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Tatiana Manaois Biography

Tatiana Manaois is just a 21-year-old female Pop Singer who was born in California, United States. Her Current US-based birthstone is Opal & Tourmaline. She came to limelight by showing off covers for songs of top musicians. She has published covers of Chris Rene, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber to her YouTube channel.

Tatiana Manaois,

She’s also an independent singer-songwriter with albums titled “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain“ and “Lovely“, the latter of which features her hit single “Helplessly,” and “Like You” which went viral across Vine and YouTube.

In 2010, she reportedly started writing her own songs and building her fan base through social media. Her social media statistics include 270,000+ YouTube subscribers and over 170,000+ Instagram followers. From what we gathered, her music career started as a father/daughter activity, but she developed a deeper desire for music as she got older.

Tatiana Manaois Songs MP3

  1. Helplessly (Lovely) – 2015
  2. Like You – 2015
  3. I Want It to Be You – 2015
  4. Beauty Sings (Lovely) – 2015
  5. That New York Shirt (Lovely) – 2015
  6. If We’re Reckless (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  7. Speaking of Love – (Lovely) – 2015
  8. Kiss Me into the New Year – 2016
  9. These Words Written (Lovely) – 2015
  10. B.O.M.O. – 2016
  11. She Doesn’t Know – 2017
  12. This Melody (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  13. Heaven – 2017
  14. Through the Fight (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  15. Old Fashioned Love – 2016
  16. Everything Changed – 2017
  17. Again & Again – 2016
  18. Loved Like This –2016
  19. Summer Marie – 2017
  20. Not Like You Care Anyway – 2018
  21. Mine (Lovely) – 2015
  22. Last Time (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  23. This Other Person – 2018
  24. It’s Already Christmas – 2014
  25. Break Me Down (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  26. No Better (Lovely) – 2015
  27. Understand (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  28. Choose (Lovely) – 2015
  29. Find Me (Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Pain) – 2013
  30. Them There Eyes – 2017
  31. Be There (Lovely) – 2015
  32. Same Drugs – 2017
  33. All the time

Tatiana Manaois Skills

If there should be anything to at all mention as Tatiana‘s skill, then music-related stuff should be at the helm. Tatiana Manaois from what I gathered seems to be a good guitarist.
She plays guitar too well. She’s also a good vocalist, who seems to have upper hand on soprano‘s tone.

Tatiana Manaois Twitter

Tatiana Manaois Age

Currently, Tatiana Manaois is 22 years old. Her next birthday is 90 days away. Tatiana will celebrate her 23rd birthday on a Tuesday, October 22nd. She shares a birthday with everyone who was born on October 22, 1996. Below we countdown to her upcoming birthday.

Tatiana Manaois Instagram

Interesting Facts To Know About Tatiana Manaois

1. Her Father Inducted Her Into the World of Music
When Tatiana Manaois was just a little girl she began listening to music and learning to sing with her father. It was an activity they did together as a way of bonding and she didn’t think much of it beyond simply spending quality time with her father. It wasn’t until she grew older that she realized music was what she enjoyed doing the most and decided to pursue a career in it.

2. She Writes and Produces Her Own Songs
Tatiana began writing her own lyrics in 2010 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Her songs are poetic and full of emotions and it’s all thanks to her own songwriting abilities. As an artist, she is not backed by any record label, rather she releases her songs independently, all on her own, and she appears to be doing better than many of her peers who have paid for marketing teams to push their projects.

3. Tatiana’s Family is Originally From The Philippines
Although the pop singer and social media celebrity were born in the United States, she is of Asian ethnicity as her family originates from The Philippines. Tatiana Manaois has spent her entire life growing up in America and it is not known if she has ever visited the Philippines.

4. Online Presence
She has over 447,000 thousand subscribers on her YouTube channel. Tatiana is certainly accustomed to being in the spotlight as she has spent the better part of the last decade building a brand and career on the content sharing platform. Thanks to her consistency and talent, she has garnered a huge following.

5. Her Love Life
The pop singer is single at the moment. Tatiana Manaois is heavily focused on building her career so she is happily single and not chasing after a relationship, but that doesn’t mean she still doesn’t get more than her fair share of people hitting on her and hoping she would date them.

Tatiana Manaois Relationship

Hmmm!!! Tatiana‘s relationship affairs?
Whoa!! Ahahaha! Well, from my little observation, Tatiana doesn’t seem to be the type that loves disclosing things about herself to people(I mean general public).
Moreover, from my gatherings. Tatiana is
currently single.

But I believe they’re tons
of guys out there crushing on our beloved
Tatiana (hahaha, I’m sure you know that’s
true!). Meanwhile, if there be anything
gathered about her relationship affair/
the status will definitely let you know about it.

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