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Travis Greene (Travis Montorius Greene0 is an American gospel musician and pastor. He is well known for having for releasing two studio albums, ‘Stretching Out’ in 2010…

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Travis Greene Biography

Travis Greene born Travis Montorius Greene0 is an American gospel musician and pastor. He is well known for having for releasing two studio albums, ‘Stretching Out’ in 2010, ‘The Hill’ in 2015, and an extended play, ‘Intentional’ in 2015.

Travis Greene

Travis Greene Age

Greene was born on 17th of January 1984 in Delaware. He is 35 years old as of 2019.

Travis Greene Family

Travis lost his father in 1989 as a result of an aneurysm, he was then raised by his mother whose impact to music and the gospel-influenced Travis Greene right from an early age. His mother was a minister and choir director and made it a point of duty to carry her family along. there is no much information about his family.

Travis Greene Wife

Greene is married to Dr. Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Greene whom they met at Georgia Southern University’s campus ministry (Spirit of Truth) where Jackie was an undergraduate student and Travis, a graduate of the school, Asides co-pastoring Forward City Church with her husband, Jacqueline is also a dentist and an inspirational speaker committed to assisting women with the challenges they face in life. Her ancestry can be traced back to Ghana.

Travis Greene Children

The pair have two sons, there is no much about his children.

Travis Greene Young

Greene was born to mother Charleather Greene, Travis Montorius Greene, in Delaware on January 17, 1984, and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. Greene’s dad died in 1989 from an aneurysm. Originally a still-born, Greene was revived. A few years later, at the age of four, after the four-story building collapse, he was resurrected while in Germany.

Travis Greene Education

Greene was enrolled and later graduated from at Georgia Southern University’s campus ministry (Spirit of Truth) where his wife as well studied. there is no information about his early education background.

Travis Greene Career

Greene began his music career in 2007, he rose to fame on 4th of December 2007, from Greenlight Records. His studio album was released on 8th of June 2010, by Pendulum Records. The release of Stretching Out was Greene’s got to the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Albums chart, it was ranked 27th, his Songs, “Still Here” and “Prove My Love”, as well charted on the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Songs chart, at peaks of Nos. 17 and 29, respectively.

Travis Greene Photo

Greene as well released an extended play, Intentional, on 21st of August in  2015, with RCA Inspiration, where was ranked 3rd  on the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Albums chart. His song, “Intentional”, as well got ranked 1st on the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Songs chart. His second studio album, The Hill, got to be released in October  2015, from RCA Inspiration.  The Hill charted got ranked 1st on the Billboard Gospel charts.

Greene became a rising star in the gospel genre and his rise has been reported in Billboard Magazine,  Rolling Out Magazine’, Jet magazine, with his performances at the Essence Music Festival, Trumpet Awards, and BMI Trailblazers. In 2016, the JET Magazine called Greene “The Future of Gospel”.

He as well received criticism for his decision to perform at President Donald Trump’s inaugural ball in 2017. the same year he recorded his third album Crossover: Live From Music City in Nashville, Tennessee. He led the field of nominees at the 2017 Stellar Gospel Music Awards by taking home seven awards. At the awards, He later performed a medley of “Made a Way” alongside Gospel recording artists Israel Houghton, Jonathan McReynolds and Jonathan Butler.

Travis Greene Albums

  • The Hill (2015)
  • Crossover: Live from Music City (2017)
  • Stretching Out (2010)
  • Wow Gospel (2016)
  • Ultimate Gospel. Vol 1. Blue (2018)

Travis Greene Songs

You Waited
Made A Way
While I’m Waiting
Worship Rise
Fell in love
Be Still
Taste & See
Just Want You
Without Your Love
You Got UP
Thank You For Being God
Soul Will Sing
Who You Were
Here for You
Gave it All
Love Will Always Win
Have Your Way
You Keep Me
Forever Amen
Prove My Love
Love Me Too Much
The Hill
See the Light
Daddy’s Home
God You are So Good
Heaven is Loud
Living Water
Still Here
Finally Found

Travis Greene Church

Travis attends Forward City Church Led by Pastor Travis Greene, Forward City Church exists to impact the city of Columbia, SC, to embrace God’s grace and express His love.

Travis Greene Testimony

Travis Greene Shares His Testimony About The Day He Saw Jesus

Greene while on stage in front of a huge audience told them a story that was very close to his heart. It was testimony about when he was 4 years old and was recovering after falling nearly 4 floors out the window.

His mother and father surrounded him as he kept telling them he wanted to tell this story while leaving the hospital, but his mother wanted him to rest.

Finally, his father told him to tell them what happened. Greene told his parents that he remembers falling, but he never hit the ground.

Travis spoke about how a man appeared and asked him if he wanted to go with his mother or him and Greene responded with his mother.

Greene told the crowd that it was Jesus and only Jesus that saved his life that day. When something so scary happens he takes you out of it and is always there to comfort you. We are so happy he was able to live to share this testimony.

Travis Greene Concert | Tour

There is no upcoming concerts or tour. To get updates about his upcoming Tours click here

Travis Greene Intentional

Greene released an extended play, Intentional, on August 21. 2015, with RCA Inspiration, where this placed at No. 3 on the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Albums chart. Greene song, “Intentional”, peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard magazine Top Gospel Songs chart.

Travis Greene Made a Way

Featuring his hit gospel single “Intentional,” the singer-songwriter’s 12-track live album presents a compelling showcase of his unforgettable songwriting, anointed ministry, and invigorating live performance style that has garnered attention from peers and wide-ranging audiences as a sought-after performer, youth pastor, and worship leader.

Creating a striking sound influenced by a range of genres from contemporary Christian to gospel, reggae and more, Greene recorded The Hill live before a packed crowd in his hometown of Charlotte, NC, delivering songs such as “Made a Way,” “Here For You,” “Gave It All,” and more.

Many of you have requested these songs and we are excited to bring you the worship leading resources you need so you can share them with your congregations. Download your copy of The Hill today, now available on iTunes.

Travis Greene Net worth

Greene has an estimated net worth of about $2.4 million.

Travis Greene Facebook

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Travis Greene Interview

Greene will kick off 2018 with a U.S. tour beginning February 18 through March 1.  Launching at the Majestic Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, the tour will hit Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, IL, Pittsburgh, PA, New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.

For more information, please check out:

Learn more about Travis Greene in the following All Access interview:

Thanks for your time today! Where does this interview find you? Is there music playing in the background? If so, what is it? What music gets you instantly out of a bad mood? What is a song you are loving these days?

That’s a very interesting question. Currently, there is no music playing in the background. Because my life is so fast and so loud actually enjoy the silence. I don’t listen to a lot of music. If I do need to get in a good mood I listen to Bethel Music or Hillsong United and it broadens my perspective on whatever I’m facing and it shows how big God is and how little my problems are.

There’s a song that Bethel just released written by Cory Asbury called “Reckless Love” and that’s been a song I keep on repeat.

Growing up, did you always want to be a musician? Can you recall your earliest musical memory? Was there a time where you thought of doing something completely different?

Music is all I ever wanted to do. I have a love and passion for it at a young age. I was awestruck by musicians and anyone with musical talent growing up. Just always thought it looked cool and something I wanted to do.

My earliest memory is attending John Pee Kee concert when I was 12. He called gave me a microphone and allowed me to sing his song “Show Up”. That was about 21 years ago.I thought I would go to the NBA until I stopped growing. That ended that dream pretty quickly (laughing)

Overall, how do you think 2017 has been for you and music career? What are you most excited about for in 2018? Do you think you will make any New Year’s Resolutions?

2017 has been a year of expansion and unbelievable favor and seeing and experiencing this and I can only dream of. The platform because larger especially international. In 2018 I’m looking forward to my first domestic tour. I’m really really excited about that. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. For New Year’s resolution, every top of the year I take a stab at eating cleaner and working out more.

I always like to ask artists about where they came from and how that city or town has influenced them as an artist now. Show do you think your hometown and current home has affected you and your music today?

I grew up primarily in a city called Columbus, GA and from there Warner Robins, GA. The neighborhoods were on opposite sides of the spectrum. One was very urban and the other was very rural. Being from those two places have allowed me to adapt and helped me be internally diversified. Given me an edge to let my gifts to flow no matter where I am.

Congrats on your Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Album for your collection, “Crossover: Live From Music City”! This marks your third career Grammy nomination so I am curious to know does it feel just as exciting and thrilling each time?

Absolutely! Every time it’s breathtaking. There’s nothing like the first time. It’s something you don’t get used to. I’m very honored to be highlighted by so many people.

When you were putting together, “Crossover: Live From Music City,” did you feel that it was a special project and some of your best work? Can you talk about the process of putting together this collection? Were there any unexpected challenges or surprises about it all?

This process was a little different from the last. I’ve evolved as a writer, singer-performer and a father. A lot in my life has changed. The music flows from that and the state that I am around the time that I was putting together the album. I felt very good about the album early on. I’m my worst critic. My motto is I never want any skipped tracks –  I want every song to mean something to the listener.

I was very excited about this project. The production quality is increasingly better; we tried to be a bit edgier and more mainstream than your typical gospel music. I wanted it to flow, but yet I wanted it to have versatility. I wanted it to hit you in different moods and penetrate your heart.

While this may be difficult, can you pick out a few of your favorite songs from this album and talk about how they were created? How did they go from being just ideas in your head to full-blown songs on this collection?

Ouch! That’s really tough. Picking my favorite songs. I would say (long silence) it depends. Because I’m so invested in the process of writing and production I have different songs for different things. I have favorite songs that are my favorite lyrically, in production, I enjoy performing the most. Lyrically would be “Instrument”. I love the approach of it – it’s very poetic. I like the metaphors throughout the song. My favorite song to perform is “See the Light”. It’s a song of hope. It’s fun to perform and it’s very energetic and I have a lot of energy.

Production wise, “Daddy’s Home”. I knew in my mind where I wanted to go with it, which was kind of a bluegrass feel but yet still an urban production. There’s something really unique about the music God allows me to do. The marriage of genres and the collision of different melodic forms, instruments and sounds.

How do you think that you have grown as an artist since your first release in 2007? Do you think that what motivates you to make music year after year has changed at all? If so, how has it changed?

I think as an artist I have grown a lot. God has expanded my gifts from writing to producing to singing and performing. I’ve seen more, so that goes into my well if inspiration. the miracles in my family, traveling the world and really seeing that he’s not just a God of America. My worldview – all of those things have contributed to my evolution as a person and an artist.

My motivation is the same. To glorify the name of Jesus and lift him up. I have no personal ambitions except to do what He has caused me to do.

What do you think of the evolution of Gospel music? How do you think it has changed since you have been making this music? What do you have of other Gospel artists out there today? Do you find that the younger gospel artists are changing the game at all?

I think the gospel genre has evolved and is evolving. We are becoming bolder in our expressions. That is, we are taking more musical liberties and risk, and breaking the box of tradition. I’m happy to be a part of that. Not that it hasn’t been done in the past, but I think a lot of people in the past bore the criticism to be able to pave a road for people like myself and Todd Delaney and Jonathan McReynolds and many others. Contrary to the past when you had a rebel like Kirk Franklin or Fred Hammond of John Pee Kee to now, it was almost like one guy would rise up and push the envelope for a decade at a time, but now there isn’t one Kirk for the generation; instead there are multiple artists willing to expand and push the genre of gospel beyond what it was.

I understand that you are kicking off 2018 with a US tour. Where are you really looking forward to playing at? Will this be the first time that you have performed at any of these venues?

I think it will be my first time performing at most of the venues, but not my first time in the cities. There are not many cities in America I haven’t had the privilege of playing in. I have a reason to be excited to play in each city as I have family or friends or something that has happened historically to me in each city.

What do you think of social media today and the importance of it for artists now? Do you find that it’s hard to keep up with it all?

Social media today is everything. I think there has to be a balance. Anything that you don’t control, controls you. So I think the balance is understanding the benefit of t hut not becoming an addiction of it. It’s necessary to keep up with. I only know how to use about three sites. I have a great management team that keeps up on everything and keeps me on the cutting edge in music and technology

We are living in a crazy and at times rough world right now so I am curious how you think being a musician gives you the most joy in life today? How do you think that new music being created today is going to reflect these difficult times?

I think the power of music is that it’s a universal language. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a remote village or populated city. The rhythm of music can change your mood and get you smiling and get you dancing. Sometimes you don’t even know hope has stirred in your heart until the song is ending. In a dark world, instead of complaining or confirming to what’s around why I’m called to do is to engage against it and move upstream to be the voice of change?

Who are some of your favorite artists or rather, what musicians have continued to inspire you and your music? What musicians would you absolutely still love to work with in the future?

There are a few people that I’d love that I will never have the opportunity to work or perform with such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. They are both individuals that I have admired for a long time.

Alive? Most of my favorite heroes I’ve been able to work with. I would also still love to be a fly on the wall and watch Kirk Franklin work because I like the way his kind works in production. But I have  had the privilege of being around most of my heroes which is awesome because I’m a gospel fan through and through.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music? Do you think there is a greater music in your songs?

Ultimately what i want supporters to take from my music  is the message of hope and peace. I would like to be remembered and known as someone who helped redefine the future of worship in our churches. How we can be creative and free. That’s something I’ve been called to and am excited about.

Would you like to share anything else about yourself or your music with our readers?

Simply,  you are in pursuit of a music career or any career – if success if on your radar – make it about Jesus, everything else is a facade and the only truth is found in who He is because he is the way to truth and to life. That would be my words of encouragement. He’s the only thing that can sustain and satisfy.

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