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LaRoyce Hawkins is an American actor, stand-up comic, spoken word artist, and musician known for starring on NBC’s police drama Chicago P.D., where he portrays Officer Kevin Atwater.
The show is currently in its sixth season. Hawkins also has a minor recurring role on the crossover show Chicago Fire.

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Laroyce Hawkins Biography

LaRoyce Hawkins is an American actor, stand-up comic, spoken word artist, and musician known for starring on NBC’s police drama Chicago P.D., where he portrays Officer Kevin Atwater.

The show is currently in its sixth season. Hawkins also has a minor recurring role on the crossover show Chicago Fire.

Laroyce Hawkins

Laroyce Hawkins Age

Hawkins was born on May 4, 1988, in Harvey, Illinois, USA. He is 30 years old as of May 2018.

Laroyce Hawkins Family

was born and raised by his parents Leah Bradley (mother) and Leonard Hawkins (father) alongside his brother Lamar Hawkins. He grew close with his grandparents.

Laroyce Hawkins Girlfriend

Hawkins has kept his love life personal, but currently, he might be single.

Laroyce Hawkins Height

Hawkins is 1.91 meters tall.

Laroyce Hawkins Career

Hawkins attended Thornton High School, where he was recruited in the basketball team. Influenced by his grandfather’s advice to “choose what makes you feel better”, Hawkins left the basketball team sophomore year and joined the speech team, where he became a two-time state champion in comedy speech writing and received awards twice from the Illinois High Speech Association: for “original comedy” in his junior year and for “humorous acting duet” in his senior year.
Hawkins attended Illinois State University on a full tuition scholastic scholarship where he majored in theatre arts. In first college play, he starred as Toledo from the August Wilson production Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. While in college, he landed his first major motion picture role in the feature film The Express, the biopic of Ernie Davis, portraying Davis’s teammate Art Baker.
He played the role of Toledo from the August Wilson production Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom in his first college play. Hawkins began doing standups and perform at open mic nights.
In 2008 he landed his first major motion picture role of Art Baker in the feature film, the biopic of Ernie Davis titled the Express. He has also appeared in short films like Reflection in 2011 and Google Me Love in 2013.
Hawkins also made appearances in several TV series including Ballers, House of Payne, Underemployed, and Detroit 1-8-7. He appeared in the recurring role of officer kevin Atwater in Chicago Fire in 2013.
Apart from television series and films, he has also pursued his career as a stand-up comic and spoken word poet. He appears in the 2019 thriller-drama film, canal street.

Laroyce Hawkins Net Worth

Hawkins net worth is estimated to around 500 thousand U.S dollars.

Laroyce Hawkins Movies

The Express
Art Baker
Google Me Love

Laroyce Hawkins TV Shows

Detroit 1-8-7
Dorcey Gamble
Chicago Fire
Officer Kevin Atwater
Chicago P.D.
Officer Kevin Atwater

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Laroyce Hawkins Interview

#BePowerful is THE message you’re spreading out to the world. For everyone who hasn’t heard about it yet: What do you mean by that?
Be Powerful is truly all about discovering a gift and seem the gift in a way that helps people become the most powerful version of yourself. And so what I – there is this quote that I found in college, that was given to me by my grandfather. And he said that at 211 degree Fahrenheit water gets very very hot, but it doesn’t boil until 212 degree and so go that extra degree. Because at 212 degree water can boil and create steam and that steam is powerful enough to move locomotives. So go that extra degree and be powerful enough to move the things around in your life. Ever since I heard that quote be powerful is just something that has allow me to dig deep, something that has allow me to work hard, to make necessary sacrifices that I had to do for my family, my career or things like that. And so it just became something that moved me. And before I knew it, it was moving more than just myself but my family and friends and now people all around the world who care to listen. So that is kind of where #BePowerful came from.
Since you grew up in Chicago, what is the go-to place everyone should visit while staying in the windy city?
I’m a big fan of food and so I just like to eat – I know most people do. I always tell people if you’re in Chicago you gotta go get the best burger in the world – no disrespect to Germany, but I’m pretty sure this burger is pretty powerful. It’s at Au Cheval, it’s right in the West Loop of Chicago. I honestly just had someone ask me ‘where should I go’, they were two young ladies and they were here for the weekend and they were like ‘What should we do?’ and I was like ‘Go to Au Cheval’, because you need that burger in your life.
Great, I’ll remember that. And as a standup comedian you have worked with a multitude of talented comedians. Who is the funniest person you have ever met?
The funniest person I’ve ever met?
I’ve met some real funny people. I’ve met some people who – actually it’s kind of hard to say as far the famous people we might know and love. I was just in L.A. and I just did a show that Mike Epps was on and he was hilarious. But personally if I could just give a shout out for like some of the comedians that I know personally, I’m real good friends with this comedian named T-Murph who’s out of Chicago. He is hilarious. If you’re familiar with Lil Rel who is on “The Carmichael Show” on NBC and another show [“Friends of the People”] on TruTV. He’s hilarious. He’s from my hometown Harvey, Illinois. You know I just come from a place where people are pretty hilarious. I mean Chicago bears people like Bernie Mac. And people of that caliber.
Moving on to “Chicago PD”: Your character Kevin Atwater is your first big role on television. Can you tell us a bit about your audition?
The audition was great. It was one of these situation. I’ve been auditioned for Chicago Fire previously and I was pretty close to being on Chicago Fire as a regular. And so when the idea of Chicago PD came I really worked hard on it, because I felt like it would honestly be a pretty good fit for me and I knew that they were familiar with me and my audition style and I just really had to go in there. And I was kind of myself, but in this world of fighting crime that I am very familiar with now, but I wasn’t that much at that time. So well I knew that the producers were familiar with me and I thought I just be myself and hopefully they see fit to help me in the game and that’s kind of what happened. It was a real good experience. I auditioned for a character who never really made it to the actual series. I didn’t know who Kevin Atwater was when my agent said I booked Kevin Atwater, cause I didn’t necessary auditioned for Kevin Atwater. I just kind of auditioned for a cop. And before I knew it they were like this one should be Kevin Atwater and I was like ‘Okay I can figure that out’. But my favorite part of that is – you know I’m from Harvey specifically which is a south suburb of Chicago. And the writers and producers, I think they liked that, they liked that I was actually from here and they made Atwater from Harvey which moving forward made it a lot easier and a little more fun to play a guy that is from my hometown. And when I find myself in a situation where I’m not sure what Atwater would do or I’m not really sure how to kind of react to a certain thing, I only refer to my neighborhood and I use that as a reference to help me with this character and that is great.