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Stephanie Lemelin Biography

Stephanie Lemelin born Stephanie Nicole Lemelin is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer, voice artist and an animal activist. She is known for her role in Cartoon Networks Young Justice.

Stephanie Lemelin


Stephanie joined the Motion Pictures as a writer and producer of independent films in 2001.  She co-wrote screenplays for Absolute Fear and Special Ops. In 2008, Stephanie began voice-over work and playing an animated character in the DreamWorks’ Kung Fu Panda franchise, as well as voicing several commercials.

She also has recurring roles such as “Fanboy & Chum Chum” and the Skechers-produced movie “Twinkletoes”  in other cartoons. Stephanie has been cast in 12 consecutive TV pilots several of which went to series, including Men At Work, $h*! My Dad Says, The Whole Truth, Bunker Hill, Canned, Good Behavior, Cavemen.

Stephanie has guest-starred in many network shows, with comedic and dramatic roles on Bones, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, The League, The Closer, Melissa & Joey, CSI: Las Vegas

Stephanie Lemelin Age

Stephanie  was born on 29th June 1979 ( she is 40 years old as of 2019 )

Stephanie Lemelin Husband

Stephanie is married to  A.J. Draven, is a martial artist.

Stephanie Lemelin Education

Stephanie graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in communications and minoring in English. In her junior year, she spent a year abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, while interned for Network 9 as a production assistant.

Stephanie Lemelin Photo

Stephanie Lemelin Photo

Stephanie Lemelin Movies

The Boy
Get the Gringo
Absolute Fear
Raising Flagg
Anonymous Rex
The Republic of Two
Secrets Of The Furious Five
Special Ops
The Funkhousers
Late Summer
Extra School
Limbo Lounge
Operation Midnight Climax
Bunker Hill

Stephanie Lemelin Shows

Dawn of the Croods
2015 – 2017
$#*! My Dad Says
2010 – 2011
Anonymous Rex
Young Justice
Since 2010
Harvey Street Kids
Since 2018
Since 2009
The Worst Week of My Life 
Since 2007
Harvey Girls Forever!

Stephanie Lemelin Volunteering

2010 Stephanie joined the board of the nonprofit Angel City Pit Bulls. Since 2002 she has been volunteering for  Best Friends Animal Society, including for its Pup My Ride program, which transports small dogs from high-kill animal shelters to other parts of the United States where there is a greater demand for small dogs.

Stephanie Lemelin Networth

Stepanie`s net worth is still under review it will be updated soon.

Stephanie Lemelin Twitter

Stephanie Lemelin Instagram

Stephanie Lemelin Interview

Q: How are you doing today?

SL: I’m doing great. Actually this is so exciting. It really is. I mean, it’s not the most typical thing that you’re on a show and then it gets canceled and then the fans rally and then it actually gets picked up and then a platform is released and you’re one of the big shows coming out. There’s a lot of things we’re not allowed to talk about, but I’m just blown away.

Q: How does it feel to be back?

SL: It’s awesome! I mean it’s a dream scenario. There’s been a lot of things that happened to all of us in the last five years. Then there’s a lot of things that have happened in our country and the world. It’s been challenging to put it lightly and this is a happy, hopeful thing. And I’m really excited to be part of something happy and hopeful.

Q: Some of your fellow Young Justice actors like Jason Spisak and Khary Payton were very involved in the fan community campaigns to bring back the show. Did you participate in any of these organized efforts?

SL: I am close with the two of those guys and they would text me about everything. I wasn’t very good with social media just because in the last five years I had three children. And two of them came out seven minutes apart. That is really something that kept me busy. But I love this show. Everything I approach, in terms of my own work, I think about, “Is this something I would be proud to show my kids one day?” And I am SO proud of this show. I keep saying [that] not just because the girl power because I have two daughters but also for my son. I want him to see his mom going out there being a superhero and fighting for good. Artemis comes from a dysfunctional family and they are bad guys. What a cool character the way she rebels against her family and becomes a good guy. That’s inspiring. I’m so happy to be a part of telling that story. So I don’t know if I was involved in the organizing of binge watching per se but now that my twins are 2 ½ and SO grown up, I’ve been able to embrace social media a little bit more in the past year. I’ve gone back to being on camera doing a lot of work right now. This has been just an extremely exciting, wonderful, and amazing journey to come back to this show. I have had so much evolve and change in my personal life during that time. I’m really bringing that here.

Q: How much does Artemis’ story in Season 3 parallel your own life?

SL: You don’t know much about what I’m doing in Season 3. I do and I can say that I drew a lot from my life and it wasn’t a challenge. I also drew a lot from my own love of this show. It’s not like I have to look up who this character is and how did I feel five years ago. I mean, this is etched into my heart. When I read certain scripts I would laugh out loud. I hooted and hollered at a couple of things because those are things we didn’t do when we were on Cartoon Network. On this new platform it’s a lot more intense, sexier, funnier, and scarier. I’m excited about it. There are things that are so much sadder and I can’t talk about it!

Q: What do you do for motivation to get into your character?

SL: Not too much with this one. I think this was one of the first cartoon series I booked when I came to LA. I wanted to get into voiceover and this was my first real series. I’ve done several since then. I was really young and very confident that I could become an actor and move to LA. In the last five years, I’ve gotten a little sadder about the world and I lost hope for a minute but then I also found hope. Having kids and raising good children all starts at home. This is how we really make a big impact on the world. And that is stuff that I’m drawing on for her in Season 3 for sure. That will make sense to you later.

Her voice is not too far of a departure from mine. But she’s much more of an adult now than when I first started.

Q: Do you have a sense of gratification in helping to make Artemis as iconic a character that she’s become?

SL: Gratifying for me is a great word in terms of just being an actor and having a role that’s so juicy whether it’s an iconic character or not. But I think it’s a little liberating and there’s less pressure because I get to to carve my own way and I didn’t have to get into my head about being compared to anyone else. So I think that’s really important. But now that would be a challenge for me that I would be ready to accept. When I first started there was so much new about her in so many ways. I think that’s why I got the part because I was new on the scene and I was just making choices that felt good for me. It was different and unique and it stood out. I had a not very big resume and they took a chance on me. That was a really thrilling and exciting opportunity. It’s definitely not as scary taking on a role that you get to create yourself.