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Michele Hicks Biography

Michele Hicks is an American screen actress and former fashion model who has worked in both film and television. She is best known for appearing in popular television series, such as ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent,’ ‘CSI: NY,’ ‘The Shield,’ and Special Victims Unit.’

Michele Hicks Age

Hicks was born on 4th June 1973 in Essex County, New Jersey, United States. She is 46 years old. She is an American by nationality and she belongs to white ethnicity. She currently lives in New York City with her husband and son.

Michele Hicks Height And Weight

The American actress stands at a height of 1.73 m (5 feet 8 inches) and she weighs 56 kg (123 pounds). Her body measurements are 33-24-34.

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Michele Hicks family

We have no information regarding her parents and siblings.

Michele Hicks Husband | Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller and Michele Hicks tied their knot in July 2008 and have since been inseparable. The pair first met at a bar, according to a source. At the moment, a mutual friend introduced Miller to his future spouse.

They began dating back to 2006. The couple decided to bring their connection to the next level after dating for about two years. In July 2008, Miller and Hicks exchanged their vows at a wedding ceremony in Malibu, California.

The couple welcomed their first kid in December 2008; a son, Buster Timothy Miller. The couple has been happily married for over ten years. The adorable pair regularly posts cute photos of their family on their respective Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Miller was previously married to actress Angelina Jolie. Miller and the Oscar-winning actress first met on the sets of the movie Hackers in 1995.

The former couple married on 28 March 1996. They were together for around three years before divorcing on 9 February 1999. The couple didn’t disclose the reason for their split, however, they remained friends.

Michele Hicks Children

She has a son with her husband Miller known as Buster Timothy Miller.

Michele Hicks Career

She made her acting debut in 1999 when she played Penny in an independent film entitled ‘ Twin Falls Idaho. ‘ She then played Nicki in the 1999 David Lynch TV movie ‘ Mulholland Dr. ‘

In 2000, she played April in Marc Forster’s drama film ‘ Everything Put Together. ‘ That same year, she also played Samantha in a romantic comedy film entitled ‘ Ropewalk. ‘

In 2002, she was cast to play Kyra Bennett in the thriller film ‘ Deadly Little Secrets ‘ directed by Fiona Mackenzie. In 2003, she played Mrs. Hope in a drama fantasy film entitled ‘ Northfork. ‘

In the same year, she also played Kimmie in the crime drama TV series ‘ Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. ‘ She landed the lead role of Emma Hauser in the drama film ‘ Distress ‘ directed by Blue Kraning in 2003.

She landed her breakthrough role in 2004 when she was cast to play Mara Sewell Vendrell in the popular crime television series’ The Shield.’ She played the role from 2004 to 2008, appearing in 26 episodes.

In 2006, she became part of the main cast of the crime-drama series ‘ Heist’ of’ NBC ‘ television network where she played Amy Sykes in six episodes.

She was cast in 2007 to play American film director, producer and screenwriter Penelope Spheeris in Rodger Grossman’s biographical film’ What We Do Is Secret.’ The film was premiered at’ Los Angeles Film Festival’ on June 23, 2007 and received mixed reviews from critics.

In 2009, she played Nina Fiske in an episode titled’ 3 Women’ in the crime drama television series ‘ Life’ of’ NBC ‘ network. The following year, she was seen in one of the episodes of the popular television series’ The Mentalist.’

In 2011, she was cast to play Sharon in Rick Bieber’s sci-fi horror movie’ Rehab.’ Hicks took a break from playing for a few years before making a comeback in 2013. She played Rachel in Stanley Yung’s mystery-thriller film ‘ 2 Bedroom 1 Bath’ the following year.

In 2015, she landed Sharon Knowles ‘ recurring role in the long-running television thriller series ‘ Mr. In the same year, she was cast to play another recurring role in the police drama series ‘ Public Morals’ of’ TNT’ network.

In 2015, she also played prominent roles in films such as’ Guns for Hire’ and’ The Wicked Within.’ Hicks produced’ Guns for Hire’ and worked as an associate producer on the sets of’ The Wicked Within.’ She played Thea Moser in a 2017 episode titled’ The Ballad of Lady Francis.’

She played Michelle Goldstein in a few episodes of the famous comedy-drama web television series ‘ Orange Is The New Black’ the following year. In 2018, she was also cast to play Kathryn Haskins in a short film called’ Radio Killer.’

She is also an entrepreneur as she owns a pilates gym called’ re: AB.’ The gym was started in 1997 along with one of her friends. She also works closely with an organization called’ Treatment Advocacy Group’ that provides support to those with mentally ill family members.

Michele Hicks Movies And TV Shows



2015 The Mother as Elise Harp
2015 Guns for Hire as Beatle
2014 2 Bedroom 1 Bath as  Rachel
2013 Chlorine as Elise
2011 Rehab as Sharon
2007 What We Do Is Secret as Penelope Spheeris

2004 Messengers as Sarah Chapel
2003 Northfork as Mrs. Hope
2003 New York Stories as Michele
2003 Distress as Emma Hauser
2002 Deadly Little Secrets as Kyra Bennett
2001 Mulholland Drive as Nicki Pelazza
2000 Everything Put Together as April
2000 Ropewalk as Samantha
1999 Twin Falls Idaho as Penny


2018 Orange Is the New Black as Michelle Goldstein
2017 Elementary as Thea Moser
2015 Blue Bloods as Cat Holloway
2015 Mr. Robot as Sharon Knowles
2015 Public Morals as Kay O’Bannan
2010 The Mentalist as Betsy Meyers
2009 Life as Nina Fiske
2006 Heist as Amy Sykes
2004-08 The Shield as Mara Sewell Vendrell
2004 Slogan as Jesse
2004 CSI: NY as Robin Prescott
2004 Cold Case as Fannie (1943)
2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Kimmie
2001 Law & Order: Criminal Intent as Gia DeLuca

Michele Hicks Net Worth

The American actress and model have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Michele Hicks The Shield

Michele played the role of Mara Sewell Vendrell in the drama The Shield.

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Michele Hicks Interview


Imagista: My first question is, you had incredible success as a model in New York and Europe – was acting something you’d always been interested in doing? 

Michele Hicks: No. (laughs)

Imagista: So what happened?

Michele Hicks: I know. Everybody expects me to say that I wanted to be an actress since I was a child. I actually wanted to be a dancer when I was a child. It was something that in my 20’s, after being in the fashion business for a while, I was introduced to a number of people in that creative process and it was something I really wanted to explore and seemed like something that I would enjoy or be good at. I started taking classes and lessons and really started responding to it and so that…was my next career.

Imagista: Was there something in that process where you had a “eureka” moment?

Michele Hicks: Yes, it was my first film actually. The thing about the process, even in studying and doing workshops and stuff like that, you have to really delve in there to make anything resonate in a way. I don’t know, I didn’t respond to that process but it was definitely, probably my eureka moment was I got my first film which was Twin Falls Idaho and it was an amazing opportunity and an amazing first film to get. It was an amazing group of people to work with in that situation. I just remember halfway through shooting it that I called up my model agent in Paris and I said ‘Ok, this is it. This is what I’m doing now. I’m done.’ So that was my ‘eureka’ moment. You don’t know for sure until you actually, you know, flesh out a character and shoot a whole thing. That was my ‘eureka’ moment for sure.

Imagista: That’s very cool. Was there someone who’s had a tremendous impact or influence on you in your acting career?

Michele Hicks: There are a lot of people that have had an impact and influence. I would say different people at different times. There are so many women whose performances have influenced me for sure. You know, you’re just like, ‘holy shit. Like, I don’t know how she went there. How did she do that?” I mean, Cate Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine – I was dying. I was just in awe. I was so inspired by it. I want to be able to do a character that basically has a complete breakdown, you know. So, there are many people that every time you see a great performance, especially by a woman, seeing another woman, you’re just like, “Wow, you inspired me going forward.” There’s not one woman that’s jumping in my mind.

Imagista: Who do you admire most in the field and why? It sounds like Cate Blanchett is one of them. Are there any others?

Michele Hicks: As an actress there are many. There are so many performances. That particular film just sticks out in my mind right now. Who else? There are so many talented women, I don’t know how to pick just one or two.

Imagista: So it’s mostly women. What about men? 

Michele Hicks: Definitely. I’ve worked with some great other actors. The reason I’m just picking out women is because when you’re looking at those roles, these are roles that you’ve could have done so you’re inspired.

Imagista: Is there anything you’re working on or is coming up that you’re really excited about?

Michele Hicks: I’ve been working on two different shows. I’m really excited about Public Morals, which will start airing in August on TNT. It’s a 1960’s New York cop/mobster drama.

Imagista: Tell me about your role

Michele Hicks: It’s a great role. It’s a great show. You’ve got 60’s New York, Irish immigrants, Westies, Hells Kitchen, there is so much to do. I can’t wait to see it. I can’t wait to see the stuff I wasn’t in to see how everything fleshed out. I’m very excited about that. Great character, I play a woman that was born and raised in Hell’s Kitchen, tons of siblings, Irish Catholic family, all her family are cops and she’s married to a mobster.

Imagista: Whoa, that’s a great premise.

Michele Hicks: Even her young son is now a rookie cop. So it’s very complicated. Everyone is related and it kind of crosses the line.

Imagista: That sounds amazing. Lots of opportunity for conflict.

Michele Hicks: Yeah, there’s a lot of conflict. (laughs) A lot of drama so it makes for a very interesting role.

Imagista: Do you have a dream role or dream person to work with?

Michele Hicks: There are so many things I’d love to do. It’s about the role. You get a role and you read it and you’re like “holy shit, I have to do this.” There are too many people. I’ve worked with some great people – David Lynch, Ed Burns on this – he was amazing to work with. I’ve been very fortunate.

Imagista: I’ve got one more question for you – if you weren’t acting, what do you think you would be doing right now?

Michele Hicks: I don’t know. I was in the fashion business before this so I’d probably doing something related to that. If I hadn’t been in the fashion business, I wanted to be a lawyer but I think I’d be pursuing societal change work.

Imagista: Do you have any hobbies?

Michele Hicks: I’m a workout junkie. I don’t know if that’s a hobby, I love hiking and doing massive treks through Alaska, Africa, the Grand Canyon. I like to be out there in nature. We’re so over stimulated in our society, I think that having the opposite of that and clearing everything out is really important and heals you a little.

Imagista: Is there anything else you’d like to touch on?

Michele Hicks: The other thing I’d like to talk about that I’m really impassioned about is I’m working with this organization called the Treatment Advocacy Group that is working on changing legislation to help families with severely mentally ill family members.

Source: theimagista.com

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