared – with good reason – but *you* of all people dare to come before *me*, the mighty Caesar. What were you thinking?
    Courier : [Terrifying Presence option]  That I’d decorate this tent with your guts.
    Caesar: G-guards! GUARDS! HELP ME!

John Doman Speech

“Whether or not you win this thing, you’ve got to decide how you’re gonna walk out of here when it’s all said and done because the game is going to go on… and there’s only one rule you’re going to need to know about:
“There are no second chances.”
There is only this moment and the next moment.  Every one of those moments is a test that you get to take one time and only one time.
So, if you see an opening, tear into it!
If you get a shot at victory, make damn sure you take it.
Seize that moment!
That moment is a crossroads where everything you want will collide with everything standing in your way.
You’ve got momentum at your back.  Fear and doubt are thundering like a freight train straight at you, and all you’ve got—the only difference between making history and being history… the only thing… the only thing you can count on at any given moment—is you!
It’s you versus “them.”
You versus “no.”
You versus “can’t.”
You versus “next year… last year… statistics… excuses.”
It’s you versus “history.”
You versus “the odds.”It’s you versus “second place.”
The clock is ticking.  Let see what you’ve got.”

John Doman Youtube

John Doman Interview

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