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Willie Robertson (Willie Jess Robertson) is an American TV personality, actor, Businessman, hunter, outdoorsman, author, and hunter.

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Willie Robertson Biography

Willie Robertson (Willie Jess Robertson) is an American TV personality, actor, Businessman, hunter, outdoorsman, author, and hunter. Willie is best known for his appearances on the reality TV series Duck Dynasty on A&E. He is the CEO of the company Duck Commander.

Willie Robertson

Robertson is also almost always seen wearing a bandana in the pattern of the American flag on his head, and often wears a white suit jacket to look more professional, though the jacket has drawn comparisons to The Dukes of Hazzard character Boss Hogg (Willie’s Twitter handle is “williebosshog”).

Like many of his family members, Robertson featured on Duck Dynasty where he is known for his ZZ Top-style beard.

Willie Robertson Age | How Old Is Willie Robertson?

Willie Jess Robertson was born on April 22, 1972 at Tri-ward General Hospital in Bernice, Lousiana, U.S. He is 46 years old as of 2018.

Willie Robertson Family

He was born to Phil Alexander Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson in a family of four. Willie has two older brothers, Alan and Jase and a younger brother, Jep. He grew up around hunting and also the outdoors. He also spent considerable time around Duck Commander which was a small business run by his father. He handled various tasks at the company which included building duck calls and handling business calls.

Willie And Korie Robertson | Willie Robertson Wife

Willie got married to Korie Robertson in 1992. They have 6 children together.

Willie Robertson Kids | Willie Robertson Children | Willie Robertson Daughter

The couple has three biological children: John Luke, Sadie, and Bella and three adopted children; Will Alexander, Rebecca and the newest member of the family Rowdy.

John Luke Robertson Willie Robertson

John Luke is the biological son to Willie and Korie Robertson. He became known for appearing on Duck Dynasty which premiered on A&E in 2012 when he was 14 years old. John married Mary Kate McEacharn in 2015.

Rebecca Robertson Willie Robertson

Rebecca is the eldest child to Willie and Korie Robertson. She was originally a foreign exchange student from Taiwan before she officially became a part of their family also.  Rebecca is married to John Reed Loflin and runs Duck and Dressing, a boutique that she and her mother Korie opened together in Monroe, Lousiana. She also joined the cast of Duck Dynasty in season five. On 2017’s Mother’s Day, Rebecca shared a photo of herself, her biological mother, and Korie at her wedding.

Willie Alexander Robertson | Willie Robertson Adopted Son

Willie Alexander Robertson is the second adopted child of Korie and Willie. He was adopted when he was just a few weeks old in 2001.

Willie Robertson Career

Ever since their childhood, Willie and his brothers have been interested in the duck call business started by their father, Phil. Robertson attended Harding University and graduated from NE Louisiana University. Harding declared Willie and Korie Howard Robertson jointly as Outstanding Young Alumni in 2014. Robertson’s business degree helped take Duck Commander from a family business to a multimillion-dollar empire.

It is the company that generated a great portion of the wealth that he has acquired and also generated the interest to start the TV show Duck Dynasty. He started another pursuit, the company Buck Commander in 2006. The company has also created the Buckmen series of DVDs and the television show Buck Commander which is Protected by Under Armour on the Outdoor Channel. Along with Si, Robertson appeared on an episode of Last Man Standing, and made a cameo in the Christian film, God’s Not Dead, with his Korie.

Robertson was the guest of United States Representative Vance McAllister at the 2014 State of the Union Address by President Barack Obama.

Willie Robertson Films

  • 2010 – Billy the Exterminator
  • 2012–2017 – Duck Dynasty
  • 2013 – Last Man Standing
  • 2014 – God’s Not Dead – Cameo appearance
  • 2015 – Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Willie Robertson Net Worth

The American entrepreneur has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Willie Robertson Awards

In February 2014, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal presented Robertson with the inaugural Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, at the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe.

Willie Robertson Address | Willie Robertson House Address

104 Yellowood Drive West Monroe, LA 71291.

Willie Robertson Height | How Tall Is Willie Robertson?

Robertson stands at a height of 1.75 m.

Willie Robertson Religion

Willie is known for his Christian faith and he often preaches about his faith to others. He is also a member of the Churches of Christ.

Willie Robertson Young | Willie Robertson No Beard

Willie  and wife, Korie


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Willie Robertson Interview

Pulished; MARCH 05, 2018

Source; https://www.beckshybrids.com

Talk about the value of running a business and working with your family.

“We grew up in the family business with Duck Commander so we were the original employees when were children so I grew up in it and am really used to it. My wife’s family as well had a family business, so we ended up hiring some of them. The good things are that you are always on the same page; you have your ups and downs, usually together. You just have to know when to turn it off sometimes. When you eat around that dinner table, that’s when it turns off and we talk about other stuff. I think sharing the joys together and the highs and successes with your family outweighs the bad of it.”

Your dad, Phil, played quarterback at Louisiana Tech ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Did he pass on any of those athletic genes?

“Well, I also played quarterback and then had a devastating knee injury, which put me into basketball with a little less contact. I played high school basketball. I tried to talk my way on a college team, but the coach was having none of it. We were all athletic but didn’t do a lot of organized sports. We grew up on the river, and it was a long way from the team. We played stuff in school. I still love athletics and play tennis and golf and still enjoy getting out. My sons play basketball and Sadie played basketball, so it was fun watching them play.”

You play in several celebrity golf tournaments. During these tournaments, do you play more for fun or do you enjoy the competition?

“Well, I would like to be more competitive, but my game is a little lacking. The problem is a lot of those celebrities are retired from what they used to do so they’re able to play golf a lot. For me, I am having to hone it in, so mostly it’s for fun. You get used to the crowds and people watching and all the interaction, which is awesome and it’s great that they come out. I just love being there and playing nice courses. There’s a little kind of a circuit of celebrities so it’s good seeing people and catching up with everyone. I try to keep my expectations low and just do it for fun.”

How did Duck Dynasty get started?

“We had a show on the outdoor channel called Duck Commander. It was kind of half reality and half hunting, kind of hard core hunting, duck hunting. A guy saw it who was a producer and sent an email to the general information box at our company and said, “Willie, I’ve watched your show. I’ve seen your family. I think you all have a really big show on your hands that could be on cable.” I called him up and that’s where it started. We made a couple pilots. And then A&E, I’m not sure if they knew what they were viewing because if you see a photo of it, they’d be thinking one thing. I’d think it was going to be like swamp people with guns shooting ducks. They called up and said we have good news and bad news. The bad news was that’s not the show that we ordered when we saw the pilot, but the good news is it’s way better than the show we thought we were getting. They saw the family aspect of the funny stuff, and we went with that and never looked back.”

Tell us one good story about Uncle Si.

“Uncle Si, well, he’s cracking me up right now because when the show was over, he came by my house and said he wanted me to buy a music label because he said he was getting us in the country music business. He was going to start this career at close to 70 years old. All he sang was George Jones covers. I said I think you may be a little late in the game for a country music star because I know some of them and know how hard they work. But he was dedicated. I didn’t buy the label, but he ended up just signing with a label and now he is out singing music everywhere. Every time I’ve heard him sing, it’s not the best thing I have heard so I’m not sure how that career is going for him. I give him one thing, he’s crazy enough to do anything. It is fun watching him have fun with it. He is kind of playing off some of that Duck Dynasty success because everyone loves him. I just don’t know how good his career is going to do but who knows.”

How many different products do Duck Commander and Buck Commander have for sale, and is there anything new coming?

“With Buck Commander, we do more of just the show and then we have our brand on things and partner up with a lot of different companies, use their products. So we’re all kind of busy, we all have other jobs as well. I’m with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Adam Laroche, and some former baseball players. We all have other things going on but we really just focused in and show the fun of deer hunting.

With Duck, we obviously have our duck calls, and we’re always coming up with new calls. We hear stuff from people about what they’re needing out in the fields, whether it’s a little raspier or a little louder. We do a pro line series with Jase because he is the man when it comes to that so he’s always coming out with stuff. We also launched Strut Commander so now we have turkey calls. And we have Fin Commander so we have some fishing products. We are just kind of expanding out and trying to find some more critters to make calls for.”

What occupation would you being in if not for Duck Commander?

“I have a PE degree, so my back up plan was going to be a coach. My father did the same thing; he has a physical education degree as well. I did love athletics, so I thought I would coach. I coached all my kids when they were young in the different leagues. I would probably be a coach; I think I would enjoy that.”

We don’t have gators up north. How often do you have run-ins?

“In some places, especially frog hunting, we have a lot. Not when we’re duck hunting because it’s cold so you don’t have to worry about the gators. I was playing golf with Jase in Florida recently, and he had his ball right by the hazard and a gator came up and grabbed the ball and took it in the water. We were trying to figure out what the ruling is when a gator grabs a golf ball and takes off with it.”

Where have you hunted in the Midwest?

“Kansas, Missouri, I have not had much luck in Illinois, and I did shoot a doe in Iowa one time. We need to get back to Iowa hopefully soon enough and get up there and enjoy hunting. It’s tough rolling in there for a day or two so I think I need more time. Last year, I hunted in Nebraska, and we had a blast up there, so that was fun.”

I am going to ask you a few rapid-fire questions. Are you ready? 

Favorite sport outside of hunting?

“Got to be golf.”

How long has your beard been?

“I bet it’s been probably mid chest at one point. I just trimmed it back for the spring.”

Favorite animal to hunt?

“White tail deer. I’m the black sheep of the family, I love deer hunting. I believe that is my favorite.”

Who does the cooking in your house: you or your wife Korie?

“I do pretty much 95% of all the cooking. My wife cooks when I’m not in town. She just told me since I have been gone for about 6 days that they have worn out the delivery pizza, so I need to get home to cook. But I do all the meals, all the cooking and the planning, the whole thing.”

Favorite family member to beat in a contest?

“Hands down Jase. He is 2 1/2 years older than me so we have been competing literally our entire lives with each other. I love beating him at anything. He is a golfer as well, so we do a lot of that. We used to play everything, so he is the one I want to take down all the time.”

What are some of your future goals for you and your family?

“We are involved in our local church. I have been doing more of that recently. I have been preaching a lot more and going out speaking at different places. We are in meetings right now about television and seeing what’s next and different kind of shows. If there’s an opportunity there, we might end up somewhere in TV. But it will be different than Duck Dynasty. I’m kind of enjoying now that we’re not filming anymore; it’s been fun to just run the business and live a normal life for a while.”

How does American Agricultural effect your daily life?

“Well, since I do all the cooking, I’m constantly involved with agricultural because I’m always up there shopping. I do all the grocery shopping, too. I really appreciate all the men and women who grow stuff for us. And also I grow stuff for animals all the time. We’re always feeding the ducks and the deer, so I’m into it and appreciate it and just love it!”


Willie Robertson News

Willie Robertson’s journey to ‘American Entrepreneur’

Published; November 19, 2018

Source; https://www.foxbusiness.com

Robertson, well known for his role on A&E’s reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” is out with a new book called “American Entrepreneur” that highlights the stories of successful business people who represent the American dream.

Robertson, himself, has quite the story to tell. His journey began years ago with a worm farm.

“Have you ever farmed worms?” Robertson asked FOX Business’ Stuart Varney Opens a New Window. on Monday. “That was real labor intensive and the checkout was really long but I started that and my inventory kept getting stolen by my brother.”

But it wasn’t until someone gave his father a box of bubble gum when he was in grade school that he was able to capitalize.

“In fifth grade I could have chewed the whole box or could sell it for 50 cents [per] piece,” he said. “I had no money in it — sold all that out. Started buying more gum, more candy — it was going unbelievable.”

Until his principal caught on.

“I had hundreds of dollars,” he said. “And the principal called me into the office and said the concession stand said sales are down and I gotta shut you down.”

But he also learned a lot about entrepreneurship Opens a New Window. watching his father start the duck calling business, Duck Commander, which he now heads as the chief executive officer.

“Watching my father start this duck calling business,” he said. “I was watching how that went, which was really slow at the time and he was also a fisherman as well.”

“American Entrepreneur” is expected to be released on Nov. 20.