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Toni Harris (Antoinette Harris) star of Toyota’s minute-long Super Bowl ad wants to be the first woman to play in the NFL. She is the first female football player to receive a scholarship offer at a skilled position.

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Toni Harris Biography | Who Is Tony Harris?

Toni Harris (Antoinette Harris) star of Toyota’s minute-long Super Bowl ad wants to be the first woman to play in the NFL. On Wednesday 30th January 2019, she moved a step closer to her goal when she received a scholarship offer from Bethany College, an NAIA school in Kansas.

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Toni Harris, who plays free safety for East Los Angeles College in California, will become one of the first female non-kickers on a college football roster — and may be the first to receive a scholarship offer. In 2014, cornerback Shelby Osborne signed with Campbellsville University in Kentucky, an NAIA school, but it’s unknown if she received a scholarship.

She is the first female football player to receive a scholarship offer at a skilled position, and is only the latest woman to knock down a milestone moment.

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Toni Harris wants to be the first female player in the NFL, no matter the route that requires, and if she doesn’t get there, she’ll at least know her efforts were worthwhile.

“There isn’t a path but I want to make sure I’m paving a way for myself to get there,” Harris said on SI Now Live. “And if I can’t get there, I want to make sure the next little girl can get there. I want to open up some type of doors for women to do it. It does not say ‘Men’s National Football League.’ It just says ‘National Football League.’ There’s no rules that women can not be there, there’s just no woman who’s tried to get there. But I want to be that woman who’s the first NFL player.”

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Toni started playing football as a young girl in Detroit but was eventually kicked off her team because she was a girl. She turned to gymnastics and even cheerleading but what she really wanted was to play football.

In high school, Harris was named homecoming queen and admits she likes dresses more than pants. That might be one of the reasons people constantly tried to talk her out of playing football.

“All the time. They still do. People tell me like ‘oh it’s cool you play football… but you’ll never make it… and you shouldn’t be doing it.’ ”

Toni Harris Age

She likes to keep her life private hence it is known when she was born or when she celebrates her birthday.

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She stands at a height of 5 Feet 7 inch and a body weight of 164 Pounds.

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Toni Harris is from Detroit. She was in foster care from the age of four until she was adopted at nine.

Toni Harris Cancer

Harris was diagnosed with stage one Ovarian cancer when she was 18. “I found out I had Ovarian cancer stage one, I had a tumor inside of my stomach.” She told CBS, “I feel like anything that comes my way I can overcome it and that’s probably why I’ve overcome so much stuff in my life.”

Rav4 Super Bowl Commercial

Toyota announced Tuesday that Harris is starring in their all-new 2019 RAV4 HV (RAV4 Hybrid) ad, which will air during Sunday’s big game.

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Toni Harris Is The First Woman Playing A Skill Position To Receive A College Football Scholarship

Antoinette “Toni” Harris wants to be the first woman to ever play in the NFL. “The sky can never be the limit when there’s footsteps on the moon,” Harris told Overtime about her goal.

And Harris has good reason to believe she can get there — the free safety was just given a full ride to Bethany College, an NAIA school in Kansas, to play football.

Harris is the first woman playing a skill position to receive a college football scholarship and only the second female non-kicker to make it to a four-year college roster. (In 2014, cornerback Shelby Osborne signed with Campbellsville University in Kentucky, but the school doesn’t offer scholarships.)

Harris, originally from Detroit, earned her scholarship for her stellar play at East Los Angeles College this season. “It’s pretty crazy,” Harris told ESPN. “It’s overwhelming but exciting at the same time.”

There’s no reason for Harris to believe she can’t make it to the NFL. She has already overcome tremendous obstacles in her life. Placed in foster care when she was 4, she only 18 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. “I found out I had ovarian cancer stage one; I had a tumor inside of my stomach,” she told CBS Los Angeles. But she was able to overcome her illness and get right back on the football field.

As a young girl, Harris was cut from multiple (male) teams, but she was finally able to play consistently at her Detroit high school. “A lot of coaches didn’t believe in me,” Harris told ESPN. “A coach told me nobody’s ever going to play you to be at the next level. In the end, you’ve got to push yourself. I’m going to focus on my goals.”

Now, for Harris, the moon’s the limit — but she’ll settle for a spot on the NFL roster.

My ultimate goal is to excel at a four-year [university] and become the first female NFL player. I know I can get there,” she told ESPN.