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Kevin Janison’s journey in the world of journalism is a testament to his dedication and expertise, with a focus on weather reporting and community engagement.

Hailing from Los Angeles and an alumnus of Fairfax High School, Kevin continued his educational journey at California State University in Northridge. His commitment to meteorology is underscored by the fact that he has held the National Weather Association Seal of Approval since 1985, a recognition of his excellence in the field.

In 1994, the Janison family made their move to Las Vegas, where Kevin began his work at KLAS before proudly joining the News 3 team in 2007. His career has taken him to various cities, including Reno, Madison, Evansville, Jackson, and even New York City, where he honed his skills in weather reporting and journalism.

Throughout his time in Southern Nevada, Kevin has tackled a diverse range of weather phenomena, from 100-year floods to droughts, from rare fog in the desert to scorching temperatures exceeding 117 degrees at the airport. His forecasts have navigated the unpredictable nature of Las Vegas’ weather, from snow in Henderson to spring winds gusting at over 90 mph in some neighborhoods, showcasing that Las Vegas’ weather is anything but boring.

One of Kevin’s notable achievements has been the development of the Neighborhood Weather Network. This initiative involved placing weather stations and providing meteorology curricula in over 100 schools across the region, contributing to weather education and awareness among students.

Beyond the studio and the weather map, Kevin is deeply involved in the community. He visits over 100 schools annually, delivering presentations on weather, sharing his experiences as an author, and participating in graduations and DARE culminations. His contributions extend to volunteering for numerous charities and community organizations in Clark County.

Kevin’s dedication and contributions to the field of meteorology and journalism have not gone unnoticed. In 2006, he was named National Broadcaster of the Year by the National Weather Association, recognizing his on-air work, weather station network administration, and community service. He has received multiple Emmy awards and a host of other accolades, including “Best Weathercast” awards from the Associated Press and “Best On-Air Personality” awards from Las Vegas’ Electronic Media Awards.

Beyond his journalism career, Kevin is also an accomplished author of award-winning children’s books. His “Deputy Dorkface” series weaves children’s antics into fast-paced, humorous adventures with subtle life lessons. His passion for literacy and storytelling shines through as he visits schools nationwide to share his stories and the writing and editing process, inspiring young readers and writers.

Kevin Janison is not only a dedicated journalist but also a committed community advocate. He’s an avid tennis enthusiast and, intriguingly, a tornado chaser during the spring, adding a touch of excitement to his life. He is married to Terri, who serves as the CEO of the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation, and together, they have a daughter, Taylor, and a son, Colin.

In summary, Kevin Janison is an accomplished meteorologist, journalist, author, and community advocate whose career has left an indelible mark on the field of weather reporting and the communities he serves.

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