Judge Reinhold Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Movies

Judge Reinhold is an American actor who portrayed the character of ‘Det. William “Billy” Rosewood’ in the film trilogy of ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.

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Judge Reinhold Biography

Judge Reinhold, born Edward Ernest Reinhold, Jr. is an American actor who portrayed the character of ‘Det. William “Billy” Rosewood’ in the film trilogy of ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. Fast Times and Beverly Hills Cop were voted by the American Film Institute as two of the “Top 100 American Comedies.”

Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold Age

The American actor was born on May 21, 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. He is 65 years old. He was raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia, until his family moved to  Martin County, Florida where he attended the Palm Beach Community College.

Judge Reinhold Height

Reinhold stands at a height of 6′ 2″ (1.9 m). He has a Light brown Hair and
his eyes are Green in color.Judge Reinhold Photo

Judge Reinhold Family

He was born to Regina Fleming, (mother) and Edward Ernest Reinhold Sr, a lawyer. He was nicknamed ‘Judge’ by his father for his infantile resemblance to a judge his father knew.

Judge Reinhold Wife

Reinhold married Carrie Frazier in November 1985 and they divorced after one year in 1986. He later married Amy Reinhold on January 8, 2000.

Judge Reinhold Children

We have no records of his children. We will update you as soon as we get his news.

Judge Reinhold Education

He attended the Palm Beach Community College and University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Judge Reinhold Career

Reinhold has appeared in over 60 films. His first appearance on the screen was in the Wonder Woman episode “Amazon Hot Wax” (1979), in which he played Jeff Gordon, a singer who gets caught up in an extortion ring in the music business. He played a leading role in the movie Running Scared (1980) and a support part in the comedy Stripes (1981), which was a big hit. He was one of many names in the Pandemonium flop comedy (1982).
Reinhold’s first major role in the film was as high school senior Brad Hamilton in the Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), along with then-unknown actors Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Nicolas Cage. “After that role, I thought my career would really start,” Reinhold said later. “Instead, Sean’s career began.” Reinhold had small roles in The Lords of Discipline (1983) and Gremlins (1984) and appeared in an uncredited role in Pat Benatar’s music video for “Shadows of the Night.”

Judge Reinhold Movies


1980 – 1989

  • 1980 Running Scared as Leeroy Beecher
  • 1981 Stripes as Pvt. Elmo Blum
  • 1982 Pandemonium as Glen Dandy
  • 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Brad Hamilton
  • 1983 The Lords of Discipline as Cadet First Sergeant Macabbee
  • 1983 WarGames as NORAD U.S. Airman
  • 1984 Gremlins as Gerald Hopkins
  • 1984 Booker as Newt
  • 1984 Beverly Hills Cop as Det. William “Billy” Rosewood
  • 1985 Roadhouse 66 as Beckman Hallsgood Jr.
  • 1986 Head Office as Jack Issel
  • 1986 Off Beat as Joe Gower
  • 1986 Ruthless People as Ken Kessler
  • 1986 Love Struck
  • 1987 Beverly Hills Cop II as Det. William “Billy” Rosewood
  • 1988 Vice Versa as Marshall Seymour
  • 1989 A Soldier’s Tale as The Yank
  • 1989 Rosalie Goes Shopping as Priest

1990 – 1999

  • 1990 Daddy’s Dyin’: Who’s Got the Will? As Harmony
  • 1990 Over Her Dead Body as Harry
  • 1991 Zandalee as Thierry Martin
  • 1992 Near Mrs. As Claude Jobert
  • 1992 Baby on Board as Ernie
  • 1993 Bank Robber as Officer Gross
  • 1994 Beverly Hills Cop III as Sgt. William Rosewood
  • 1994 The Santa Clause as Dr. Neil Miller
  • 1997 Last Lives as Merkhan
  • 1997 Crackerjack 2 as Jack Wild
  • 1997 Family Plan as Jeffrey Chase
  • 1997 Runaway Car as Ed Lautner
  • 1998 Homegrown as Policeman
  • 1999 Puss in Boots as Gunther
  • 1999 My Brother the Pig as Richard Caldwell
  • 1999 Walking Across Egypt as Robert Rigsbee

       2000 – 2009

  • 2000 Big Monster on Campus as Mr. Stein
  • 2000 Newsbreak as Jake McCallum
  • 2000 Beethoven’s 3rd as Richard Newton
  • 2000 Ping! As Louie
  • 2000 Wild Blue as Ray Walker
  • 2000 Enemies of Laughter as  Sam
  • 2001 Beethoven’s 4th as Richard Newton
  • 2001 Mindstorm as Evan Mink
  • 2001 Hollywood Palm as David
  • 2001 The Meeksville Ghost as  Lucuis C. Meeks
  • 2001 Betaville as Gen. Efron Norbert
  • 2002 Whacked! As Peter Klein
  • 2002 Santa Clause 2 as Dr. Neil Miller
  • 2002 No Place Like Home as Jack McGregor
  • 2004 Clifford’s Really Big Movie as Larry Gablegobble
  • 2004 The Hollow as Carl Cranston
  • 2005 Checking Out as Barry Applebaum
  • 2006 Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause as Dr. Neil Miller
  • 2008 Swing Vote as Walt
  • 2009 Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts as Network Executive
  • 2012 Comics Open as Thadeus Thorogroin III
  • 2014 I Am Potential as Dr. Greg Byrne
  • 2015 My Many Sons as Coach Don Meyer
  • 2015 Highly Functional as Pete
  • 2017 Bad Grandmas as Harry


       1979 – 1995

  • 1979 Wonder Woman as Jeffrey Gordon
  • 1979 Survival of Dana as Bear
  • 1980 Magnum, P.I. as Seaman Wolfe
  • 1981 Insight
  • 1982 Open All Night as Justin
  • 1984 A Matter of Sex as Tobe Rasmussen
  • 1988 Saturday Night Live as Host
  • 1988 Reach as Bar Patron
  • 1988 Promised a Miracle as Larry Parker
  • 1992 Black Magic as Alex Gage
  • 1992 Four Eyes and Six Guns as Earnest Allbright
  • 1993 Ghostwriter as Brad Pierce
  • 1994 Lonesome Dove: The Series as Caleb Fowler
  • 1994 Adventures in Wonderland as Dr. Busbee
  • 1994 Seinfeld as Aaron
  • 1995 As Good as Dead as Ron Holden / Aaron Warfield
  • 1995 The Wharf Rat as Doc
  • 1995 Dad, the Angel & Me as Jason Fielder

        1996 – 2017

  • 1996 Secret Service Guy as Steve Kessler
  • 1996 The Right to Remain Silent as Buford Lowry / Billy Flan
  • 1996 Special Report: Journey to Mars as Ryan West
  • 1997 Runaway Car as  Ed Lautner
  • 1998 Ellen as Trevor
  • 1998 Floating Away as Lloyd
  • 1998 Visual Bible for Kids
  • 1999 NetForce as Will Stiles
  • 1999 Coming Unglued as Paul Hartwood
  • 2000 Clerks: The Animated Series as Judge Reinhold
  • 2000-2003 Scruff as Buttons
  • 2002 Dead in a Heartbeat as Lt. Tom Royko
  • 2003 The O’Keefes as Harry O’Keefe
  • 2003 The King of Queens as Dr. Roy Crawford
  • 2003 National Lampoon’s Thanksgiving Family Reunion as Dr. Mitch Snider
  • 2004 Monk as Alby Drake
  • 2004 The Dead Zone as Principal Rowin
  • 2005 Into the West as Douglas Hillman
  • 2005 Teen Titans as Negative Man
  • 2005 The Boondocks as Mr. Uberwitz
  • 2006 Arrested Development as Himself
  • 2008-2009 Easy Money as Barry
  • 2016 The Detour as Davey
  • 2017 Four Christmases and a Wedding as Russ Peterson

Judge Reinhold Net Worth

The American actor has an estimated net worth of $6 million. He earned this net worth over years working in film and TV as an actor.

Judge Reinhold Santa Clause

In 1994, Reinhold appeared in The Santa Clause as Dr. Neil Miller .Judge-Reinhold 2018

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