Riley Smith Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Married, Movies, Tv Shows

Riley Smith is an American actor. Riley is best known for his roles on television, such as recurring roles in the series 24, Joan of Arcadia, 90210, True Blood including The Messengers, and also starring roles on the television series Drive and Frequency.

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Riley Smith Bio

Riley Smith is an American actor. Riley is best known for his roles on television, such as recurring roles in the series 24, Joan of Arcadia, 90210, True Blood including The Messengers, and also starring roles on the television series Drive and Frequency.

Riley Smith

Riley Smith Age

Smith was born on 12 April 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. He is 41 years old as of 2018.

Riley Smith Height

He stands at a height of 1.8 m (6 ft).

Riley Smith Net Worth

Smith’s net worth is not yet revealed on media. However, his net worth is approximated to be between $100K – $1 Million.

Riley Smith Dating|Married

Smith, the Hollywood heartthrob who plays the role of a gynaecologist in the series Life Sentence, had been having a girlfriend to show from the series. His love interest was one of his co-stars, named Lucy Hale, of Pretty Little Liars fame. The duo began dating in 2002, and there were rumours about them getting married, yet the rumours of them sharing husband-wife relationship faded as they broke up later in the year 2006.

Riley Smith Photo

Riley Smith Early life and education

Smith’s parents are Russ Smith and Roxanne Smith. Smith was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and then raised in Marion, Iowa on his parents’ horse ranch. Riley became an accomplished rider, competing in a horse show for the first time while he was 9 years old.

While at the age of 15 years, Smith placed 4th in 3-Year-Old Mares division at the American Quarter Horse Youth World Championship, and at 16 years he won the American Quarter Horse Youth World Championship. When he was 17 years old, he became the president of the 50,000-member youth association, being the youngest person to serve as president of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association.

Smith graduated from Alburnett Junior-Senior High School back in 1997, and his initial intention was to attain a college degree to complement his Equine interests, yet he was “discovered” at the Westdale Mall in Cedar Rapids by a local talent scout and then flew to New York City to compete at the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention. There Smith was signed to a Tommy Hilfiger modelling campaign. He used the money he earned and paid for acting classes.

Riley Smith Career In Acting

Riley went to California after three months of his modelling campaign, where he was auditioned for the first time for the WBpilot movie known as Minor Threat in 1998. Nevertheless, the pilot scenes were deleted from the movie due to some problems.

Riley Smith Movies|Films

  • Lovers Lane as Michael Lamson (1999)
  • Voodoo Academy as Christopher Sawyer (2000)
  • Bring It On as Tim (2000)
  • Not Another Teen Movie as Les (2001)
  • Eight Legged Freaks Randy (2002)
  • Full Ride as Matt Sabo (2002)
  • National Lampoon’s Barely Legal as Jake (2003)
  • Radio as Johnny Clay (2003)
  • New York Minute as Jim (2004)
  • The Plight of Clownana as Riley (2004)
  • Weapons as Jason (2007)
  • White Air as Alexi (2007)
  • Graduation as Chaucer Boyle (2007)
  • Make It Happen as Russ (2009)
  • Minuteman as Lance Deakin (2010)
  • The Closer as Trey Gavin (2011)
  • Gallowwalkers as Fabulos (2012)
  • Shirin in Love as William (2014)
  • Bleed as Eric (2016)

Riley Smith Music

Smith took up the guitar to fill downtime while still on film sets, and in 2006, Smith together with Henri O’Connor formed the band “The Life of Riley”, of which Riley is guitarist and also the lead singer. Smith’s initial idea was to write music that could be used in his films, yet when he and his bandmates had written 16 songs, they picked 11 and cut an album together.

The song most important to Riley is named “Forget about me”. Smith describes the lyrics as clear and simple and yet very deep and also emotional. As of August 2010, the Los Angeles-based group has already released 3 CDs namely The Life of Riley (2007), Long Way Home EP (2009) and Live in Hollywood at the Hotel Cafe. The three have also performed at such music festivals as the New Bohemia Music Festival.

Riley Smith TV Shows

  • One World as Riley (1998)
  • Alien Arsenal as Chad (1999)
  • 7th Heaven as Tyler (1999)
  • Freaks and Geeks as Todd Schellinger (2000)
  • Hang Time as Dave Carter (2000)
  • Wild Grizzly as Josh Harding (2000)
  • Once and Again as Pace (2000–2001)
  • Chestnut Hill as Jamie Eastman (2001)
  • Motocross as Dean Talon (2001)
  • Gideon’s Crossing as Derek Fitzhugh (2001)
  • All About Us as Jeremy (2001)
  • Eastwick as Dakota (2002)
  • Raising Dad as Jared Ashby (2002)
  • Boston Public as Mark (2002)
  • CSI: Miami as Jack (2003)
  • 24 as Kyle Singer (2003 )
  • Summerland as Tanner (2004)
  • Hawaii as Sheldon (2004)
  • Joan of Arcadia as Andy Baker (2004–2005)
  • Spring Break Shark Attack as Shane Jones (2005)
  • The Way as Karl (2006)
  • Drive as Rob Laird (2007)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as Jordan Rockwell (2007)
  • Women’s Murder Club as Jamie Galvan (2007)
  • Criminal Minds as Ryan Phillips (2008)
  • The Madness of Jane as Dane (2008)
  • Ghost Whisperer as Sean Flannery (2009)
  • Night and Day as Jim Pollard (2010)
  • Leverage as Dr. Wes Abernathy (2010)
  • The Glades as Greg (2011)
  • Cooper and Stone as Danny Kovacs (2011)
  • 90210 as Riley Wallace (2012–2013)
  • Christmas in Conway as Tommy Harris (2013)
  • True Blood as Keith (2014)
  • Deliverance Creek as Toby (2014)
  • 10,000 Days as Sam Beck (2014)
  • True Detective Steve Mercier (2015)
  • The Messengers as Mark Plowman (2015)
  • Nashville as Markus Keen (2015)
  • Urban Cowboy as Wes (2016)
  • Frequency as Frank Sullivan (2016)
  • Life Sentence as Dr. Will Grant (2018)
  • Proven Innocent as Levi Scott (2019)

Riley Smith Awards And Nominations

2005: CAMIE Award for Radio – Won