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Lo-Pro Biography

Lo-Pro is an American five-piece hard rock band. It was formed by Pete Murray and Neil Godfrey after the disbandment of their previous band, Ultraspank, in 2001. Aaron Lewis of Staind (an American alternative metal band formed in 1995) was then attracted and the band signed to a major record label, Geffen Records, and released their debut album, Lo-Pro in 2003.

A year later after touring in support of the album, they would be dropped from their label. The band remained in unity but it would be almost six years until any further music releases, with the band opting to record and re-record several album’s worths of material, participate in side-projects, and perform live shows prior to finalizing new material for release.

The long hole in discharges thusly leads to various back to back discharges in the next years, including the Letting Go EP in 2009, a subsequent collection, The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge, in 2010, and an acoustic collection, Bittersweet, under the alias “on Planet 9”, in 2011.

The band quickly came back to working under the Lo-Pro name to discharge a third studio collection, Disintegration Effect, in 2013, preceding coming back to the “Life On Planet 9” moniker to discharge The Theory of Everything in 2014, and Higher in January 2017. Simultaneously, Murray and ex-bassist John Fahnestock have additionally begun up and discharged music under another band called White Noise Owl also.


Lo-Pro Years Active

The band has maintained its activeness since 2002 up to date.

Lo-Pro History

In the late 1990s, vocalist Pete Murray and guitarist Neil Godfrey framed and recorded two collections in the band Ultraspank. After the poor offers of their subsequent collection, Progress, the band went separate ways with their record mark and at last disbanded. At first, copied out with the music business, Murray and Godfrey, in the end, got together and started taking a shot at music together, revived having the option to work without the weights of managing a name.

The two set up together a demo collection in one of their rooms, where they recorded everything among them; Godfrey taking care of all guitar work and Murray taking care of vocals and every single other perspective through programming in Pro Tools. They had the option to pull in the consideration of Aaron Lewis, of Staind, who had recently begun up his own vanity record mark, “413 Records”, at Geffen Records.

Lewis made the band the first to be marked to the name, expressing that he felt even the early harsh demo sounded “superior to anything 80 percent of the collections discharged today.”

In the wake of being marked based off the demo alone, Murray and Godfrey expected to gather a full band for the band’s for account their presentation collection. The band enrolled Tommy Stewart, the past drummer for Godsmack, as their drummer. Furthermore, John Fahnestock, who had met Murray and Godfrey while visiting close by Ultraspank in the band Snot at Ozzfest 1998, was additionally selected as the bassist. The band balanced the lineup with second guitarist Pete Ricci.

With the band gathered, recording for the collection started in January 2003. The band worked with music maker Don Gilmore, who had recently worked with Linkin Park and Pearl Jam. The band recorded for the principal half of the year, and after that discharged Lo-Pro on September 30, 2003. It topped at no. 9 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers outline and remained on the graph for about fourteen days.

One single was discharged, “Sunday”, which crested at no. 20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and no. 27 on Modern Rock Tracks. The track additionally showed up in the 989 Studios game MLB 2004 for the PlayStation 2. Murray said of the single “It’s certainly not tied in with watching football or going to chapel. It’s extremely about how I’ve never had anything to anticipate on Sunday.

I never preferred going to class or heading off to work, and when Sunday comes, you simply realize things are going to hit the wringer the next day.” The band had moved toward discharging a subsequent single, bassist Jonathan Fahnestock had even approached the web network to decide in favor of which track it would be, yet it never surfaced. Be that as it may, the track “Start” was highlighted in the 2004 PC game The Ultimate Dodge Garage.

The band visited widely close by Staind and Three Days Grace into 2004. Furthermore, on April 24, 2004, they discharged a 3 track acoustic EP solely through Napster, containing acoustic takes of “Sunday”, “Start”, and “Not Me”. In any case, by June 2004, the band declared that they had been dropped by Geffen Records. Regardless of this, the band affirmed that they were still on great terms with Lewis and Staind, were not disbanding, and were in actuality effectively taking a shot at composing and recording more music.

Letting Go and The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge

After the loss of their record label, the band would maintain unity, but would not formally release music again until 2009. The band would go several years with minimal outward communication with the public, but would instead commonly release a new song for internet streaming once or twice a year to show they were still together and progress was being made on future releases.

Lo-Pro would allude to Let It Go as a tentative title for future releases at the time. From their Myspace account, they streamed early versions of many songs, including the track “Ingenious” in May 2005, “Breathe” in May 2006, “Blame Me” in June 2006, and “Texas” and “You Lie” in August 2007.

During these years, various distinctive side-ventures were likewise started by different individuals from the band. Murray, taking a break from making music, went to more producer-type roles. Most quite, he built and co-created mechanical musical gang Ghost Machine’s album Hypersensitive, where he worked with future Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody and The Clay People’s guitarist John Stevens.

Subsequent to finishing the album, Murray began up another band with Stevens, and Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward called Chokt. Portrayed as an outlet for music that didn’t exactly fit Lo-Pro, a formal collection was never discharged, although 9 nine songs were spilled online through the span of time before Lo-Pro would discharge another collection.

In the interim, Tommy Stewart filled in as a transient substitution drummer for various groups like Fuel and Everclear, while John Fahnestock at first began another band, “Noise Within” before leaving for all time when his past band, Snot, transformed with another lead vocalist as Tons. He would be supplanted by past Ultraspank part Jerry Olivera.

Ther band than in 2007 began to concentrate on progressively acoustic-driven tunes. Upon Aaron Lewis wrapping up visiting in help Staind’s Chapter V collection, Lo-Pro went along with him for a short acoustic visit. The band appeared various melodies that would later be discharged on the future collection, including tracks “Letting Go”, “Hang On”, “Today”, and “All I Have”.

Murray referenced the likelihood of a live DVD arrival of these shows, however, such a discharge still can’t seem to surface. Also, the band began another Myspace page up under the name of “Lo-Pro Acoustic”, and gushed a few new acoustic studio tracks, including “Clean the Slate”, the generally unreleased “This isn’t Goodbye”, and a front of Filter’s tune “Consider This”.

In an early 2008 interview, Murray detailed the band’s progress and future plans:

“We really want to release something but we’re the most prolific we’ve ever been so we’ve been recording like crazy. It’s hard to stop. We’ve got a couple of rock records almost ready and we’re almost done with our acoustic record, we promise…You’re definitely going to hear a raw version of Lo-Pro which was always our intention. I love our first record but, holy crap, it was over-produced. We don’t nit pick as much anymore, we move on. The acoustic album will be a first as well….We’re lagging but we’re really hoping the get this acoustic record out first in the spring with a rock record right behind it.”

Lo-Pro Members

Current members
  • Pete Murray – vocals, programming (2002–present)
  • Neil Godfrey – guitar (2002–present)
  • Pete Ricci – guitar (2002–present)
  • Jerry Oliviera – bass (2009–present)
  • Tommy Stewart – drums (2002–present)
Former members
  • John Fahnestock – bass (2002–2008)

Lo-Pro Songs | Lo-Pro Discography

  • Lo-Pro (2003)
  • The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge (2010)
  • Disintegration Effect (2013)
Under the pseudonym “Life on Planet 9”
  • Bittersweet (2011)
  • The Theory of Everything (2014)
  • Higher (2017)
  • Letting Go (2009)
  • “Sunday” (2003)
  • “Alive” (2010)

Lo-Pro Net Worth

The band has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

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