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Leigh-Allyn Baker Biography

Leigh-Allyn Baker is an American actress and voice artist who is best known for her roles on Charmed, on Will & Grace, the Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie and for providing her voice on the Nickelodeon animated series Back at the Barnyard.

Leigh-Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn Baker Age | How Old Is Leigh Allyn Baker

Leigh-Allyn was born on 13 March 1972 in Murray, Kentucky, United States. She is 46 years old as of 2019

Leigh-Allyn Baker Parents | Leigh Allyn Baker Family | Leigh Allyn Baker Siblings

She was born to Mike Baker and v. Her siblings are not known

Leigh-Allyn Baker Husband | Keith Kauffman And Leigh Allyn Baker

She is married to Keith James Kauffman, an entertainment executive. The couple had their wedding renewal on April 5, 2018, at Flora Springs Winery in the Sonoma wine country. They have two sons.

Leigh-Allyn Baker Sons | Leigh Allyn Baker Children’s Names | Leigh Allyn Baker Children

She has two sons; Griffin Kauffman, born in 2009, and Baker James, born in 2012.

How Tall Is Leigh Allyn Baker

She stands at the height of 5’0″ (152 cm)

Leigh Allyn Baker Weight |  Leigh Allyn Baker  Measurements | Leigh Allyn Baker Bra Size |

Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Breasts-Waist-Hips: 37-25-36 inches (94-64-91 cm)
Shoe | Feet: 7
Bra size: 34C
Cup: C

Leigh Allyn Baker And Bridgit Mendler

They together appeared in the  American sitcom Good Luck Charlie. Bridgit Mendler as teenaged Teddy Duncan and Baker  as Amy Duncan

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Leigh Allyn Baker Will And Grace

She was cast on a recurring role as Ellen in the eighteenth episode of the first season of the American television series Will & Grace

Phil Baker And Leigh Allyn Baker

She has no relationship with the late Phil Baker, who was an  American comedian, a vaudeville actor, songwriter, composer, accordionist, and author who was also an emcee on radio. They only share the surname

Leigh Allyn Baker Good Luck Charlie | Leigh Allyn Baker Sister

She was cast as Amy Duncan,  Bob’s wife and the mother of PJ, Teddy, Charlie, Gabe, and Toby on Good Luck Charlie, an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from April 4, 2010, to February 16, 2014.

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Laurie Carrigalo

1998–2006, 2017-present

Will & Grace




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Joy Garfield

Leigh Allyn Baker Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million

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Leigh Allyn Baker Interview

Exclusive Interview With Leigh-Allyn Baker For “Bad Hair Day” Movie

Source: lovebugsandpostcards.com

BAKER: It was really fun for me to watch it with all of you because I’ve never seen it with an audience so it was, it was really refreshing for me. I sat for six weeks with an editor for this movie and so you see it so many times and in the middle of it you think oh, this is a great movie, it’s so refreshing for Disney. And then after you’ve seen it a hundred times you’re like eh, it’s okay. So you totally don’t know. You lose perspective. So it was such a fun ride to watch it with you guys and feel your energy and hear you kind of predict different things or get a kick out of things. It was really interesting.

What was the inspiration behind the movie?

BAKER: There was a script that was originally taken to Disney channel. It was quite different from this but it was a teenage girl and a male cop and what I hear from Disney channel is that they thought well if there is an adult that we would like to try something new with a film that has an adult heavenly in it for the first time let’s try with Leigh-Allyn, see if she’s interested.

So really then that’s when the inspiration started forming on what we wanted to do with this movie and we wanted to first and foremost, we wanted to make people laugh but really secondly it was really important to us to grab people’s heartstrings and give a really good, unique and powering message.  As you can see I feel like this film is, you know, is fraught with comedy and heart and great messages for girls. You know, she doesn’t end up with her prince charming. She chooses MIT. Heck yeah, she does, you know.  I loved all the computer lingo and [LAUGHTER]. It was fabulous.

So yeah, that was it.  Just to have a film for Disney Channel that adults can watch with their kids that has a unique different message. Like let’s go out on a limb and do something really different for the channel and see what the response is and Disney Channel was brave enough to do that because this is very different for them.

When you read the script what made you wanna get more involved in the executive producing role rather than just being a part of the action?

BAKER: As my husband said they’re finally gonna pay you to micromanage everybody else. [LAUGHTER] I felt it was very tempting to see if I had it in me to see something build from the ground up and to really be brave and be bold to put my vision and not hide behind somebody else’s vision but put my own out there and see how it went. I mean you guys know who Amy Duncan is — I’m sure you can tell when I ad-lib or when I riff on Good Luck Charlie. You can tell in here too. I know you all laughing when I do certain, silly things. So I just wanted to see what other creative elements I could bring to this.

What was the most fun part of shooting?

BAKER: All of it was really fun. It was, it was — this movie was a ride to make because it was done in 22 days.

ALL: Wow.

BAKER: That was a legit car chase people. Twenty-two days. It was not an easy task. Most people say with film it hurries up and waits and you sit around. this hurried up and hurry up and as you can see it’s mostly Laura and me through the whole film so there was no time to kind of sit back and relax. But, I would say the most fun was just ad-libbing. For Laura and I, it was the first time we worked together but we hit it off so well.

We had such good chemistry. You could see in the bloopers when she’s riding with me in front of the bicycle and me laughing maniacally. What you don’t see is the three people that she’s almost run over. Like seriously, like literally I’m in the seat pushing people out of the way. It was hilarious. It was such a fun day.

You do produce and acting and voiceover for video games. Which one do you like to do the most?

BAKER: I have an animation series called the Seven D which I play the Queen Delightful if you haven’t seen Seven D. it’s really good. Check it out, Disney XD and Disney Channel. So my favorite was this. To produce, to executive produce and act because you really get to have your hand in all elements I mean down to ‘no I want Liz’s dress to look like this’. ‘I want Monica’s dress to look like this’. ‘I want the shoes to be like this’. ‘What if this joke goes here?’  ‘What if on this scene we have them build the relationship and it’s really because of her mother’.  You get to just really live in every element of the movie down to editing it and sitting in on the final mix.

I think Laura did a great job. How did you — when you were casting did you look at a lot of girls and how did you ultimately decide to go with her as the lead?

BAKER: There are so many talented young actors in this town but Laura Marano has a certain maturity and skill set that I think was really necessary. We needed a girl who could pull off being in the lead for prom queen and miss pretty perfect and could also pull off knowing how to work that computer and have the smarts and the thinking and the brain stuff going on. And Laura just came in and she just knocked it out of the ballpark. It’s not easy to find young talent that can go toe to toe in comedy with an adult. You guys saw it on Good Luck Charlie and now you see it here. That’s what it looks like. She did a great job.

Did you have to rewrite the script when you got it?

BAKER: I didn’t rewrite the script. We have great writers who rewrote it. I had joke punching sessions with them where I, we went over all the dialogue and I was like I think the girls would say this or let’s do that. The writers that did this were so great. I don’t know many writers who are gonna sit in the room with the lead actress and let them like take over the dialogue and these guys were just so, uh, all-inclusive and happy to have my input.  But yes the script is complete, uh, took a different detour to let’s say.

After doing this is your focus now going to be in more of a producer type of role?

BAKER: Honestly I can’t see one without the other. I really can’t. I’m not ready to not be acting because as you can see I have so much fun. I don’t know what happens to me but there’s this other thing that takes over my brain and I’m just having a blast and I just start saying things. Sometimes I think “did that just come out of my mouth?” So I really can’t see one without the other at this point.

What’s the worst bad hair day you can remember having?

BAKER: When we did the promos for this. I was like –they turned me around in the mirror and I was like, huh, irony. Wow.  Yeah, that would be it.

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