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Jonathon Trent
Jonathon Trent

Jonathon Trent Biography

Jonathon Trent is an American actor from Los Angeles, California. He is well known for being featured on Revenge of the Fallen, he as well got featured in a number of roles in a great many awful horror movies. He has also appeared in The O.C. and CSI: NY.

Trent plays the young but troubled Joey in “Boy Culture.” He does a terrific job as one of the leads in the film which screened during Outfest last summer (on awards night) and is set for release March 23. Joey is the child or the baby in the threesome. He’s this young kid that is very insecure and scared and lonely so he flaunts his sexuality to get what he wants,” Trent says. “A lot of people do that when they don’t know what else to go on. They use what they feel they have. For Joey, it was all about his sexuality. He’s charming in a slutty way.

He later got featured as a gay man was not a big deal, he just wanted to get it right: When he was in high school, a lot of people thought I was gay. He wore his heart on my sleeve and he never got afraid to show my emotions. That gets misread. I could care less. It doesn’t really matter if he is gay or straight. But taking on a gay role is a whole different thing. Joey is an over-the-top character, loud and big and full of energy. I knew that going into it. He didn’t want to be offending. That was the main worry, coming across as believable.

He is now shooting an episode of CBS’ “Cold Case,” as well appeared in a 2004 indie film “Smile” with a cast that included Linda Hamilton and Sean Astin. It was one of his first professional jobs after the acting bug bit: “In high school, a friend took a camera and made a story about a kid whos color blind and I was the kid. That was around the time I started realizing it was something I wanted to do with my life.”

During the 18-day location shoot of “Boy Culture,” Trent bonded nicely with co-stars Darryl Stephens and Derek Magyar who he didn’t know previously: What was cool about that was we were up in Seattle and when you go out of state to work, youre not with your friends or family. We spent a lot of time together, the three of us. They got us a gym membership and we hung out every day and bonded and its still really strong.

Jonathon Trent Age

Jonathon was born on the 5th of Jun, 1984 in Los Angeles.


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