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Nona Gaye Biography

Nona Gaye born Nona Marvisa Gaye or Nona Aisha Gaye is an American singer, former fashion model, and actress. The daughter of singer Marvin Gaye and granddaughter of jazz musician Slim Gaillard, Gaye began her career as a vocalist in the early 1990s.

Nona Gaye Age

Nona was born on 4 September 1974, Washington, D.C., United States. She is 44 years.

Nona Gaye Height

She stands at a height of 1.78 m.

Nona Gaye Image

Nona Gaye Image

Nona Gaye Husband| Nona Gaye Married

When talking about the romantic side of the lady, she seemed to have deeply fallen in love with Prince Rogers Nelson, a musician in the early 90’s. As posted by on 22nd April 2016, the Lady is said to have dated the man when she was eighteen years old. Having the age gap for about sixteen years, the lady still continued to date Prince and was spotted together in plenty of events and occasion.

However, the relationship between the duo broke up after three years of dating. As posted by on 17th November 2003, when talking about the relationship after the break up the lady said:

“I was in love or infatuation,I just thought he was beautiful.When we split three years later, my heart was shattered.”

As reported by Contact on 8th May 2003, she further revealed about being unknown to the man despite being in a relationship with the Prince for years. She said:

 “I never really knew him, and I never let him really know me. I tried to be this woman I thought he wanted – very passive, letting him lead. He told a friend of mine he was going to marry me and take care of me. I knew I wouldn’t get anything better than that from him, so I believed it.”

She did not speak only about how she felt but also disclosed how the man had proposed Mayte Garcia, a belly dancer cum actress in front of huge crowd in a concert. She said:

“After that, we were in New York, and he asked me to come see his show. Mayte, one of his dancers, flashed the engagement ring he’d given her from the stage. When I asked him about it afterward, he was very evasive and defensive. I haven’t spoken to him since. It upsets me that we ended things that way because at one point he was really, really important to me.”

Well, that must be hard for the lady to see her man propose another woman right in front of her eyes. It might have left her shattered to she her man go away from her life at once whom she had expected to get married someday.

More than a decade have passed since the couple broke off. At present, Mayte is reported to be single while the man is reported to be dead.

Prince had died in a strange way on 21st April 2016, at the age of 57. He was found dead at Chanhassen inside the compound of Paisley Park in an elevator of the Carver County Sheriff’s Office. While the real reason of his death has not yet been identified his dating list have surely turned the head of his fans around due to his popular dating act with ladies like Manuela Testolin (2001-2006), Susannah Melvoin (1985-1986) and  Sheila E (1978).

However, no news of Nona Gaye dating any other man has been obtained nor the news of her getting married has been identified. But, there is a likely chance where she might have married her man and is living somewhere in distant with her husband along with her children. We never know the lady herself reveals the fact!

Nona Marvisa Gaye who has gained popularity through romantic songs, movies and modeling career has gained an enormous fame along with the added net worth of $ 3 million. At the age of 42, she earned the hefty net worth through her modeling career and by acting in movies like Ali(2001) which gave her Black Reel Awards for the best-supporting actress in the year 2002, The Gospel(2005) and Blood and Bone (2009).

Nona Gaye Young

Gaye released her first album, Love for the Future, on Atlantic Records in October 1992, a month after her eighteenth birthday. The album featured the top 20 hit “I’m Overjoyed” as well as “The Things That We All Do For Love”. The following year, Gaye was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People. She signed to Ford Modeling Agency in 1994, and became the new face of Armani.

For three years, Gaye both collaborated with and dated singer-songwriter Prince. During this time, she recorded at least four songs with him. A duet, “1000 Hugs and Kisses” and solo track, “Snowman” are currently unreleased, but have made their way into circulation amongst fans. Another duet, “Love Sign”, was released on the 1-800-NEW-FUNK compilation album in 1994, along with another track with no Prince contribution, “A Woman’s Gotta Have It”. Gaye provided backing vocals on “We March” for Prince’s 1995 album, The Gold Experience, and on the title track to the Girl 6 soundtrack, released in 1996. Gaye has candidly admitted that during this time she had a long personal battle with drug abuse, which she successfully overcame in 1996. In addition to these projects, she starred in a Prince-produced European TV special called The Beautiful Experience, consisting of a loose storyline to promote new material from Prince (most of which would be released at some point over the next few years).

Nona Gaye Matrix

She played Zee in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, taking over the role after Aaliyah died.

Nona Gaye Prince

Before his two marriages, Prince had a harem of beautiful girlfriends, but his tryst with the gorgeous Nona Gaye was especially memorable.

Nona Gaye Songs

I’m Overjoyed (1992)
The Things That We All Do For Love (1992)
Inner City Blues (1995)
A Woman’s Gotta Have It (1994)
Natural Motion (1992)
When You Were Mine (1992)
Give Me Something Good (1992)
Love Is All You Need For The Future (1992)
Breaking Away (1992)
Only Two Can Tell (1992)
Don’t Wait (1992)
Supernatural (1992)
Fever (1992)

Nona Gaye Polar Express

She did the voice and motion capture for Hero Girl in the 2004 film, The Polar Express and the video game.
Tom Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis (“Forrest Gump”; “Cast Away”) reunite for “Polar Express,” an inspiring adventure based on the beloved children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. When a doubting young boy takes an extraordinary train ride to the North Pole, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery that shows him that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.
Initial release: 30 October 2004 (USA)
DirectorRobert Zemeckis
Music composed by: Alan Silvestri

Nona Gaye Love For The Future

Artist: Nona Gaye
Release date: 1992

Nona Gaye Films





Blood and Bone



XXX: State of the Union

Lola Jackson

The Gospel

Charlene Taylor Frank




The Polar Express

Hero Girl (voice)


The Matrix Reloaded


The Matrix Revolutions




Belinda Ali


Harlem Nights


Bomberman Fever

Carmen Bomber, Tomboy Bomber (voice

Nona Gaye Video Games





The Matrix Online



The Matrix: Path of Neo



The Polar Express

Hero Girl

Nona Gaye Net Worth

She has a net worth of $3 million.

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Nona Gaye Interview

The Matrix Revolution: An Interview with Nona Gaye

Adopted from:

AH: In this film the women are very powerful. NG: I’m glad that the brothers (Wachowski) acknowledged that women do have the strength and the knowledge to carry out the same missions as a man would in the same
situations. I thank them for their openness. They have a vision and they are not afraid.

What do you think about women going to war and taking up arms so to speak?

NG: I think that it’s a woman’s choice and I think that women are perfectly
able and capable following orders from their superiors and carrying out tactical maneuvers. They can do their jobs just as well as men do. I know there are many decorated female soldiers who are generals, lieutenants, corporals. I think they’ve definitely shown that they are able to perform in the service.

What did you think of ‘The Matrix’?

NG: I’ve seen it seven times. The first time I saw it I walked in late and I was completely lost. Then I had to go back and see it a second time ‘cause I was so intrigued by the special effects and I wanted to understand it. It just moved me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Then I went back to catch things that I thought I had missed because I did become a bit obsessed with it. Nothing had hit me that hard since ‘Star Wars.’ I was like a freak actually. My boyfriend at the time was like you’re starting to lose it a little bit. I’m like, ‘no you’re in The Matrix and you just need to get it together. You need to wake up and get plugged!’ I was just into it.

Were you ever hesitant about taking the role because you were replacing

NG: I was not totally relaxed and it was a bittersweet undertaking at first. It wasn’t that I got the role and I jumped for joy. It was definitely a feeling of melancholy and feeling ad because I lost two friends with Aaliyah in that plane crash. It was very personal to me. They went through the whole process of casting all over again. Before I got the role and after the brothers offered it to me, before I decided to say ‘yes’ I called her brother Rashad and I asked them, ‘are they comfortable with me playing the role’ and did they think Aaliyah would want me to do it and if she didn’t I won’t, I’ll step back. I lost my father when I was nine years old and I know that if someone were doing a film about his life I would want the same respect. I felt that they deserved that. Rashad came back and said Aaliyah would want it finished so then it made it a little more comfortable and more acceptable.

How did you relate to your character?

NG: She’s a survivor. She lost two brothers and I lost my father so I kind of personalized while I was doing the role and thought about what does it feel like to grow up without my father my whole life. What does it feel like to know that he died a violent death and
everybody in the world pretty much knows how he died. That it wasn’t as simple; it was involved and it was by another family member. Everyone in the world knows my life and my trauma. Sometimes it makes it very difficult to grieve because you can’t grieve alone. The world is grieving with you. I feel that Zee had that same kind of stress because she was just left and I felt that way when I was a little girl so that’s what I tried to pull for Zee.

What opportunities has being Marvin Gaye’s daughter afforded you?

NG: It was definitely a blessing and a curse. I take the position that I have definitely had doors opened because of my father. There’s no denying it. People have said, ‘she’s Marvin Gaye’s daughter so let’s let her in the room.’ The thing about that is you can open
the door for me but I’ve got to walk through it and if I don’t have the goods once I walk in they can turn me away as easily as they would someone else. So I kind of leave it there.

What about people who are only interested in you because of your last name?

NG: I’ve dealt with it. I’ve had people come up to me and want me to sign my name, ‘Marvin Gaye’s daughter.’ (Laughs). It’s not unbelievable and you think that you would be offended, but I was more hurt because of a feeling of identity loss. I can understand someone wanting to ask me for my autograph and have it signed that way for the longing of my father and missing what he gave to people and what his music did to people and for people and the movement that he caused when he opened his mouth to sing.

What’s happening with your singing career?

NG: I have an album coming out in February. There’s no way I could give up singing; it’s in my blood and in my heart and my soul. People ask me all the time which one I
would give up and I can’t choose. Singing is more difficult because of that shadow; because of what’s over my head and have expectations of me there. Acting is a bit more freeing because it’s just me and there’s nothing to compare me to.

What has been one of the best things that fame has allowed you?

Why would you choose to follow a career which is so much associated with your Dad?
NG: That’s all I know. I know how to sing, how to act and how to cook and mother. But to make money and to bring in the check and to also feed my soul and my mind and my heart. This is all I know how to do. This is the only thing that makes me feel that way and with the good comes the bad; with the pleasurable comes the painful and the things that are uncomfortable. It’s just what you have to deal with. There’s going to be ups and downs in whatever business you choose. Mine of course is a bit more personal but I think you have to have a hard shell if you’re going to be in this business anyway. If you’re a softie stay out of the entertainment business!

You don’t have any scenes with Keanu, but did you socialize with him?

NG: He’s a very kind and intelligent person. I remember when I first got to Australia I didn’t have anything to do for a month and a half and everyone else was working. I just sat in my hotel room alone and going crazy and Keanu asked me what I wanted to do because he saw I was bored. I said I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak French or finish learning how to speak French. He said, ‘oh that’s nice.’ Then his assistant called back and said, ‘we’ve set up six weeks at Berlitz for French lessons.’ That’s how kind he is. I’ve heard he’s done similar things for other people like buying lovely bottles of wine for the crew and the cast. He’s a very generous person.

What are the meanings of your tattoos?

NG: This is a Polynesian fish hook that stands for good luck and protection that Polynesian warriors had to wear when they went to battle. This one on my arm is a design
that I thought was beautiful. This one is a Mayan tattoo that was adorned by Mayan soldiers; they’re two lizards and lizards in the Mayan religion are supposed to be very lucky and very powerful. They wore that on their shields; they had that chiseled on their shields. I saw a picture of it in a magazine and it was striking and powerful to me that I asked the tattooist if he could draw it and put it on my arm. I know maybe at heart I am a warrior because all of my tattoos are warrior tattoos!

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