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Trevor Einhorn (Trevor Elias Einhorn) is an American actor. He is famously known for playing Josh on SyFy’s fantasy TV show The Magicians.

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Trevor Einhorn Biography

Trevor Einhorn (Trevor Elias Einhorn) is an American actor. He is famously known for playing Josh on SyFy’s fantasy TV show The Magicians. He is also known as Frederick on the American sitcom Frasier.

Trevor Einhorn

Einhorn landed his first big role while he was still a child. He got the role of a child actor as recurring character, Frederick Crane, on Frasier. He made an appearance as Justin Polznik in an episode of The Office. Justin was a student interested in an internship at Dunder Mifflin.

He also guest starred as a young sex-driven patient of Berg’s in Two Guys and a Girl. In the movie BASEketball he played the role of Joey Thomas. He also played the role of Henry Walker on Sons & Daughters. Einhorn appeared in the “Dynamite Cupcakes” television commercial for Acer laptops.

Trevor Einhorn appeared alongside Kiefer Sutherland. He also made an appearance in the sixth and seventh seasons of Mad Men. He appeared as copywriter John Mathis. He has also appeared and participated in a number of other recent works. Other recent work includes reprising ’Neil Kellerman’ in the ABC remake of the film Dirty Dancing.

Trevor Einhorn is currently starring in The Magicians. The film is based on the eponymous book series by Lev Grossman. He stars in the role of Josh Hoberman.

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Trevor Einhorn Age

Trevor Einhorn was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. He was born on 3rd November, 1998. His current age is 30 years old as of 2018.

Trevor Einhorn Net Worth

Trevor Einhorn has made a huge fortune from his career as an actor. Trevor Einhorn has an estimated net worth of $300 thousand. He has accumulated his fortune from his two-decade-long career. Since his net worth is still under review, we ask you to keep following us until we come back with more updates.

He earns $30k to $50k from the movies he features in. For the television series he stars in, he earns an impressive salary of $10k to $25k per episode. Einhorn bagged an impressive income from the movie Disclosure(1994) that managed to collect $214 million against the budget of $50 million.

Trevor Einhorn Wife | Trevor Einhorn Engaged

Trevor Einhorn is currently engaged to his fiancee Alyx Andrushuk. The couple got engaged in 2017. We have no information about their current progress. Details about his engagement were shared on Instagram. From the posts, it is also clear that the couple is enjoying a romantic relationship together. The actor frequently posts photos of them together.

Trevor Einhorn Movies And Tv Shows | Trevor Einhorn Baseketball | Trevor Einhorn The Magicians

Trevor Einhorn Movies

  • 2016 Roommates as Ben
  • 1999 The Storyteller as Jonah
  • 1998 BASEketball Joey as Thomas
  • 1998 Operation Splitsville as Arthur
  • 1994 Disclosure as Matt Sanders

Trevor Einhorn Television Shows

  • 2017 Dirty Dancing
  • 2017 The Last Tycoon
  • 2016–present The Magicians
  • 2015 #Cybriety
  • 2013–2015 Mad Men
  • 2013 Arrested Development
  • 2006–2007 Sons & Daughters
  • 2006 Help Me Help You
  • 1999 Two Guys and a Girl
  • 1996–2003 Frasier
  • 1996 Deadly Games
  • 1996 MADtv

Trevor Einhorn Instagram | Trevor Einhorn Twitter

You can find and follow Trevor on both Instagram and (a little less active) Twitter to discuss all things Josh when it comes to The Magicians! And any other films he has appeared in.

Trevor Einhorn Interview

Q: What was your audition process like for the role of Josh back in Season One, and what was your experience like in joining the crew midway through?

Trevor Einhorn: Really good question, I like that. I haven’t started with that process yet. The audition was super comfortable for me, the casting directors Carrie Audino and Laura Schiff – I have a working relationship with them from “Mad Men” which I did for a few seasons. They brought me in and the character description based off the books was this sort of over the top stoner, really big character. I kind of played my best version of that but also grounded it a little bit more to myself and I also wanted to stand out a little bit more.

Q: Coming from your time on “Mad Men” and then also the new ABC reboot of “Dirty Dancing”, The Magicians is very different story wise – how has that shift been for you?

Trevor Einhorn: Not that difficult, I really appreciate how specific The Magicians is, a lot like both Mad Men and Dirty Dancing being set in very specific time periods. You have to be very conscious of your choices and really live in the world. So similarly, The Magicians has it’s world – even though it’s set in modern day we are really specific with how our relationship is to magic and what the writers what to introduce. So because we have these specific guidelines it’s really a fun task.

Q: Your character Josh gets to explore in both that world AND Fillory, even getting to be King in Fillory for a day, which sets do you prefer to film on?

Trevor Einhorn: Ooh. That Throne Room in Fillory is pretty awesome. I remember when they first revealed it to me and I thought that this was just super glamorous, and it’s epic in itself. The sets are actually all really epic, but I definitely have to say that Throne Room when I got to join into that in Season 2, I felt really taken somewhere – it felt like a different world. So I think I have to say that it is always enjoyable to go there.

Q: Josh has a bigger presence in the group this year, I think he works really well as a different form of comic relief that the group was missing. What do you think his role will be in the grand quest that they all will be embarking on?

Trevor Einhorn: Well, we have a lot of personal challenges with magic being gone, but we really get to dive into these characters and what magic meant to them and what they mean to each other. So for Josh, he really takes a look at the layers of what magic was in his life and it’s’ hitting him hard. But he’s also taking a look around at who are these friends in his life and what does he mean to them, what do they mean to him? That’s sort of the on-going theme in this season I find – we’re taking a deeper look at people individually, but also how they play into each other’s lives. For Josh always being that sort of comedic relief, and funny partier, it’s nice to see a different side where he starts to questions who he is. We get to go on the journey with him as well as desperately trying to find magic. That is the biggest deal to him and that will never go away, he loves it so much.

Q: It was really sad and disheartening to watch him at the party with Julia and Quentin when it really hit him that magic was just gone and I think it was a really touching moment between him and Julia, I love that he brought up his tomatoes, and his magic gardening, and how he used magic in an everyday way. I think it’s easy for viewers to overlook all the little ways that magic could be used, so it was a really grounding moment that brought the reality of what magic in our lives could be to the surface. Since Josh loves and misses his tomatoes so much, what is one of your own favorite foods?

Trevor Einhorn: I do like tomatoes, for the record – not as much as Josh does. I’m a big chicken guy, I love chicken. If you’re friends with me you know that I love a good chicken and veggies. I eat pretty clean, but I’ll have any type of chicken. Maybe I need to incorporate that somehow into Josh’s menu for next season – maybe he loves chicken breast with tomatoes or a chicken Parmesan could bridge the gap there, that could be nice. But you hit it on the head with what that scene really meant between Josh and Julia. It’s about grounding little things and not making magic so grand. That’s what I like about this show is that we make it something believable and what it’s like to have it if we did.

Q: What do you like most about Josh as a character?

Trevor Einhorn: I enjoy the lovable stoner aspect that he is, but it’s not any sort of stereotype of a stoner. They do this great job at writing him as a smart guy, really in tune with his opinions, and his relationships – it’s not just your average stoner on t.v who is just trying to get high and not think about anything. He is a hyper-active thinker and I just enjoy that relationship with his friends is similar to how I am with people. I enjoy being able to be a good friend and always look for the positive side of things. It seems like I get to do a lot of that on the show so the fact that I get to play that is a lot of fun.

Q: On the flip side of that, if you could change something about Josh, what would you change?

Trevor Einhorn: Ooh. You know, I want Josh to not rely on magic so much for his confidence. I think he is overly confident at times and then then a little bit timid at times depending on the task but I think if he just stays in one lane confidently he’ll find that nothing is really that difficult. But that is his own personal journey and that might take some years of tomatoes and therapy to figure out for Josh.

Q: Especially with that party scene with Julia, that kind of shows his extremes. From when he first enters the party and Julia and Quentin are denied to where he ends up talking with her towards the end shows two totally different confidence levels in him.

Trevor Einhorn: And his choices to sleep with werewolves, you know maybe we’ll rethink those. That could be questionable.

Q: Do you have anything else going on project wise that fans of Trevor need to know about?

Trevor Einhorn: I am working on some things but unfortunately I can’t talk about them quite yet. I will say that I am super excited for fans to see what Josh has in store for the rest of this season on The Magicians. We have some really really cool, fun episodes coming up and they are very Josh-heavy. I’m very excited for people to see this different side of him. That I think I am the most excited to see.