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Kristen Renton Biography

Kristen Renton born Kristen Louise Renton is an American actress known for her appearance in the Sons of Anarchy and on NBC’s soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Kristen Renton

Kristen Renton Age

Kristen was born on 14 September 1982 in Denver, Colorado, United States. She is 36 years old as of 2018

Kristen Renton Boyfriend

She is still single. She has not confirmed whether she is dating or not

Kristen Renton Sons Of Anarchy

She was cast as Ima Tite, one of Luann’s starlets in the second season of the American television drama series Sons of Anarchy

Kristen Renton Tattoos

She said in an interview that, she loves tattoos and has twenty of them. Some of her tattoos are inked on her legs and neck. One of her very known tattoos is on her neck with words ” ours is the fury

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Kristen Renton Net Worth

She has made her fortune through her acting career. Her net worth is still underestimation and we will update soon

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Kristen Renton Interview Sons Of Anarchy Violence

Kristen Renton Interview

In Conversation With – Kristen Renton (Sons of Anarchy’s Ima)

Source: malcolmholtsunnysideofthestreet

My very special guest ‘In Conversation’ today is Kristen Renton. Kristen is currently recurring as Ima in ‘Sons of Anarchy’, playing the bad girl who everyone loves to hate. Away from the cameras, Kristen is very active, working with many charities dear to her heart. So, a very warm welcome Kristen.

You were born in Denver, but I read that you are of Danish descent?

“Yes, I am indeed a proud Dane. My parents met at Penn State while they were attending college, and after they got married, my father was relocated quite a bit. He was in the Air Force for over 30 years, and along with his Civil Engineering job, we moved several times. Denver just happened to be where my parents were living when I decided to come along.”

At what age did you move to Florida?

“Well, the first time I was about 18 months old and we were in Orlando. Then we moved to Clearwater when I was 8, and my parents still reside there.”

Did you have any early childhood ambitions?

“When I was growing up, my dream was to become a marine biologist or an underwater archaeologist. I never saw myself doing anything that didn’t involve the ocean. It was my passion. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the serenity that comes with the ethereal stillness of being underwater. I craved being in the water, being one with nature. But the Universe had different plans for me.”

I understand that you were a bit of a tomboy when growing up. Is that accurate?

“It’s very accurate. I loved being outside, playing in the mud, running around with the boys. I had a collection of snake skins that I would find in my wanderings. And I still do for that matter! I refused to wear dresses or play with dolls. I played softball and loved all types of sports. I’d always ask my dad to play catch with me and he taught me how to pitch a baseball like a boy. I refused to pitch like a girl. I always called myself ‘the son my father never had’. Wouldn’t change a moment.”

How did you start with the modeling and how old were you?

“I don’t remember the exact age, but I know I was in middle school. Probably 7th grade. My older sister was a model, and she was the polar opposite of me; beautiful, feminine, poised. Modeling was never a passion for me. It was something my sister and I could do together. It allowed me to earn some pocket change. I did a lot of department store runway shows and mall fashion shows. I did hate wearing the dresses though.”

Just before you reached 16, I understand that you were chosen to go to LA to try out acting? What actually happened to get you there?

“Yes, just before my 16th birthday, through a very interesting chain of events, I ended up at a ‘cattle call’ for want-to-be models and actors. I was 1 of 3 kids out of 350 that were asked to come to Los Angeles. If I decided to come to LA, I would already be set up with an agency. Anyone who has come to LA knows finding an agent is a huge battle. Having the most amazing parents anyone could ask for, they decided it was my life, my future, and I was to choose what I wanted to do. I remember my mother saying “We just don’t want you to look back on this, if you decided not to go, and say ‘What if?’ ” That statement really hit me. At 16, you don’t want to leave your friends, your family, your boyfriend, and move completely across the country! Yet, I decided to take the chance. Like my parents said, I didn’t want to regret not having taken the chance later on in life. If I failed, I still could say I tried. So, that’s exactly what I did. I moved to Los Angeles and I tried. The rest is history.”

After getting to LA, what happened next?

“I was very green. I had never really auditioned for anything before, nor had I ever had to meet with casting directors or producers. So, I began attending acting classes and really soaking up as much information as I could. I booked my first commercial within the first 3 months of me being in LA, and from that moment on I was hooked.”

Your early TV appearances included ‘The Sausage Factory’, also starring the late Johnny Lewis, ‘The O.C.’, ‘CSI: NY’. What are your memories of those early roles?

“The memories I have of working on ‘The Sausage Factory’ are some of the most bittersweet. It was my first theatrical job, and we were filming in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was my first taste of true freedom, similar to what I am sure freshman year of college is too many teenagers. I was away from family, having to work and go to school. It was an amazing learning experience. Everyone on the show became family. We teased like family, we argued like family, and we loved like family. Two of the male actors that were on ‘The Sausage Factory’ with me I worked with again in the future. Adam Brody in ‘The O.C.’ and Johnny Lewis on ‘Sons of Anarchy’. With each job, I gained confidence and personal growth. This is a very tough business. You have to have very thick skin. The rejection in the early years, along with the few jobs I did a book, really helped to shape the person that I am today.”

Prior to ‘Sons of Anarchy’, you were probably best known for playing Morgan Hollingsworth in ‘Days of our Lives’. How did you get that part and what are your memories of that show?

“I had three auditions to play Morgan. Never did it ever cross my mind that I would actually book this role. I believed I was far too different than what they were looking for. I already had my mind made up that I didn’t stand a chance. The first time I went in, I read for Marnie Saitta, the casting director, and when she told me that she was going to bring me back for a callback, I was floored. The second time I auditioned, it was with three other girls, and yet again she said she was going to bring me back for a producers test. For my final audition, I was the very first in the room, I still thought I didn’t stand a chance at landing the role. I was shocked when I got the call two hours later that I booked the gig. I immediately fell in love with Soap Operas that day I started working on ‘Days of our Lives’. You have to memorize pages upon pages of lines, in no time at all, and what an awesome ride it was. I loved the quick pace, the fact that this job was unlike anything I had done in the past. I felt like I was going to acting class every day I got to work. Do you know how blessed you are if you look forward to going to work every day? I would go back in a heartbeat if they asked.”

Then along came ‘Sons of Anarchy’…..

Did you audition for the role of Ima? How did you find out you’d got the role?

“I had my initial audition for Ima on a Wednesday morning, and later that afternoon I was told that I had a callback that afternoon. The next day, I had a meeting with my managers and right before I left they said: “Well Kristen, don’t forget to update your resume”. I replied with a very bewildered look, to which they said: “You got SOA”. Needless to say, they could hear my screams of joy three floors up.”

Can you recall your first day on set? What was it like?

“I was nervous as all hell but loved every second of it. I think within the first hour the guys already had me laughing and feeling like part of the family. I knew this was something special and I was blessed to be a part of it.”

Playing a porn star and sharing some of the scenes with some real porn stars, what are your memories of the earlier scenes?

“The first year, getting to know some of the real porn stars, was very eye-opening. These are business women. They are smart, savvy, and very successful at what they do. I believe these women are underrated and under-appreciated.”

Do you enjoy playing the bad girl in the series?

“Hell yes…….Bad girls always have more fun.”

Ima has tried hard to get Jax for herself. What was it like working with Charlie (Hunnam) who plays Jax (Teller)? Will Ima ever win Jax over?

“Charlie is such an amazing person. Obviously, he is hot as sin, but the Charlie I know is far more than that. He is hilarious, sweet, kind, attentive, and very respectful. He absolutely oozes talent. As far as Ima winning Jax over…….I guess you will have to wait and see.”

Although as Ima, you have set a lot of pulses racing, I would imagine that there must have been a lot of laughter during filming?

“Working on the SOA set is one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The entire cast and crew have become one giant family. Having a cast primarily made up of men, there is always joking and teasing on set, which I love. They have turned into the brothers I never had. I love being ‘one of the guys’ and being able to shoot the shit without having to censor myself. When the camera isn’t rolling, I can be my tomboy self. I’m just wearing lingerie and high heels. I think one of the most amazing aspects of this cast and crew is how they treat everyone equally. Whether you shoot all 13 episodes or you shoot just one day, there is respect, hard work, and appreciation.”

The real you is nothing like Ima. Did you find it difficult playing what is really quite a challenging role?

“Ima’s life is so far removed from my reality, it’s almost laughable. Yet I LOVE portraying her. She is such a sassy, demanding, crazy bitch, how could it not be fun portraying her? Unfortunately, in my life, I have had the displeasure of actually knowing several women who are very much like Ima, so I am able to draw from them and really make Ima an extra special bitch.”

You must have received a lot of fan mail as a result of ‘Sons of Anarchy’? What’s the weirdest, if you can tell me?

“Honestly, I never received one piece of actual ‘Fanmail’. I do receive many tweets or Facebook posts, either telling me how much I am hated and what a horrible human being I am, to marriage proposals. I have been propositioned for sex because people think I am an actual porn star. Once, I was asked how much I charged for the day. I have also been told I am a fantastic actress because “how can I hate your character so much, but in real life, love you?” That really puts a huge smile on my face. If you hate the character I play but love me, that means I am doing my job!”

You recently played Charlie Sheen’s love interest in ‘Anger Management’. How cool was that?

“Working with Charlie was amazing. He is such a talented man. I was blown away by how sweet, courteous,  and helpful he was, not to mention down to earth. Just chatting with him was surreal. I had such an amazing time on set. You can tell how much everyone appreciates each other on the show. I audition for every job I get, so thankfully when I went in to audition for this role, they saw something they liked!”

Moving away from acting, you are very busy with supporting animal charities. I am aware of Boxer Rescue LA. What others do you support and what sort of things do you do in giving your support?

“Charity work is a huge passion of mine. I do work with Boxer Rescue LA, along with Tazzy Fund Animal Rescue, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CureMito Foundation, ASPCA, and Dogs for the Deaf. I have been a supporter or donator to Humane Society, Save the Manatee, Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Reef, and the list goes on. I believe that we abuse our planet and unfortunately the amazing creatures we are supposed to be sharing her with, suffer because of this. Take manatees, for example, their only natural enemies are human beings, yet they are on the endangered list, mainly because of our actions. I believe education is our greatest tool to combat these sad circumstances. It is the only way to raise awareness and hopefully reverse some of the damage we have done.”

When not acting or doing your charity work, how do you relax? What hobbies do you enjoy?

“Photography is a huge passion of mine. I love nature and really exploring new places, being outdoors and taking pictures. I also love horseback riding. I really love hiking and anything that has to do with the ocean. As long as I am outside, I am happy.”

When you get spare time, do you have a favorite vacation destination?

“Spare time? Vacation? What is this vacation that you speak of? Honestly, I have been blessed to travel quite a bit in my life, both for pleasure and for work. There are so many beautiful places that I have enjoyed visiting, and a plethora that I still would like to see. I don’t have a favorite destination because choosing just one would be too difficult. I love the ocean, the beach, and the tranquility of an island, yet I also find the solitude of the desert alluring and beautiful. The mountains have a beauty all their own as well. How could I pick just one?!”

Looking ahead, what does the future hold for you? What longer-term ambitions do you have?

“I try to keep from looking too far ahead. I love being in the moment and seeing where the Universe takes me. I know I want to continue to act, as well as stay involved with all of the charities I enjoy so much. I guess you could say my ambition is to continue to try and save the world while enjoying myself along the way.”

My thanks to Kristen for being such a great guest ‘In Conversation’ today.

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