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Nebu Kiniza Biography

Cory Orville Reid (born March 30, 1994), better known by his stage name Nebu Kiniza, is an American hip hop recording artist from Queens, New York. Sometime later he got a push that made him realize that his talent could become the basis of a successful career and he started uploading the tracks and videos on the Internet.

He is best known for his single “Gassed Up”, which was released on October 25, 2015. He is signed to OSHS. The Atlanta-based rapper initially gained fame when his 2011 debut single, “IDGAF,” went viral. He would also become known for the song “Steez” and released a 2014 mixtape titled Hypnosis. and RCA Records.

Nebu Kiniza Age

Born on March 30th, 1994, the rapper. His real name is Cory Reid, and he was raised in Queens, New York. The family of Nebu Kiniza shifted from Queens to Pawling, NY, and then, when he was 10, to Conyers, a suburb of Atlanta, GA. He learned from his mom, a singer, the ropes of the music business. He started freestyling at the age of 15. he attended Rockdale County High School where he discovered his talent.

He showed off his talent in his high school talent shows. He used to compete against RoyalTee and Bino, and even performed at parties hosted by “RoyalTee”, “Bino Joe”, and “Don Bino”. His aunt helped him select from the biblical Nebuchadnezzar the stage name of Nebu Kiniza.

He built a strong fan base from his high school peers, though Nebu did not win first place in the talent shows since RoyalTee would take first every time. Instead of discouraging him it pushed him to go further to making “Steez.” Nebu had RoyalTee dance in the music video in promotion of his music.

Nebu Kiniza Career

Nebu Kiniza

He released his first track, “IDGAF,” in 2011, and his first mixtape, 2 Peace Signs, in 2012. In 2013, he released his second mixtape, The Honor Roller, with music videos for the tracks “The Grind” and “Steez.” The “Steez” video, shot in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood, received over 300,000 views on YouTube.

His third mixtape, Hypnosis, which featured production from American record producer Sonny Digital, was released in 2014. The track “Myself” became his first major hit and was remixed by ILoveMakonnen & Key!.

Along the way, Nebu created his own label, On Some Hippy Sh*t, for himself and his crew of producers. His biggest hit to date, “Gassed Up,” produced by MexikoDro – a track that he has said took all of 15 minutes to create received over 52 million listens on SoundCloud, 34 million views on YouTube and 80 million plays on Spotify. Kiniza reached #10 on the Next Big Sound chart 24 December 2016 and “Gassed Up” hit #15 on the Spotify Velocity chart and #18 on BigChampagne’s Emerging Artist chart on 2 March 2017.

With respect to his moniker, he explained that his aunt jokingly suggested naming him after King Nebuchadnezzar when he was born. He thus felt identified with the name for his whole life and adapted it for real when it was time to adopt a stage name. “Nebu stands for the golden one. Kiniza stands for being originally creative and artistic. So I put two-and-two together.”

Nebu Kiniza Album

Studio albums


2 Peace Signs
Released: February 26, 2012
Labels: Self-released
Format: Digital download

The Honor Roller
Released: January 28, 2013
Labels: Self-released
Format: Digital download

Released: June 29, 2014
Labels: Self-released
Format: Digital download

Nebu Kiniza Songs

♦ Bub.
♦ Myself
♦ All Good

♦ Call It What You Want
♦ Hop Out
♦ Gassed Up

♦ Fuck It Up
♦ Lit
♦ In the Sky: Ryan Hemsworth featuring Nebu Kiniza

Nebu Kiniza Family

The name of the young star rapper’s parents is currently not disclosed yet. Additionally, it is not known whether he has any siblings yet, we are undertaking a review and the info will be updated soon. Also, Nebu kiniza’s dating history, girlfriend, wife or even his sexuality is not revealed yet. it is evident that he keeps his personal life in the dark off the public eyes.

Nebu Kiniza Facts

♦ His net worth is estimated at $ 0, 7 Million.
♦ He likes creative hairdos.
♦ He often wears spectacles.
♦ He likes smoking.

♦ He enjoys wearing torn jeans.
♦ He wears a small beard.
♦ He wears his hair in dreads.

♦ He has some tattoos on his body which are symbolic to him.
♦ He likes wearing golden watches and other adornments.

♦ ILoveMakonnen helped him on the remix of the song “Myself.”
♦ His sexuality is straight
♦ He weighs 55 kgs