Jovan Armand Biography and Recent News

Jovan Armand Biography

Jovan Armand, a rising star, gained recognition for his role as Pedro Peña in the DC Comic film “Shazam!” and his notable performances on television.

Jovan Armand Age

Born on September 15, 2000, in East Los Angeles, Jovan Armand has showcased exceptional talent from a young age.

Jovan Armand Parents

Details about Jovan Armand’s family remain private as he continues to establish himself in the entertainment industry.

Jovan Armand Movies | Jovan Armand Shows

Armand’s filmography includes features in “Club” (2014), “Sex Ed” (2014), “Miracle Maker” (2015), “Girl Flu” (2016), and the blockbuster “Shazam!” (2019).

Jovan Armand Pedro Peña

In “Shazam!” (2019), Jovan Armand’s portrayal of Pedro Peña earned him acclaim and marked a significant milestone in his acting career.

Jovan Armand Bella And The Bulldogs

Jovan played Ricky Delarosa in the Nickelodeon series “Bella and the Bulldogs,” showcasing his versatility on the small screen.

Jovan Armand Music

Beyond acting, Jovan Armand has ventured into music, creating a unique blend between Kidz Bop and Modern Rap.

Jovan Armand Net Worth

As an emerging talent, Jovan Armand’s net worth is yet to be disclosed, but his potential suggests a promising future in both music and film.

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