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Kathy Bates ” Kathleen Doyle Bates” is an American actress of stage, screen, and television, she portrays as strong women who act against the social…

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Kathy Bates Biography

Kathy Bates ” Kathleen Doyle Bates” is an American actress of stage, screen, and television, she portrays as strong women who act against the social milieu.


Kathy Bates

She garnered an Academy Award for the best actress for her chilling performance of an obsessed fan in Misery 1990.

Bates followed this with roles in Fried Green Tomatoes 1991, Dolores Claiborne 1995, and Titanic 1997. She received her second and third Academy Award nominations for Primary Colors 1998 and About Schmidt 2002, in the category of Best Supporting Actress.

Kathy Bates is also the recipient of two Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, three American Comedy Awards, and two BAFTA nominations.

Bates’ television work has resulted in 14 Emmy Award nominations, including two for her role as Harriet “Harry” Korn on the NBC series Harry’s Law “2011–12”, and a win for her portrayal of Delphine LaLaurie on the third season of American Horror Story “2013–14”.

In 2012, she received the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her appearance on the ninth season of Two and a Half Men.

Bates also received Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG Award nominations for her portrayal of Miss Hannigan in the 1999 television adaptation of Annie. Her directing credits include several episodes of the HBO series Six Feet Under “2001–03”.

Kathy Bates Age

Kathleen Doyle Bates is an American actress and director. Kathy Bates began her career on the stage and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Play in 1983 for her performance in ‘night, Mother. she was born on June 28.  1948, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Kathy Bates is 71 years old as of 2019.

Kathy Bates Family

Kathy Bates was born the youngest of three daughters of mechanical engineer Langdon Doyle Bates(Father) and homemaker Bertye Kathleen (Mother) Her paternal grandfather was a lawyer and author Finis L. Bates.

Her great-great-grandfather was an Irish immigrant to New Orleans, Louisiana, who served as President Andrew Jackson’s doctor

Kathy Bates Husband

Kathy Bates got married to Tony Campisi in 1991,  the pair had lived together for 12 years before they decided to get married. and later divorced in 1997.


Kathy Bates House

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Kathy Bates Children

There is no information about Kathy Bates having children being updated as of now. The details will be updated soon after the research is complete.

How Tall Is Kathy Bates

Kathy stands at a height of 5ft 3″ (160 cm)

Kathy Bates Education

She got enrolled and later graduated early from White Station High School in 1965, Kathy Bates then joined the Southern Methodist University in 1969, where she majored in Theatre and became a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Kathy Bates moved to New York City in 1970 to pursue an acting career.

She initially wanted to study English while at Southern Methodist University, but soon switched her major to theater.

Kathy Bates Actress

After graduating from the school in 1970, Bates moved to New York City. There, Kathy Bates worked a number of jobs to make ends meet, including stints as a cashier at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art and a singing waitress in a Catskill resort. Bates made her film debut in Milos Foreman’s Taking Off (1971), playing a minor role.

She eventually established herself as a stage actress, finding success with the off-Broadway play Vanities in the mid-1970s. In 1980, Bates made her way to Broadway for the first time in the short-lived Goodbye, Fidel.

She then followed up that success with Kathy Bates comic turn in Fried Green Tomatoes of 1992, She earned herself a Golden Globe Award.

Over the few next years, she was a hot streak, landing prominent roles in Dolores Claiborne of 1994, Diabolique of 1996, Titanic of 1997 and The Waterboy 1998). Her work in the political satire Primary Colors (1998) earned her an Academy Award nomination.

Bates continued to enjoy some success on the big screen. She appeared in Bruno of 2000 with Gary Sinise and Shirley MacLaine (who also directed the film). In the 2002 drama About Schmidt, Bates gave an Academy Award-nominated performance opposite Jack Nicholson.

She as well garnered acclaim for her work behind the camera. Kathy Bates directed episodes of the hit television dramas Homicide, NYPD Blue and Oz, as well as A&E’s Dash and Lilly of 1999 of, starring Sam Shepard, Judy Davis, and Bebe Neuwirth.

Kathy Bates later showed off her comedic chops on the popular comedy The Office in a recurring role from 2010 to 2011. She then took a starring role on the legal drama Harry’s Law, created by David E. Kelley; the show lasted for two seasons. Around this same time, Bates portrayed writer Gertrude Stein in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris (2011), starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.

In late 2012, Bates put work on the back burner to focus on her health after was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She had previously been treated for ovarian cancer.

Following her recovery, she signed on to appear on the third season of the hit show American Horror Story, for which she won a 2014 supporting actress Emmy. Kathy Bates would go on to earn another Emmy nomination for her role in American Horror Story as “Ethel Darling” in 2015.

In early 2018, it was announced that Kathy Bates had joined the cast of The Highwaymen, a Netflix feature about Bonnie and Clyde, with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson co-starring as the law enforcement men tasked with stopping the infamous Depression-era crime duo.

Kathy Bates Net Worth

Kathy Bates is an American actress. She made the transition to film and television in the early 70s, appearing in independent films and playing guest starring and recurring roles on such programs as “L.A. Law”, “The Doctors”, “All My Children”, and “One Life to Live”. Bates has an estimated net worth of $32 million dollars as of 2019.

Kathy Bates American Horror Story

Kathy Bates was featured in American Horror Story as Ethel Darling, Her deformity is simply the fact that she has a beard. Other than that, Ethel appears normal; rather short and stout, with a thick Baltimore accent.

Ethel is a very headstrong and respected woman among the Freak Show performers, although she claims no outsider ever treated her as the woman she is. She’s Elsa’s second in command, and she tolerates no disrespect to either herself or Elsa.

Even when Elsa admits her selfish reasons for adopting Bette and Dot, Ethel stands by her. With a strong maternal instinct, Ethel is willing to do anything to protect her son. Kathy Bates even nearly killed Dell when he tried to harm the infant Jimmy.

Kathy Bates Academy Award

Best Actress
Primary Colors
Best Supporting Actress
About Schmidt

Kathy Bates Titanic

The wealthy Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) rescued boat to turn around and look for survivors, as Bates’ character in the film attempts to no avail.

Brown was a lower-class woman whose husband built his own wealth, making her “new money” as she was referred to onboard.

Kathy Bates Misery

In the Misery Kathy Bates is featured as ” Annie Wilkes” she portrays as a cunning, brutal and devious woman who hides her malice behind a cheery façade.

Kathy Bates is portrayed as extremely paranoid, and as well suggest that she may suffer from bipolar disorder. She got day-long bouts with depression, during which she is seen maiming herself.

Kathy Bates The Office

Kathy Bates played the role of Jolene Elaine “Jo” Bennett played as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sabre, having served until vacating the position in favor of Robert California in the first episode of Season 8, The ListJo Bennett was the CEO of Sabre, a printer company based in Tallahassee, Florida, until succeeded by Robert California at the beginning of Season 8.

Bennett is viewed positively by the workers of the Scranton branch, given her business success and forthright speaking style.

While the people of the Scranton branch are initially intimidated by her arrival, Kathy Bates role in orchestrating Sabre’s buyout of the insolvent Dunder Mifflin lends her a positive reputation.

Objections to her style may surround her unwillingness to admit her wrongdoing, and how her headstrong spirit may sacrifice honest decision-making.

Kathy Bates Netflix

“Disjointed” is a multi-camera comedy series starred Kathy Bates as a lifelong advocate for legalization who’s finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.–area cannabis dispensary.

having joined her are three budtenders, Kathy Bates son and a deeply troubled security guard. “Disjointed” has been canceled after one season at Netflix, Variety has confirmed.

Kathy Bates Breast Cancer

She fought the cancer of the ovarian when Kathy Bates was diagnosed with it in the year 2003. In 2012, t she has already been diagnosed by the breast cancer two months before and she underwent a double mastectomy. She suffers lymphedema in two arms because of the mastectomy.

Kathy Bates Movies

2011 – 2019

2019 – The Highwaymen

2018 – The Death and Life of John F. Donovan

2018 – On the Basis of Sex(Kathy Bates)

2017 – Krystal

2016 – The Boss

2016 – Complete Unknown

2016 -Bad Santa 2

2015 – Boychoir

2015 – The Great Gilly Hopkins

2014 – Tammy

2014 – When Marnie Was There

2011 – Midnight in Paris

2011 – You May Not Kiss the Bride

2011 – A Little Bit of Heaven

2009 – 2006

2010 – Valentine’s Day

2009 – Chéri

2009 – The Blind Side

2009 – The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club

2008 – The Family That Preys

2008 – The Day the Earth Stood Still

2008 – Revolutionary Road

2008 – Personal Effects

2007 -Bee Movie

2007- Fred Claus

2007 – The Golden Compass

2007 – P.S. I Love You

2007 – Christmas Is Here Again2006 – Failure to Launch

2006 – Solace

2006 – Relative Strangers

2006 – Bonneville

2006 – Charlotte’s Web

2006 – Guilty Hearts

2001 – 2005

2005 – Hansel and Gretel

2005 – Rumor Has It…

2004 – Around the World in 80 Days

2004 – Little Black Book

2004 – Popeye’s Voyage: The Quest for Pappy

2004 – The Ingrate

2004 – The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing

2004 – The Bridge of San Luis Rey

2002 – Love Liza

2002 – Dragonfly

2002 – About Schmidt

2002 – Unconditional Love

2001 – Rat Race

2001 – American Outlaws

1996 – 2000

2000 – Bruno

1999 – Baby Steps

1998 – Primary Colors

1998 – The Effects of Magic

1998 – The Waterboy

1998 – A Civil Action

1997 – Swept from the Sea

1997 – Titanic

1996 – Diabolique

1996 – The War at Home

1991 – 1995

1995 – Dolores Claiborne

1995 – Angus

1994 – North

1994 – Curse of the Starving Class

1993 – Living and Working in Space: The Countdown Has Begun

1993 – A Home of Our Own

1992 – Prelude to a Kiss

1992 – Used People

1991 – Shadows and Fog

1991 – At Play in the Fields of the Lord

1991 – Fried Green Tomatoes

1991 – The Road to Mecca

1971 – 1990

1990 – Men Don’t Leave

1990 – Dick Tracy

1990 – White Palace

1990 – Misery

1989 – Signs of Life

1989 – High Stakes

1988 – Arthur 2: On the Rocks

1987 – Summer Heat

1987 – My Best Friend Is a Vampire

1986 – The Morning After

1983 – Two of a Kind

1982 – Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

1978 – Straight Time

1971 – Taking Off

Kathy Bates Tv Shows2005 – Ambulance Girl

2005 – Warm Springs

2002 – My Sister’s Keeper

2000 – Possessed

1999 – Annie

1996 – The Late Shift

1995 – The West Side Waltz

1992 – Hostages

1989 – Roe vs. Wade

1989 – No Place Like Home

1987 – Murder Ordained

1986 – Johnny Bull

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