Johnathan Fernandez Biography, Age, Movies And TV Shows, Lethal Weapon And News

Johnathan Fernandez is an American actor best known for his role in Lethal Weapon. He was born on October 26th, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York.

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Johnathan Fernandez Biography

Johnathan Fernandez is an American actor best known for his role in Lethal Weapon. He was born on October 26th, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York.

Johnathan Fernandez

When he was 7, his family moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. He started doing parody at Penn State University where he studied Telecommunications and minored in Film.

After graduation, he moved back to NY and started working in TV creation and contemplating improve at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. He can be seen at UCB routinely on a house sketch group.

Johnathan Fernandez Age | Johnathan Fernandez  Birthday

He was born on October 26th, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York.

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Johnathan Fernandez

Johnathan Fernandez Height

He is 1.75 M tall.

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His net worth is still under review.

Johnathan Fernandez Career

Notwithstanding his job on Lethal Weapon, Fernandez as of late visitor featured on “Bull” and “Adam Ruins Everything.” He additionally has turned into a customary specialist on “@Midnight.” Prior to Lethal Weapon, he showed up on “More youthful” and “Young ladies.”

The child of a Colombian mother and Honduran dad, Fernandez was conceived in Brooklyn, NY. When he was as yet youthful, his family moved to the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and he went to Penn State, where he studied broadcast communications, minored in film and started doing satire.

Advancing back to New York after graduation, he contemplated comedy and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. On that Chelsea organize, he sharpened his comedic voice and performed with many house groups.

He at that point propelled his expert profession, performing satire and normally showing up on late-night shows, for example, “The Colbert Report,” “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “The Daily Show” and “A week ago Tonight With John Oliver.”

Fernandez is an enormous aficionado of universal soccer, plays a huge amount of computer games, and furthermore has a natural sense for style and men’s design. He lives with his better half in Los Angeles.

Johnathan Fernandez Movies And TV Shows

Here is a list of movies he has acted;

  • Pearl: The Assassin 2013
  • Let’s Make a Movie 2012
  • Lethal Weapon

Johnathan Fernandez Lethal Weapon

He plays the character role of Scorsese in this TV show. Rebooting the hit movie franchise of the same name, “Lethal Weapon” is set in modern-day Los Angeles, where Detective Roger Murtaugh works a crime-ridden beat. Some of Murtaugh’s colleagues at the LAPD include Detective Bailey, Capt. Brooks Avery, and a pathologist named Scorsese.

Murtaugh, married to Trish, and a father of three, finds himself working with Detective Wesley Cole, a former international CIA operative who has been everywhere and seen everything. Cole must adjust to life on the West Coast while navigating his partnership with Murtaugh.

First episode date: 21 September 2016
Network: Fox Broadcasting Company
Production location: Los Angeles
Composer(s): Josh Kramon; Ben Decter; Tree Adams; Robert Lydecker

Johnathan Fernandez Pearl: The Assassin 2013

After a horrific event, a young woman (Dana Patton) mounts a violent campaign of vigilante justice.

Initial release: 12 October 2013
Director: Guy Patton
Screenplay: Guy Patton
Producers: Dana Patton, John Kingman
Story by: Guy Patton, Dana Patton

Johnathan Fernandez Let’s Make a Movie 2012

Cassie Thompson (Hallie York), a film-school dropout, tries to make a movie to turn her life around.

Initial release: 14 December 2012
Director: Elana A. Mugdan
Screenplay: Elana A. Mugdan
Producer: Usher Morgan
Language: English Language

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