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Theresa Randle born Theresa E. Randle is an American actress best known for her appearance in films such as Malcolm X in 1992, Sugar Hill in 1994, Beverly Hills Cop III in 1994, and Bad Boys II in 2003.

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Theresa Randle Biography

Theresa Randle born Theresa E. Randle is an American actress best known for her appearance in films such as Malcolm X in 1992, Sugar Hill in 1994, Beverly Hills Cop III in 1994, and Bad Boys II in 2003.

Theresa Randle

Theresa Randle Age

Theresa was born 27 December 1964 in Gary, Indiana, United States. She is 54 years old as of 2018

Theresa Randle Husband | Theresa Randle Married

She is married to Father MC, an American rapper who achieved success in the early 1990s on the Uptown Records label. It is not known whether the couple has children or not

Theresa Randle Height, Weight and Body Measurements

Weight: (54 kg)119 lbs
Height: 1.65 m (5′ 5″)
Body Measurements: 36-25-37 in (91-64-94 cm)
Breast Size: 36 inches (91 cm)
Waist Size: 25 inches (64 cm)
Hips Size: 37 inches (94 cm)
Bra Size/Cup Size: 34B
Feet/Shoe Size: 6 (US)
Dress Size: 6 (US)

Theresa Randle Girl 6

She was cast as Judy/Girl 6, a young and timid African American woman living in New York, who has dreams of becoming a successful actress in the American romantic thriller black comedy film Girl 6

Theresa Randle Bad Boys 2

She was cast as Theresa Burnett in the American action comedy film Bad Boys II

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Theresa Randle


Theresa Randle Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of around $3 million

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Remember Theresa Randle From Girl 6 ? This is How She Looks Now

Theresa Randle Interview

In the flesh. Theresa Randle may finally get her big break


Unconventional as it may sound, actress Theresa Randle readily acknowledges

her portrayal of a phone-sex operator in director Spike Lee’s “Girl 6” may be

her breakout role.

A complex, dramatically diverse character that encompasses not only

different personalities, but characters within the character, the role of “Girl

6″ is a rare gem in an industry not known for producing compelling female roles.

“I think it’s an opportunity for me to showcase my talents,” Randle said in

an interview last week. “Anybody who did not know my work can now see what it

is I do from beginning to end. It’s not just one character. It’s the many faces

of Girl 6. It’s an actor’s dream to have a coming-out project (like this).”

Despite her after-the-fact enthusiasm for the part, Randle said she was

initially wary of the role. The L.A.-based actress, who has previously appeared

in such films as “Bad Boys,” “Beverly Hills Cop III” and “Sugar

Hill,” as well as the Lee films “Jungle Fever” and “Malcolm X,”

didn’t want to participate in something sleazy or tasteless.

“I didn’t want to do it,” Randle said. “I didn’t know anything about

the phone-sex industry except what I’d seen on television late at night. I

didn’t want to be a part of something like that. But then, when Spike told me

we were going to go through and change some of the dialogue and (explain) why

she was doing it, it made perfect sense. It wasn’t as risque as I thought it

was going to be.”

Indeed, Randle said Suzan-Lori Parks’ original script contained dialogue far

more explicit than the marginally indecent material that made it to the screen.

Not only would Randle have been uncomfortable speaking such lines in front of

the camera, she said the Motion Picture Association of America would have had

something to say about it, too: NC-17, most likely.

“It was racy,” Randle recalled of the original screenplay. “It was

realistic, from the standpoint of the writer’s experience, when she did her

research on phone sex. So there was dialogue in there that would probably get a

terrible rating. And I wanted the movie to be seen by people, and I’m sure

Spike did, too.”

Encouraged by Lee’s script alterations, Randle accepted the role of Girl 6,

an aspiring New York actress who takes a job as a phone-sex operator to pay the

bills. As Girl 6 becomes totally immersed in the fantasies she creates for

others, she begins believing in them herself. Finally, the job becomes a way of

life that threatens her relationships, her future, and her life.

Research for the role included studying phone-sex company informational

literature, interviewing phone-sex consultants and visiting strip clubs.

“I had originally called phone-sex companies to be able to go and visit

their facilities,” said Randle. “None of them got back with me, so that was

impossible. I spoke with consultants who basically gave me their years of

experience and their insight on what makes a girl burn out doing phone sex,

which is exactly what Girl 6 goes through.

“I went to clubs because I knew that when I met Madonna’s character, she

had a strip club, and I wanted to see exactly what one looked like because I’d

never been to one. And I checked out a peep show. I wanted, visually, to have

that recall.”

Looking back, Randle said she understands why no phone-sex companies allowed

her to visit or work for them temporarily. And her performance is better

because of it, she said, because her character had no previous experience,


“If I did work with a phone-sex company, I’d be privy to people’s private

information, credit cards and whatever,” Randle said. “They don’t know what I’d

do with the information. They’re protecting their customers.

“And by me having the pamphlets and stuff, that’s really the only

information I needed,” she continued. “My experience with the phone-sex

consultants gave me a good idea as to what to do. But I’m playing Girl 6, and

my phone-sex experience during the shoot is going to be my phone-sex

experience, as it should be. Because I’m playing someone who is going through

it for the first time.”

In the film, Girl 6’s constant involvement in phone sex wears her down

mentally and emotionally, and Randle said playing the role had a similar effect

on her.

“Usually, when someone decides to take on a job as a phone-sex operator

solely for money, they burn out, because you work as many hours as you possibly

can, and you can’t think straight,” she said. “It definitely was taking its

toll (on me). I had to live with it day and night. I tried to stay locked into

Girl 6 as much as possible.”

Randle’s next film, “Space Jams,” was far less taxing. She plays Michael

Jordan’s wife in an upcoming film about a basketball game between aliens and

cartoon characters, led by Bugs Bunny and friends. Jordan, of course, plays


Other than that, the actress said she’s reading scripts in search of her

next project. Randle said she would love to work with Lee a fourth time.

“Each time, I was totally surprised I was doing a Spike Lee film,” she said.

“You don’t walk away thinking you’re going to work with him again, and I did.”

As for Randle’s opinion of the phone-sex industry, the actress said her

perceptions changed as she learned more about the business. And that, she added

emphatically, is just what it is.

“After I did my homework, I realized it was a business, like any other

business,” Randle said. “And the majority of the people don’t call for

phone-sex conversations. At times, you’re having a relationship with this

unconditional friend. You can talk about anything, and you’ll never be judged

or anything.

“When tastefully done, I believe it’s harmless,” Randle concluded. “As long