Trevor Donovan Biography, Age, Movies, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Trevor Donovan is an American model and actor. He is best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery on the American teen drama television series 90210.

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Trevor Donovan Biography

Trevor Donovan born as Trevor Donovan Neubauer is an American model and actor. He is best known for his role as Teddy Montgomery on the American teen drama television series 90210 (2009-2013).

Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan Age

He was born on 11 October 1978 in Bishop, California, United States and raised in Mammoth Lakes, California. He is 40 years old as at 2018.

Trevor Donovan Photo

Trevor Donovan Photo

Trevor Donovan Height

The American actor stands at a height of 1.88 m.

Trevor Donovan Family|Parents|Jake Donovan

He has not revealed about his parents. He has a brother by the name of Jake Donovan who is a fireman in Sacramento.

Trevor Donovan Wife|Girlfriend

He had a relationship with the American actress Sonia Rockwell from 2006 until their separation in 2009. There were rumors of him dating Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late king of pop. But so far, Donovan is yet to neither deny nor accept such claims. Currently, he is single and he has never married.

Trevor Donovan Children

He has no children yet.

Trevor Donovan Career

Donovan has been an active member in the industry since 2004. He had short stints like Jeremy Horton on the NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives in 2007. He played a minor role in the 2009 sci-fi film Surrogates, that of Tom Greer’s Surrogate form (Bruce Willis).

He landed a recurring role as Teddy Montgomery on 90210 in June 2009, first appearing on September 8, 2009. The CW announced on May 20, 2010, that it was upgraded to regular series. It was later reported that in the third season, which premiered on September 13, 2010, his character would emerge as gay.

It was reported in July 2011 that Donovan was signed for a role in the film Savages released in July 2012 by Oliver Stone. He had originally screen-tested for a character that was edited out, but after seeing Donovan’s screen-test video recording, Stone wrote for him a part that was not in the original book.

After the end of 90210, Donovan landed a recurring role in Melissa & Joey’s third season, a situation comedy that starred Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence as the two main characters. In 2017, he has appeared as Eddy Arnold in four seasons of Sun Records (2017).

Trevor Donovan Movies And TV Shows










Birds of a Feather




John Rahway’s body double



The Surrogate of Thomas Greer







Jake Gillete


Runaway Romance

Hunter Banning





Sun Records

Eddy Arnold


Escaping Dad




Cmd. Thomas Buchner


Marry Me at Christmas

Johnny Blake


Love on a Limb

Kyle Sorenson


JL Ranch

Brady Landsburg


Love Finds You in Charm

Noah Weaver



Stevie Shay


Bermuda Tentacles

Trip Oliver


Melissa & Joey



The Client List

Dashiell Codd


Drop Dead Diva



A Snow Globe Christmas



Strawberry Summer (Hallmark name)
Easy Heart (Pixl name)

Jason Keith


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation




Teddy Montgomery


Days of Our Lives

Jeremy Horton




Trevor Donovan Net Worth

The American actress has an estimated net worth of $500 thousands.

Trevor Donovan Gay

It sparked various controversies and rumors from several quarters with claims about the actor being gay after his role in the first ever LGBT regular series in which he played the character of a gay man. Anyway, Donovan has dismissed all such rumors and claims that they are all false, saying that he has always been straight and will always be.

Trevor Donovan 90210

He played Teddy Montgomery’s role in hit teen drama television series 90210.

Trevor Donovan Hot|Feet

Trevor Donovan Hot And Feet

Trevor Donovan Twitter

Trevor Donovan Instagram

Trevor Donovan Interview

Interview With Actor Trevor Donovan, “Snowcoming”

Date Updated: January 25, 2019

RH: Briefly tell us a little about your background and how you made the decision to become an actor.

TD: Growing up, I was primarily interested in sports. Specifically individual sports like ski racing and snowboarding. I ended up at an arts and advertising school in Los Angeles and received a B.S. in Graphic design and marketing. While attending college, I began acting classes out of curiosity and eventually fell in love with it.

Many will remember you from your TV series regular roles. Which roles seem to be the ones for which fans most recognize you? Why do you think those roles are so memorable?

Most people seem to recognize me from my role as Teddy Montgomery in the 90210 series. I played a gay character dealing with the difficulties of coming out of the closet in high school. I think it was so memorable because it addressed not only being a gay teen but how tough it can be revealing it to those close to you.

I will admit that your first Hallmark movie, Strawberry Summer, is one of the few Hallmark films I have not seen. What did you know about the network before making this film? Why do you believe that the network has continued to experience such unprecedented growth?

To be honest, I wasn’t very familiar with the Hallmark Channel before doing my first movie. But since being a part of the Hallmark family I’ve seen why they are so successful. I think Hallmark is a place people can go to watch a morally uplifting movie for the whole family and know they’re getting a happy ending.

Very soon, you will be making your Hallmark Winterfest début with Snowcoming. What can you tell us about your role and how that fits into the story without revealing too much?

I play an NFL quarterback called Jake Gillette. He heads back to his hometown to celebrate his high school coach’s retirement… there is a childhood sweetheart involved and conflict and romance ensue.

Any other upcoming works you can share?

I have starred in a few movies and TV shows coming out in 2019: WolfhoundPrescription For Love and Hot Water movies, along with the series The Baxters for MGM and Will Packer Media.

It looks like you are making a move towards doing some producing. Are you planning to do any writing and/or directing in the near future as well?

Yes, we’re currently writing a dog-themed movie. Follow my social media accounts for more info. {All accounts are listed at the end of this article}

I know that you have been involved with several charities throughout your life. Please tell us of your partnerships with any charities you would like to highlight and why you feel so strongly about working with them.

The RFK Foundation. Kerry Kennedy is a dear friend and a few times a year I participate in events she has for the foundation.

Please tell us about the book(s) you have written based on your dogs.

Love Always, Dogbert & Tito the first book was the highest-selling children’s dog-themed book when it came out, and the second book is currently being written. Again, follow my social media for more updates.

What are your favorite winter activities?

I’ve spent my whole life skiing and snowboarding.